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Alex Greenhouse aka Uzbekistan native Aleksandr Pletnev makes his Bonzai Elemental debut with Seasons, a super chilled trek into electronica with wonderfully layered textures and soundscapes. Having started to create his own music since he was 15, Aleksandr scored his first release in 2013 and ever since then he has churned out a plethora of tracks across various labels. He turns his hands to many styles and genres with a direct focus on quality. Great to have him on board and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of this talented artist in the future.

Seasons Intro slowly fades into existence with soft strings and pads before a marching snare drum gathers momentum alongside huge crashing drums and a large orchestral soundscape, the perfect set up to get us underway.

The fresh sounds of Winter enlighten the mind with a euphoric composition comprised of beautiful piano chords and joyful strings. A slow downtempo beat comes through as the track settles into it smooth groove. Nice and uplifting vibes that tell the tale of Winter perfectly.

Spring intros with a colourful piano melody that exudes spurts of life and new beginnings as the melodies intertwine to create an elaborate myriad of textures. A perfectly executed human beatbox carries the sound forward and provides a solid beat for the uplifting groove.

Summer presents a bright and uplifting vibe right from the off as a plinky high pitched piano dishes out its melodics. Cool percussions deliver a real smooth laidback groove the will get the feet tapping as rich strings and pads swirl overhead.

Autumn intros with a wonderfully deep sound that captivates instantly and locks you in for the duration. A brilliantly arranged collection of piano melodies blend together in perfect harmony before a harsh lower bass sound takes over delivering a more intense vibe. Beautifully big and bold with a lot of gusto, just like those Autumn months.

Seasons Outro takes us on a journey of resolve after we trekked through the seasons. Warm, homely sounds make up a rich and pleasing groove that derives a sense of relief and enchantment all rolled into one. Marching snares make a return but in a more subdues fashion than previous that takes us to the end of the track before a soft melody sees us out.

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21 March 2016 FEATURED RELEASES , ,




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