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Creative genius Airwave aka Belgian music maestro Laurent Veronnez, returns to Bonzai Progressive with a truly outstanding 4 track EP titled Bliss. This one marks a shift in Airwave’s usual style, a shift that will grab the attention of a whole new base of music lovers. We sat down with Laurent so that he could give us the lowdown on this new direction, here’s what he had to say. “Most people know me for my energy driven multi-layered Trance productions. But there is also another side to me that deeply cherishes and admires the music you get to listen to on my LCD Sessions Podcast, notably deep, progressive, underground music. I have been experimenting with these types of sounds quite a lot lately, trying to find my own way around this style, creating my own sound within it. The result is my Bliss EP, which I am extremely proud to announce to the world. The 4 tracks are representative of what I play out on my LCD Sessions, without compromising what I am known for. Musically speaking, the new tracks are the perfect transition of where I come from and where I want to go. As with all my tracks in the past I have poured my heart and soul into this EP, it took me a long time to finally accept that they were truly perfect for me and I hope that I have made something that will also be treasured by my fans and beyond.” An intriguing insight into the creative process of a highly gifted artist, we love this new material and we know you will too.

Bliss has a sense of new ground being broken through exploratory sounds that blend effortlessly into a wonderfully solid progressive groove. Tight beats and rhythmic patterns lead the way alongside a mesmerizing, bubbly bassline while captivating melodies swirl around the groove. Distorted synths line up against warm chords as anticipation builds creating a contrast between blissful sounds and much deeper elements.

Cyberian is a superb slice of deep progressive house with an epic feel. Right from the get go we’re drawn into the groove as nice chunky kick drums and shuffling percussions get the feet tapping. The track takes us on an intriguing journey as the layers build and new sounds emerge. A solid, driving groove ensues leading to a short break which introduces hypnotic arpeggios to give the track a truly progressive vibe.

Waterdrop takes us deeper into the progressive realm with an infectious groove that does not let go. The foundation of the track is a strong, deep bassline delivering a groovy undertone and driving the track alongside a rhythmic drum section. Subtle melodies create a wonderful harmonic trait in the groove with the bassline getting in on the act also.

Gravy Train rounds up this awesome EP delivering 9 minutes of pure progressive paradise with a deep meditative groove. The beautifully crafted drum arrangement creates a steady rhythmic flow as droning basses lurk on the low end. Scathing, edgy stabs and surreal rising pads clash and bring us to the break where plucky melodic synths take over. The break climaxes with a superb build up before we head back to full on mode for the duration.

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