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O.R.B. returns with another gut-busting Techno joint titled Liquid 999. Messrs Bolland, Van Der Rieten and Cop waste no time and get right down to business to follow up on their last outing, remix duties for DJ One Finger’s, One Finger, which certainly lived up to the hype. This tenacious trio are raising the bar when it comes to good old Techno party music. Their many, many years of experience (yes, they are getting on a bit) ensure that only the highest quality will do. As individuals they’ve left their mark on the scene and now, as a group, they’re creating a whole new experience for those of us who were lucky to be around back in the day and for fresh clubbers alike. After Dark is super proud to present this latest offering and we just cannot wait for the next one.

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After Dark is proud to present a supercharged remix from our in-house rave creators O.R.B. DJ One Finger’s 1996 cut One Finger gets the remix treatment, bringing that classic minimalistic Techno sound into the 21st Century. O.R.B. is a trio of old guys who are into making proper upfront Techno using modern methods with that delicious oldskool flavour. CJ Bolland is considered with legendary status amongst a generation of electronic music lovers. From his early days collaborating with like-minded enthusiasts in projects such as Space Opera, Phantom, The Project and Sonic Solution to name just a few, to laying down his first studio album titled The 4th Sign which went on to become an iconic pressing. Steve Cop has contributed heavily to Techno in the early nineties. He is the other half of Sonic Solution along with CJ and we all know the top tunes they turned out under that guise. A very much in demand DJ, Steve has played all over Belgium and more recently he has been featuring in several parties held by the mighty Bonzai. Dany (DJ Steel) is a veteran of the Bonzai posse having released tracks under Batteries Not Included and D-Bedroom Visitors well as a few cuts on sub-labels from back in the day. Dany joins forces on the decks with Steve using his DJ Steel persona and they are regular artists on Bonzai’s party and festival line-ups. On the remix, the guys have stayed true to the original, interpreting the main hook in all its glory with a slight twist along the way. The drums pound out a solid beat that will definitely rattle the bass bins in any venue while the bright percussions will get the asses shakin’ for sure. A superb production to give the younger generation a glimpse at how Techno should be.

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Those Old Rave Bastards from O.R.B. are on the loose again, churning out yet another banging Techno joint in the form of Red Tram. CJ Bolland, Steve Cop and Dany Van Der Rieten aka DJ Steel just cannot stay away from the studio, we can only imagine the fun they’re having coming up with tracks like this. Since the launch of After Dark and the debut release, It’s Just Music followed by Sonic Solution’s The Hornet, the message has been clear, have fun and enjoy the music. The guys have laid down a sound which represents all the pristine glory of modern production techniques alongside the very essence of that nostalgic sound from the heydays of rave. They have impressed so far and we have no doubt this will continue, come along for the ride and simply enjoy the music.

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After Dark is proud to present the brand new two tracker from Sonic Solution titled The Hornet. CJ Bolland and Steve Cop have reinvented their 1991 project for the 21st Century, and man have they created a Techno gem. Their last SS release was over 25 years ago and now, with this new sound, it just feels like yesterday. From the gut busting Beat Time to the warehouse razing Bagdad, these guys made their mark on early rave culture in the best possible way, and they are still revered with huge respect today. CJ and Steve really need no introduction, they remain as passionate about producing and DJing as they did all those years ago and up to today. It’s fair to say that with the launch of After Dark, they have a new wave of energy, taking the oldskool vibe and applying modern day techniques for a blistering hybrid groove that is sure to rock festivals and parties around the world.

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