El Paso based DJ and producer Altek returns to Green Martian with another fine slice entitled 2nd Chance. Fresh from his superb remix on Chantola’s Casablanca, Altek delivers yet again and gives us a little bit of Summer to carry into the Autumn.

2nd Chance gets going with a nice chunky kickdrum that packs a huge punch right through the whole journey. Bright and crispy hats alongside a tight drum arrangement ensure the rhythm remains steady and constant while some lush, warm basses add a bit of oomph to the sound. A big feature on the track are those cascading piano arps that fill out the groove with wonderful melodies that blend so perfectly with an underlying mid-range hypnotic arp. Top notch stuff you will not want to miss.

Still Trying delivers a solid chunky kick on the intro with cool, crispy hats and cymbals coming through. The track settles into a very smooth prog house flow early on as a fantastic deep bass groove swells up alongside bright arps and cool piano melodies. The break envelops us with a warm embracing atmosphere filled with sweeping pads and lush synths before building back up into full on mode for the duration. Superb stuff that will definitely grab attention on the floors.

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