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Yahyaa Mahomed was born into a family of drummers. Rhythm was something that came to him effortlessly. He played rhythm guitar in his high school garage band The Strait Jackets with his musical peers at the time. He later moved on to DJ’ing as his love for house music eclipsed almost every facet of his youth.

His professional DJ career began in 2001 at Jozis infamous and legendary after-hours and somewhat left-off-centre nightclub … Hideout -Plot 187-….
He was only 20 years old qt the time and was churning out rhythms and grooves onto the undulated Hideout dance-floor and garden, which was strictly for over 25s only, weekend after weekend.

He innately grasped the Point Blank Club DJ role from The Hideout Family. He remained a resident there for almost 3 years which led, inevitably, to the more studio orientated projects and gigs on SAs trendsetting dance-floors while never straying from his purist approach to dance culture.

Finishing 3rd on the Mr. Spencer Underground DJ voting polls confirmed that he would be a pillar in the future cutting edge brand of the South African dance Republic.

He went on to sign his 1st single, Soul Oasis to the local Mafioso progressive label, Glotech Africa, which made the top 20 in the Euro dance mp3 download charts in the first two weeks of sales, while working with SAs pioneering house artists on other experimental projects.

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