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Aiemo´s full length album Treasure Isle got reviewed at website.

“Treasure Isle is packed with pearls and gems, beautiful and perfectly balanced between chill and lounge this mini album is the actual treasure itself. Aiemo aka David Nicosia Longhi is a 28yr old Danish-Italian producer that managed to deliver something as sweet as sugar. With the input of vocalists such as Miki Flores, Holly Prothman and Kristina Frazzitta this collection deserves a nodge to the poppy scene. Excellent stuff here !!”

Dimitri Kechagias review:

“If you really appreciate electronic music certainly you should adore and have as favorite in your digital collection, CDS and maybe on some old vinyls chill out compilations and albums. If you search around there are many chill out/lounge albums cause I suspect that young producers consider this genre as easy to produce. Unfortunately for those who wish to make some quick money out of chill out compilations, there are quality labels like Bonzai Elemental that is part of the Bonzai Progressive empire in Belgium that delivers some quality albums like the latest one by Aiemo that definitely its going to be one of your precious treasures in your music collection. Brilliant soothing, feel good and absolutely lovely tracks that aim to create the most unforgettable sounds cape that you will be totally absorbed by it and you would wish to inhabit indestructible for hours. There are plenty of influences from jazz, to pop and electronica merged smoothly in a sound that is easy to understand and identify with it. It’s the kind of music that make you feel like being a baby in your mothers womb and feeling secure and totally protected. The excellent vocalists used will guide you on that journey telling you stories and narrating experiences that will encourage your spirit to feel lifted. Some tracks offered in their instrumental versions for those who love their poems without words that sometimes loose their meaning. Of course the atmosphere is highly emotional and really deep and erotic that make this album the perfect soundtrack of a night to remember with your loved one. Just imagine playing this great cd in your home stereo and making massage with aromatherapy oils to each other. It’s definitely an experience that you should enjoy along with the hypnotic sensual sounds of Treasure Isle.”

Source: Dance Radio Global

26 April 2011 UPDATES ,




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