We welcome Alberto Santana back to Bonzai Progressive with the superb, Deep Breath. This on follows his impressive debut, Jupiter Ascending. Alberto manages the Spanish label Spazio Sonoro which specializes in Techno. With a host of quality artists on the books. He is also hailed as one of the new leaders of a generation of Spanish producers. Great to have him back at BP.

The Original Mix kicks off the release with a solid, powerful progressive groove. Chugging basses and harsh, gritty stabs create a rawness in the sound as melodic arpeggios fade in, adding contrast to the sound. K.O.F is up next on remix duties. Fresh off the back of his debut, Sense, alongside studio partner Tejeran, Kai Lucero aka K.O.F has been producing and mixing tracks from a young age. His background stems from the underground culture where several genres have shaped his own unique sound. Here, he delivers a top-notch, energetic interpretation. Gritty stabs and trippy arps keep us locked in, great stuff. John Dare also returns to BP with a tight remix. His last effort, El Mallahah proved popular among many. John Dare started his electronic music career in 1995. Throughout the years he has nurtured his own style, sometimes merging genres and always delivering solid results. His unique sound shines here, dishing out a more energetic slice. Enchanting vocals top off the groove, raising the hairs on your neck. Divers and deadly, not to be missed.

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