We welcome Alex – T and Cync to the Bonzai Progressive ranks with a superb debut titled, Namashivaya. Known for injecting a cultural, spiritual element into their sound, the guys showcase their talents beautifully. We have much to learn about this duo and we hope to see and hear more from them soon.

Full of vibrant, colourful sounds, the Original Mix is a monstrous and highly infectious cut. Driven by hypnotic basses and a solid drum arrangement, rich and spiritual chanting voices captivate your mind and body as a charging progressive groove unfolds. Top-notch, not to be missed. Kadien returns to BP on remix duties after his impressive debut, Sunrise. His sound is a balance of rhythm and melody, which is manifested from his passion for dance music which he has held from a young age. This passion flows through his music, and the remix here is no exception. The original is stripped down beautifully, with a focus on the cultural sounds which blend effortlessly into the proggy vibe. Warm, inspiring voices weave through the sound, joined by melodic arps and a chugging bassline. Powerful stuff that does not disappoint.

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