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New installment in the Pure Chillz compilation series, with original tracks by Jane Maximova, Red Avenue, New Place, Fushe, Placid Larry, Suburban Dream, Tokyo Boulevard, Parafernalia featuring Ace Vincent, Twins In Mind, Michele Cecchi, Aiemo featuring Miki Flores, Father, Auratune, Aerium presents Me3dian, Les Sabotages, Ishek and Thian featuring Mika Technika, Solarsoul, Jones & Stephenson, Rumle and Arthur L Gram.

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New edition of the Pure Chillz compilation series containing original tracks from Sami Halinen, Jane Maximova, Bastiq2ooo, Auratune, Rumle, Mappa Mundi, Aiemo featuring Kristina Frazzitta, Suburban Dream, Tokyo Boulevard, Rico Casazza, Incolumis, Kopi Luwak, Father, Phi Phi & Greg D, Red Avenue, Schurakin, Ishek & Thian featuring Mika Technika, Aerium, Me3dian, Adrien Aubrun, and Miika Kuisma

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About 20 km. outside Copenhagen, in the suburban hell of Nærum, he sits with his face plastered to the glossy screen, while the neighbors and the communal sewage, slowly begins its day in the early morning hours, and spreading its fumes all the way the the small apartment. The neighbors are racing out their doors going to work, while a new noise complain finds its way to the mail to the young producers mailbox. The work routine continues.

In the small smoky room there is being played ambient and dramatic power electro out of the studio speakers, backed by a thick and noise wall and tight programmings.
Control and intensity is not to be overlooked the Rumle sound universe.
Rumle has with his many years of interest in electronic music added several genres and ideas into his music, including jazz, classical music and funk. In a six-month course, he has worked with the danish artist Spejderrobot, who has served as a mentor and adviser in a process that became a big help to Rumle as an upcoming artist in the Danish electronic music community. In cooperation with the Spejderrobot, during the time the was made contact with among others Troels Abrahamsen, who was also a big help on the road.

“The music is based on emptiness, a feeling of doubt, the ego and belief in man. My home town provides the basis for most tracks, but elements from foreign places and cultures that form a strong contrast to small Nærum, you will also find the music.”

Besides himself to write music that both produce and remixer Rumble also for other promising artists.

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