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WMC 2K11 – Yearly compilation of Trance & Dance out on Nemesis.

Release comes with original tracks & remixes from Nathan Profitt, Manuel Le Saux, Miika Kuisma, Ollis, Outer Sunset, Adam White, David Folkebrant, Emil Gallier, Max Angel, Claudia Cazacu, Esprit Fort & Soulstate, Tigran Oganezov, Ville Lope, Mikko L, Lunar Motion, Harmonic Agenda, Syna, Ayleon, Spago, Dito, Tommy Baynen, LOLO, Avatar One, Suffuse, Narel, Nervous, Testpilot, Mikka Leinonen, Liquid Nations, Sovve, Tom Fall and David Casal.

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Ville Lope:

A decade is a long time in the dance music industry. A decade spent in the very epicentre of clubbing, exploring the fine art of production and the magic of DJing, can give you a truly instinctive feel for the next big thing.
That’s exactly what a decade in the music business has done for Finnish DJ and producer Ville Lope.
As a DJ, he’s crafted a style which is both sophisticated and dancefloor-friendly; as a producer, his original tracks and remixes have graced world-famous labels.
Ville Lope’s sound blends different flavours of progressive trance: from deeper tracks through to full-on melodic scorchers. You’ll find driving, solid basslines throughout his sets and productions.
Over the past 10 years, Ville has DJed all over Finland, establishing himself as a connoisseur of progressive who never fails to ignite the dancefloor. It’ll come as no surprise to hear that he’s often been booked alongside international superstars.
In his role at Subtraxx isn’t only an artist, he’s also the A&R of all three labels, Subtraxx, Camouflage and Nemesis.


Henrik Kantola, aka Chantola journeyed into the world of electronic music at the start of the millennium.
Inspired by some of the top jocks and a self driving passion, this young Finnish talent began to produce in 2003.

It was not until 2007 that Chantola really found his break.Teaming up with a Helsinki based producer Jussi Vuorivirta, he formed a duo. Spiritus & Asper was born and full tunes began to materialize.

In December 2008, their first completed production with the title Passion was snapped up by Oulu based Wavedata Records. As the momentum flowed, so did the label signings. With tunes released on Spinnin’ Records, Black Hole Recordings, Baroque Records, Mistique Music, Bonzai Music and many more, this young Producer seem to be doing something right.

With several releases in 2009 Chantola really got things going. Having his tracks on several CD compilations and Vinyl. He gained airplay from the biggest stars on the globe like Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, M.I.K.E., Menno De Jon and Eddie Halliwell to name but a few.

2011 promises to be an important year for Chantola as the expectations rise. Keep your ears pealed as you will be sure to hear his tunes working their way into a whole host of DJ sets.

More recently, Chantola’s album “Wrongside_Business” got reviewed by Trance International website and the artist has received support from various names in the scene, like:
David Squillace, Yves Deruyter, Airwave, Jamez, Tim Baker, Graham Gold, James Grindle amongst many others.

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Miika Kuisma’s 3rd artist album Progress of Soul is the end of a trilogy and picks up where his previous album Sententia finished. The album features some of the key collaborators from Miika’s career including DJ Tab, Luke Chen, Mr.A and OlliS.

After relocating to South-East Asia, Miika was forced back to bedroom production after working almost a decade in a studio environment. This album was mostly created with basic laptop, DJ headphones, internal Logic Pro synths and some freeware plugins. As being a digital only release also the limitations of the CD format have been ignored resulting a record that is 1h 33m in length.

On this album Miika covers a wide range of styles mixing different genres together. You can hear influence from ambient, chill-out, progressive house, trance, techno and minimal. The album will be released on Tuesday the 28th of September 2010 on all digital download portals, available worldwide.

Miika Kuisma is also the founder of our Subtraxx label which brings high quality progressive trance music to the public.

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Ville Lope, the man who leads the way for our Subtraxx, has a new release out on Green Martian.

Again great top progressive trancer by this Finnish master.

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