Bonzai Progressive

July 18th, 2012



Progressive fuelled beats from Bonzai Progressive with The Idem.

Non Bis In Idem has had an amazing journey through music up until now. Starting at just 18 she quickly developed her own style of hard techno and tech house. After some early disappointment with record deals that never came through she got signed with Bonzai Progressive and the results are already beginning to look amazing.

12Chic MasterTimer is a sexy look into the world of prog with tech influences. The original is a very erotic groove with cool synth stabs and sexy spoken vocal, on the break with a simple melody and very descriptive words will surely get anyone going!

The awesome Mindgamers join in on remix duties and create a powerful tech house monster, stripped down sounds with a brilliant bassline and drum section, this will get a lot of support.

Planisphere drop by with a simply brilliant remix, prog trance at it’s best, consistent groove and some very well placed sounds, the original vocals are used very well and that keeps the sexy vibe alive.

This gifted artist deserves full support with a lot more to come.

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