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End of the year compilation, including all the best tracks released in Mint & Mustard Recordings in 2011.
Includes original tracks and remixes from Fab Code, Oz Romita, Del Horno, Ecco, Dennis Franchi, Alfa Rhythm Boys, Wits To Wear, Jasper Jinx, SoulWave, Ehsan Zadegan, The French Connection, Damir Pushkar, Sebastian Moreno, Carl Price and Erik Iker.

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New instalment of the Tech Groover series, including original tracks and remixes by Fab Code, Dennis Franchi, Paul Edge, Rogerio Martins, Ehsan Zadegan, MiniTech Project, Oz Romita, M62, Joal, Fragoso, The French Connection, SoulWave, Piekfein, Accatone, Lucio Grandi, Andrea Saenz & Milton Channels, Ugur Yurt, Savino, Rodrigo Soria, Efron, Jamez & Soulboy, Alfa Rhythm Boys, OneMenWork, Zas & Sanze presents Mindgamers and DJ Smiler.

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New compilation series on Bonzai Progressive, with original tracks and remixes by Hilal Tekschneider, Luca Lombardi, Dennis Franchi, Jamez & Soulboy, Ran Salman & Nir Azilov featuring Lee Kashir, Uriel, Code Duello, Dyron, diSapia, YokoO & James Hunter, Accatone, Jay Tripwire, Piekfein, Lucio Grandi, Efron, Iker Undersound, John Manning & Matt Silver, Daily Dose, Louie Cut, Soundmodul & Moffous, Joal, Fragoso, Santon, SoulWave, Victor Maximiliano and Beatblenderz.

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Bonzai Progressive Kult – Volume 7 (Bonzai Progressive) by Marnik Bonzai

Bonzai Progressive Kult 7 – 19th Anniversary Edition.

Featuring original tracks and remixes from Jamez & Soulboy, Orlando Voorn, Ehsan Zadegan, Narel, Planisphere, 21street, Phony Orphants, Lemonchill, Squared Curves, Manu Riga, Dennis Franchi, Soundmodul & Moffous, Onemenwork, Joal, Apple Juice, Fred Tames, Kevin Cheung, Adam Nics, Cause & Effect, Mike Young & Savi Leon, Fab Code, M62, Kernel Key, MiniTech Project, Lucio Grandi, Zas & Sanze presents Mindgamers, Mass Digital, Sander Bogertman, Matt Silver & Brisboys and Soulwave.

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Ibiza House Doctor #1 compilation with original tracks and remixes from Piek meets Oraa, Accatone, Jay Tripwire, Villa Gombao Inc, The French Connection, Joal, Fragoso, Tosch and Sonic Monkey, Daniel Kuckito, DJ Cata vs Delyno featuring Angie, Nickolas & G Spice, Ran Salman and Nir Azilov featuring Lee Kashir, Uriel, Dezarate, Lucio Grandi, Cee Cee Cox, Santon, Luca Lombardi, Pablo Gael, Matt Silver and Brisboys, Dennis Franchi, Savino and SoulWave.

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Bonzai Basik Beats – Episode 37 – mixed by Chantola – the music is an excerpt from the mix compilation I Bring My Own Background Music – Berlin Session:

Tracklisting – Episode 37 – mixed by Chantola:

1° SoulWave – Will Be On My Way
2° Dennis Franchi – Franz
3° Ecco – India Trippin
4° Matt Silver & Brisboys – VoxTrot (Dennis Franchi Remix)
5° Project KF – Tech Summer
6° Piek meets Oraa – If Life Gives You Melons (Original Mix)
7° Kentaro Kaji – You Sexy
8° Ecco – Safari
9° Piekfein – La Cajita De Musica (Accatone Remix)
10° Chantola – If All That Glitter Is Gold (Heinrich Kantolz & Drill Wagen Terrace Remix)
11° Dennis Franchi – Rituals
12° Manu Riga – Time In Between (Chantola NuRave Edit)
13° Manu Riga – Tai Chi Girl (UK Progressive Mix)

The full version of the release also contains the following additional tracks:

