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    DJ, producer duo Anthony Spallino and Aurelien Stireg debut at Bonzai Progressive with the superb Positive Vibrations. Over 20 years ago, Anthony started to grab attention with his energetic sets, this led to him getting gigs at top venues around Belgium. His style is an electronic formula, fused with different styles, creating a unique, sound, all of his own. A passionate artist, he is driven by the desire to express his ambition through music. Aurelien has been a producer for a long time, he started to DJ in 2000 as DJ G-Traxx and performed at many to venues and events. He played several styles and is mostly known for his house sets. A few years later he became a web developer and is responsible for creating apps, known throughout the world. During this time, he was still in the studio, laying down tracks. In 2018 the guys joined forces, and now they have made some tracks together, gaining support from a raft of jocks including Laurent Garnier. Great to have both onboard.

    The Original Mix is put together with a series of warm kicks and basses on a bed of rhythmic percussions. Quite minimal in approach, there is a beefy element to the track which gives it character. Emotive chord changes heighten the atmospherics of the groove, drawing you in deeper and deeper, making this one the perfect fodder for a mid-set moment.

    Night Shift Master returns on remix duties, and this one follows his last outing, Space Motion. DJ, producer Vlad has been churning out some tasty cuts over the years. After completing his studies at music school, he graduated from the music academy of his home town, when he was 16. While getting his B.A degree in audio technology and sound engineering, he produced music in various styles while also composing music for movies and commercials. He performs as a DJ and participates in many other music projects. On the remix here, Vlad opts for the darker approach to the groove. Retaining the warmth and rhythmic nature of the original, focus is driven towards the lower frequencies and airy pads. This generates a thick and powerful groove while the break takes us on a sci-fi trip with ethereal melodies. Top-notch stuff, not ot be missed.

    Swiss producer F-Act returns, following on from his remix for Allan McLoud’s This Is Now. He proved his feeling for rhythm and music at the age of 17 when he got his first DJ gigs. Since 1993 he has been producing music as F-Act, mostly as a hobby but since early 2000’s he’s churned out a plethora of tunes on various labels. A wonderfully gifted artist, he remains consistent in providing the finest quality grooves for our listening pleasure. Here, F-Act delivers a punchy offering, led by tight kicks and crispy sharp hats. A deep probing bassline dominates the low end as sweeping pads and mesmerizing arps take us higher. The track builds nicely to the break where a magical sequence takes over before climaxing back to full-on mode.

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