Bonzai Progressive

August 8th, 2012



Born in Brooklyn, New York, Juan Gonzalez learned many instruments since high school. He later discovered turntables and Hip Hop, from here Latin, Disco and R&B would influence Juan and these musical styles would lead to House music with lots of experimenting along the way.

With an ever evolving sound and after two previous successful releases and remixes on Eyepatch Recordings Wonji gives us From My Soul EP.

A sublime two track journey through house music. Smooth swirling synths and organs with a deep soulful voice over a classic bassline and drum arrangement make In My Soul a wonderful addition to any box.

Only My Love has a lot going on, lots of different synth styles including a cool retro vibe and a kick drum that stands out very well, theres also a slightly jazzy undertone here with smooth trumpet sounds.

Another release from Wonji that gives us an insight into the evolution of his sound.

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