Bulgarian producer Allan Zax debuts on Green Martian with the superb two track EP entitled Daybreak. Allan has a unique sound which he moves between genres, always focusing on quality and ensuring maximum impact. Nowadays he mostly puts his energy into deep grooves, jazz and progressive house music. He also produces under many different aliases and has appeared on labels like Dutchie Music, Grouper Recordings and more. Great to have him on board at GM.

Sun Blade intros with a nice dreamy sequence made up of fleeting arpeggios and a serene vocal. Smooth pulsing pads fade in alongside a powerful droning bass as a mini climax takes us to the beats. The bassline forms into a solid, driving force and is matched with super cool melodic sequences to take the track to the next level. Just the tonic to get the Spring time parties in full effect.

Nightingale offers up a maelstrom of melodies that create a beautifully rich palette of colourful sounds. Various arpeggios intertwine effortlessly alongside a strong pulsing bassline and a solid drum arrangement to keep the groove firmly rooted to the floors. A tangible warmth emanates from the sound that will find its way into the soul of all who listen. Just beautiful, a definite must have.

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