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    Angelo Ferreri

    Angelo Ferreri


    Angelo Ferreri was born in 1984 in Sicily and since a young age was fascinated by the world of music, focusing his interest tyo the techno sounds of the 90’s.
    At the age of 12 he started arranging an old Playstation as a digital workstation, beginning to learn and making his first steps on electronic sounds.
    You could already hear then that something big is coming soon! As he watched close other older DJs he quickly developed great skills on DJing
    that got him spinning on all clubs in Sicily and later on in the rest of Europe.
    As a producer, he has been active since 2004 with productions that are always part of his growth as a musician, but without following a genre always influenced by House music and all its subgenres, until he met Jitzu & sire_g, two old friends that got him on board with T-Bahn Records, where he immediately began to arise as one of the most prolific artists of the label, producing tracks that have the hallmark of the producer, and that started to attract the attention of several other labels.
    Now he has established his exciting Funky Tech House style with Succesful countless releases on T-Bahn Records, Pura Music, Soulman Music, 303Lovers, Panmusic, Factomania, Elegant Bit to name a few, he is continuing to evolve and charm the internatonal dancefloor. His European Hit “Does Me” released with Spanish Label Pura Music got him international recognition and his tunes have been supported by various jet set DJs and got him performing his Lives around Europe and soon Brazil, Mexico and North America.
    Been aired on the eclectic Global radio of IBIZA and topped the listener’s charts and his Live sets with serato are pure energy and make any dancefloor go sensually mad.
    Sexy and Funky Tech House at its best which will take the world by storm so make sure your are part of the Angelo Ferreri revolution!!!
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