Airwave’s much lauded Rain upon my skin gets another makeover with two delicious remixes from Matan Caspi and Audio Noir. The beauty of this track from Laurent lies within its intricate structure, those delicate melodies and the solid driving progressive groove. We’ve been hugely impressed with the quality of the remixes to date and we just know that these mixes in round three will definitely keep the trend going.

Matan Caspi returns on remix duties after his last outing here – Liquid Blue, was very well received. Nominated for Best Progressive House DJ in 2016, Matan never disappoints with his output in either original or remix forms. His productions always provide a unique fusion of diverse electronic sounds and over the years he has remained consistent in delighting us with his musical wares. Always a pleasure having him on the release list and we hope to see more in the future. On the remix here Matan creates a wonderfully deep and lush atmospheric progressive cut. Full of emotion and fluid movement, the track intros with a very simple yet captivating sequence made up of nice chunky kicks and that infectious bassline. The main hook teases as harsh stabs and soft melodic flutters clash while the intensity rises. The distant, haunting vocal sends shivers down your spine as does the outstanding sequence on the break. An absolute stomping remix that will not disappoint.

Australian electronic music artist Audio Noir is back with Another Audio Noir Odyssey, which means we’re in for a tripped-out ride on the cosmic highway. Having been on a short hiatus we were treated to his comeback remix on Experimental Feelings featuring Connie Di Maria – Platonic Love back in May 2018 and he just picked up where he left off and blowing our minds in the process. This guy has put out some serious tunes over the years for us and no doubt we’ll be seeing more soon. Here Audio Noir reshapes the groove into his own unique formula, with an epic twist. Big punchy kick drums lead the way while shuffling hi hats lurk alongside that superb vocal. The track exudes a sense of space thanks to those huge percussions that give that epic vibe. Melodic pads rise in the background as an evolving bassline mesmerizes on the low end. The break is simply stunning, simple piano strokes and the vocal are contrasted by a menacing bass drone resulting in a superb climax and back to full on mode. This one will fill the floors, no doubt.

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