Aitra aka Polish producer Matgorzata Imiotek debuts on Green Martian with the superb Faith In Space EP. He recently showed up at Bonzai Progressive alongside E.F.G. with Splash back in June 2015, but this time around he is flying solo with a much more Balearic, emotional vibe.

Faith In Space intros with a friendly kick and hat combi complete with rhythmic percussions that settle us into a perfect, upbeat dancey groove. Ibiza-esque basses wash over the sound with a warming glow that really lifts the track beautifully while cool pads pulse along the sidechain. The track breaks to reveal a wonderful display of melody that captivates with intricate patterns. The melody fades out and leaves behind a solid grooving progressive house cut that will definitely have the floors bouncing for the remainder of the Summer.

On Give Me A Sign, Aitra enlists the vocal talents of Angel Falls who adds a wonderful mystifying character to the sound that will max out the euphoric receptors in your brain. The track itself boasts a solid groove to get the feet shuffling as a tight drum arrangement leads the way alongside a well crafted rhythmic percussion section. The White Isle gets another nod as blissful melodic guitar riffs float across the sound. The vocal definitely gives the track a huge boost making this an absolute must have cut for the terrace or the club.

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