14° Ecco – Coconut
15° Accatone – The Stink

Henrik Kantola, aka Chantola journeyed into the world of electronic music at the start of the millennium. Inspired by some of the top jocks and a self driving passion, this young Finnish talent began to produce in 2003. Beginning with Acid Pro and a hardware sequencer, Chantola played with basic loops and short tracks. As the results came, so did his hunger to buy newer equipment and software. 
It was not until 2007 that Chantola really found his break. Teaming up with a Helsinki based producer Jussi Vuorivirta, he formed a duo. Spiritus & Asper was born and full tunes began to materialize. In December 2008, their first completed production with the title Passion was snapped up by Oulu based Wavedata Records. As the momentum flowed, so did the label signings. With tunes released on Spinnin’ Records, Black Hole Recordings, Baroque Records, Mistique Music, Bonzai Music and many more, this young Producer seem to be doing something right. With several releases in 2009 Chantola really got things going. Having his tracks on several CD compilations and Vinyl. He gained airplay from the biggest stars on the globe like. ARMIN VAN BUUREN, MARKUS SCHULZ, MR. SAM, LEON BOLIER, M.I.K.E, MENNO DE JONG, LANGE, EDDIE HALLIWELL to name a few. 
2011 promises to be an important year for Chantola as the expectations rise. Keep your ears pealed… As you will be sure to hear His tunes working their way into a whole host of DJ sets.

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This weeks Bonzai Basik Beats Radioshow comes from Soulwave!

Tracklisting – Episode 34 – mixed by Soulwave:

1º SoulWave – Dance Forever (Unreleased)
2º Mastiksoul and Dada featuring Angelico Vieira – When I Fall In Love
3º Michael Parsberg featuring Safri Duo & Isam B – Mad World (G & G Remix)
4º Criminal Vibes – Queen of Chinatown
5º SoulWave – I Hear a Sensation
6º Stefano Noferini – Everybody
7º Diogo Menasso & Eurico Lisboa featuring Elsa – Chance Again (Phill Kay Remix)
8º Danubio featuring Tommy Lee – Push It (Bullshit)
9º SoulWave – Will Be On My Way
10º Deadmau5 featuring Rob Swire – Ghosts ‘n Stuff
11º Sir James – Special (Bingo Players Remix)
12º SoulWave – Journey
13º Calvin Harris – Flashback (Eric Prydz Remix)
14º Oceanlab & Above and Beyond – If I Could Fly (Jaytech Remix)
15º Juliet Henry & John Morgan – Californias Dream (HJM Vocal Work)
16º Gigi Di Martino – Mar Adentro (Il Canto Della Sirena)

SoulWave is a project of 2 artists that joined forces in 2010: Pedro Carvalheiro and José Miranda.

Pedro Carvalheiro is born in 1984. Music has been a part of his life since early childhood as he was trained in several instruments. In 2000 he started producing his first tracks in Psytrance. Pedro was back then part of a project called DualSpecies with which he appeared on stage alongside with many known artists such as Absolum, Psysex, Painkiller and others. In 2008 he takes on the challenge to produce in a complete different style: House Music.

José Miranda is born in 1986 and he got hocked up with electronic music in the year 2000 to never let it go again. Somewhere around 2004 he ventured into producing music and by 2006 he had built the bridge to a successful DJ career. The music of his time always has had a big influence on his way of reproducing it and in his productions you can find a variety of different styles. They range from Tech House to Progressive House and Electro. The happiness music brings him is always within him and that is what he tries to communicate to the crowd and his fans. He loves to share good vibrations using electronic music as a mood-conductor. He has plaid in many places and on many festivals such as Cup of Joe, RAI, Freedom Festival, Look just to name a view.

In 2010 this two lovers of electronic music joined their knowledge and created the project SoulWave. The music they make together has its roots in House Music, Progressive House and Tech House. It is full of deep rhythms and spontaneous, happy sounds. Pedro and José spend hours in the studio to create the best melodies and to find the perfect combination of different ingredients for their unique recipe called SoulWave. They just love to make their listeners shake the floor during their acts.

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Funky Deep House by Soulwave out on Mint & Mustard
Release comes with 4 original tracks, I Hear A Sensation, Will Be On My Way, Journey and Toursun

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