Aitra and E.F.G. debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Splash. Since childhood Aitra was interested in club music. As a result of this fascination she has begun her adventure with music production in 2011. Since then, her tracks have been released on labels such as Mistique Music, Electronic Tree. Elliptical Sun, Round Triangle, Majestic Family, Pineapple Digital or Clinique Recordings. E.F.G.’s first musical influences date back to the late ’90s, listening to tunes from acts like The Prodigy and Fatboy Slim who have played a significant role in his musical taste formation. His true passion started in 2005 after discovering trance and techno music. In 2008 E.F.G. released his first tracks and shortly after realised that his style developed into progressive house sound which is his main genre up to today. 2013 turned out as a breakthrough year for Oleg with some big achievements like double support from Markus Schulz, highly praised releases via Electronic Tree, Mistique Music and finally playing successful gigs across Poland.

The Original Mix intros with a cool punchy kick that packs a lot of power and sits in dominance over sharp edged percussions that provide a solid rhythm throughout. A deep strong bass line bursts through to take control alongside cool piano chords. A wonderful sax riff takes the lead and ramps up the groovy elements of the track in style. This track dishes out a real smooth house sound that will have the floors full in no time, superb stuff.

The Hey, I Was First… Mix picks up where the original left off in a kind of ironic way. The pure house driven elements remain, courtesy of that grooving saxophone and warm piano chords. A much more progressive theme runs through this sound with the introduction of cool synths that sit back enough to allow the sax to take centre stage once again. Excellent stuff you will not want to miss.

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