Analog Jungs aka Argentinean DJ, producer duo Claudio Cornejo and Gustavo Ruarte debut on Bonzai progressive with the superb, Plectrum. These talented young people have received great recognition from digital stores and in their short career they already have releases on several top labels. In their constant growth in so little time, they have managed to position themselves among the names most sought after by the record companies. They have a style that fuses Progressive, Tech and Deep House sounds, with great sonic versatility and ideal rhythms for the dance floor, influenced by artists such as Guy J, Dmitry Molosh, Henry Saiz, and Cid Inc. Their music is championed around the world with top jocks offering support. Great to have the guys on board, and we hope to see more in the future.

The Original Mix intros with a hypno-groove made up of moving basses and arps that blend together, drawing us in. Chunky kicks and crispy hats generate smooth rhythms as swirling pads fill the spectrum. An emerging atmosphere adds character to the track as a wave of emotion passes through thanks to rich melodic phrases. The title of the track lives up to its name with a consistent, plucked motif throughout. The break reveals a captivating sequence that ends with a raucous climax making this an absolute must have.

One of our most celebrated artists, Nico Parisi, is up on remix duties, churning out yet another sublime effort for our listening pleasure. This one follows hot on the heels of his latest cut, Mississippi, which gained great support in a short time. Here, Nico takes us deeper into the progressive abyss with a solid interpretation on the original. An intense undercurrent moves the track effortlessly along while smooth, graceful grooves make up the main body. Warm bass tones and plucked notes create a rich tapestry of sound as wispy pads swirl overhead. The break features subtle guitar sequences before the main groove returns for the duration.

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