We welcome Mexico based DJ, producer Andy Woldman to Bonzai Progressive with his superb debut, Frozen Twilight. Andy has carved out a solid reputation on the underground music scene over the last number of years. He’s seen releases on Perfecto Black, Stripped Digital and many more. He’s played at some of the biggest events in his country, alongside the likes of Dr Motte, Paul Van Dyk and Markus Schulz among others. His exploits have led him to work with many artists. In particular, Pedro Eustache – himself a celebrated artist having worked with some of the biggest names in music. Together they are working on a new genre, creating an atmospheric style full of synths and wind instruments. Great to have him on board.

We kick off with the Original Mix, which delivers a sublime, deep progressive experience. Chunky beats and exotic percussions thrive, generating tight rhythms. The low-end features a strong bass groove, driving the track beautifully. On the break, a rolling 303-line casts an organic flavour over the groove while delicate chimes and pitching melodies add to the intrigue, captivating the mind. A solid debut that will not disappoint.

Belgian maestro Manu Riga is up first on the remix. A dominant force in the progressive world for a long time now, he has earned huge respect from his peers and fans, thanks to his relentless workload and quality of output. Here, he wastes no time in getting down to business, tight beats stack up alongside a thick, bassy groove, complimented by soft voices which strike stark contrasts in the sound. He utilises the 303 sound perfectly on the break, building it slowly back to the main groove. Perfect fodder for those late-night classic sessions.

Enertia-Sound return to BP. This UK based production duo have carved out a solid niche on the scene, churning out top-notch tracks on various labels. Here, they’ve raised the bar once again with a super tight, prog mover. A real slow burner, punchy beats and shuffling percussions get the body moving. The multi-layered bass construction is phat, floor shuddering goodness on the low-end. Hypnotic melodies are joined by a spoken vocal, bringing character and narrative to the sound as we are treated to some 303 pleasure which is the icing on the cake for this epic chugger.

Gav Easby debuts on BP with a solid remix. Classically trained form a young age, music played a big part in his family life. He saved up and got himself some Technics and started to learn the art of DJing. Not satisfied with just playing music, he wanted to produce it. He owns INU Music Group and works alongside Andy on their INU Musika Project. On the remix here, Gav leads us down a mesmeric progressive path. A rich low-end lays the foundation for a flurry of percussion and smooth rhythms. The acid line and vocals add character and is accompanied by an ever-present subdued synth which opens up, teasing us throughout. A superb effort that is not to be missed.

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