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Alexis Salazar

Alexis Salazar


Born in Chile Alexis Salazar found his musical tastes listening to neighbouring parties while growing up. In the early nineties he was starting to experiment with sounds and soon after he started to DJ. Initially he was into Hip Hop where he discovered and learned turntablism, but he quickly found Techno, House and Trance and he was booked for lots of gigs all over the country.


Throughout the years he slowly gets involved in producing and playing electronic music with influences from techno, house and trance. He also collaborates with different musicians and shares stages with respected artists. Alexis has won some music and video awards by working with some influential bands.


Alexis now finds himself entering the world of chill and has recently released his artist album entitled “Margarita” on Bonzai Elemental which contains some pure, rich lush downtempo ambient vibes.


An exciting future ahead and one to watch for top quality productions.