Founded in 2004, Abity aka Argentinean DJ’s and producers Jose Duque and Bruno Signorelli debut on Bonzai Progressive with Anachronistic which comes backed up with Aeroplane in Original and Dub flavours. Over the years they have plied their trade with top quality releases on labels such as Cherry Drop Records, Spring Tube, Baroque Records and Armada Music. Their similar tastes has allowed their style to evolve, a blend of progressive house and minimalist techno elements certainly makes for interesting listening. Delighted to have this duo on board and we look forward to more of their sounds in the future.

Anachronistic intros with a muted kick with a fading in guitar riff that provides the perfect platform for the layers to build. The kick drum gets beefed up into a solid punchy affair as cool percussions deliver a nice flowing rhythm. A deep bass line growls through the sound as various FX layers are added that brings out some cool textures. The track becomes very musical as subtle melodies flirt deep within the groove. On the break we get a good dose of that hypnotic riff alongside some rich pads before we head straight back into full on progressive house mode. Top notch stuff and the perfect fodder for any late night prog set.

The Original Mix of Aeroplane sets off with a nice thumping kick drum alongside deep smooth chords and a superb drum arrangement that throws out all kinds of rhythmic patterns. The track settles itself into a solid deep house groove with a little help from a fantastic walking bass that offers up a laid back feel. Cool vocals float effortlessly through the sound and are the perfect match for the melancholic elements. A wonderful synth lead teases its way into the arrangement giving the track a lift, but it’s those deeper tones that rule here. The Dub Mix strips away the vocal resulting in a totally tripped out vibe you will not want to miss.

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