Aexfly aka Russian DJ and producer Alex Pronikov debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb two tracker Frozen Heart. Based in Moscow, young producer Aexfly released his first track – Across Universe – on Electronic Tree in September 2015. Focusing in on progressive house and tech house, this guy is fast becoming a much renowned name on the scene. No doubt we will be seeing much more from him in the future.

Frozen Heart gets off to a lively start with spritely percussions forming a solid rhythm as a punchy kick drum leads the way. A cool deep bass tone fades through as the layers continue to build and before you know it we’re locked in to the powerful progressive vibes on offer. The track goes deeper and deeper with a growling bassline opening the doors. A big focus remains on the drum elements but on the break a sinister edge comes through with a superb harsh synth at the forefront. Top notch stuff from Aexfly on his debut, one to watch for sure.

Rising Sun opens with cool and crispy shuffling hats and scattered percussions that form effortlessly into a smooth rhythmic flow. A nice and chunky kick drum makes a showing and we soon find our feet stomping the floor. A cool, meandering bassline lurks on the low end as those tight drums keep the track on point. On the higher end we are led into a wonderfully cosmic sounding vibe as swirling pads and high pitched strings do their thing. On the break a fantastic synth takes over taking the track deeper before those pounding kick drums are let loose once more. An excellent display of deep progressive grooves that will satisfy any late night cravings.

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