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    Romanian born Alex Twin debuts on Green Martian with the superb two tracker titled Senin. From a young age he has made the wheels of steel his vocation in life which has taken him to exotic locations around the world. A hard-working DJ, he was resident at Cala Bassa, Elephant and Café Mambo before settling in UAE with residencies at top venues in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and then on to Sardinia and Monaco. A producer with a growing reputation, his EPs have recently been supported by Ibiza DJs Amine Edge, Iban Mendoza and many others. Alex Twin continues to do all the right things in his growing DJ and production career and it’s great to have him on board.

    10 December 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    Madrid based artist Jesus Gonzalez aka Jacob Singer makes a welcome return to Green Martian with the two track EP titled Elohim. This one follows his last effort, Urantia over on our flagship Bonzai Progressive imprint. Jacob started out in music playing the guitar and was heavily influenced by rock and metal bands for many years. After he discovered electronic music however, he soon realised that this is where his passion lay. Now a veteran on the progressive scene he has churned out many noteworthy releases on various labels and it’s always great to have him here.

    5 November 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    St. Petersburg based producer returns to Green Martian with the superb Digital Soul. This one comes after his debut this time last year (2017) when he delivered the excellent Earth Resonance and no doubt we’ll be in for a real treat now as we were then. Since graduating from music school Fashion Police became interested in electronic music. He has a unique approach to writing his own music and he uses his 10 years of music school experience as his basis. In 2008 he got his first release with Inside Me on 4 Seasons and since then there is no stopping this seriously talented artist. With affections for multiple genres, his work has been supported by a broad spectrum of DJ’s around the world.

    8 October 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    Back in 2017 we were treated to a sublime album filled with sonic gems in the form of Narel’s Losing Adequacy. Now in 2018 after much support for the album, we’re delighted to announce six remixes of tracks specially selected to bring maximum impact on the floors. Nick Simmons began to experiment with music and this hobby became a bit more serious in 2010 when his first tracks were released on the Bonzai Progressive imprint Fourty 5. His sound is rooted in oldskool progressive, progressive house, ambient and downtempo and this influence is beautifully re-constructed in his output.

    24 September 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    Mexico City native Doriaan shows up on our Green Martian imprint with the superb Rosario. He makes the jump over from Bonzai Progressive to deliver a more melodic flavoured progressive sound. Last time out he gave us the wonderful Perte on BP which gained great support. Doriaan is a self-taught musician, not coming from a musical background he took a 6-month course and learned to play the piano. Trial and error are how he was able to learn the skills he now employs to churn out quality sounds. With several releases now under his belt, this guy is definitely one to watch.

    10 September 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    Ottexx debut on Green Martian with the superb Welcome To My Space which is backed up with a solid remix from Blufeld. Ottexx is a collaboration of two talented producers from Minsk, Belarus. Ottexx was created in 2016 and focuses first of all on high-quality sound, aimed at the electronic music scene. These two musicians also have a lot of experience performing as DJs at different clubs in Belarus, which gives them confidence in every performance. With careful preparation their sets are truly explosive. Great to have them on board at Green Martian

    27 August 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    Men-D aka Micha Mendel debuts here on Green Martian with the fantastic The Burning Island. Hailing from Romania, this guy has churned out quality progressive vibes on several top labels over the years. He also hosts several radio shows where he showcases his versatility, taking on lots of different genres and styles to bring the best musical experience. Great to have him on board.

    23 July 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    Taking you deep into the progressive world once again, we present Afterhour Trax 23. 20 of the finest cuts from our extensive catalogue have been conveniently wrapped in the mega pack to provide the fodder to keep your party rocking. Tracks and remixes from L.S.G., Push, Phi Phi, Manu Riga, Airwave, Cherry, AudioStorm, Alex Vidal, Gai Barone, Rise and Fall, Blufeld, Brlee, Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi, JoC H, Rick Pier O’Neil and Antidote among others deliver the goods for our listening pleasure. An outstanding pack that will beef up your collection no doubt.

    10 July 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    Ricardo makes the jump over on our more melodic driven progressive imprint Green Martian with the stunning two track slice titled Lily. With a raft of top notch releases over on Bonzai Progressive, we’re delighted to have him at GM where we know his more polished, harmonious sounds will thrive. We last saw Ricardo alongside his formidable studio partner and friend Gabriel West with their Tonic EP which found itself appearing on many charts and playlists. A versatile artist with a diverse skillset, he certainly knows how to work a track. No doubt we’ll be seeing lots more from this guy both solo and in collaboration, for now though enjoy these two super tracks.

    18 June 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    Cypriot artist George Ellinas is back at Green Martian with Hide Away. This is his GM debut after he appeared over on our flagship label Bonzai Porgressive with Illusionize back in 2016. His musical voyage started at a very early age with classical piano lessons and the study of music theory. He then proceeded to study music production at Berklee College of Music in Boston USA, and also one of the major turning points for his music journey was working at the legendary Boston Beat Record Store. As well as being heavily involved in electronic music, George also plays in various bands around the island of Cyprus as a keyboardist. He has been recording music for the last 20 years and has also done arrangement and production work for a number of other artist and also his running his own Record Label Sanille Recordings.

    21 May 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    Bulgarian producer Allan Zax debuts on Green Martian with the superb two track EP entitled Daybreak. Allan has a unique sound which he moves between genres, always focusing on quality and ensuring maximum impact. Nowadays he mostly puts his energy into deep grooves, jazz and progressive house music. He also produces under many different aliases and has appeared on labels like Dutchie Music, Grouper Recordings and more. Great to have him on board at GM.

    23 April 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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