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Kevin Vega, real name Kevin Verelst, born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, got familiar with electronic music at a very young age. Experiencing the end of the new beat period late 80’s, he sat on the first row when house music was born.

Although too young to go out to clubs, Kevin discovered music such as ‘House party’ and bands as Channel X, Praga Khan and Neon. Later on, he followed the music as a teenager through programs such as Party Zone on MTV, showing music of FSOL, the Prodigy, Messiah,…

So back in 1994, he knew that this would become his life. At the age of 14, he bought his first vinyl record with ‘lunch money’, given by his parents. So instead of food, he just bought records, in that time more Rave orientated sounds. After a search for his musical identity, the switch came when he first heard Sasha and Digweeds ‘Northern Exposure’ album. From that time on, he became more progressive orientated.

In the year 1999, Kevin started learning by himself how to make music, using Reason 1.0. Bit by bit, his studio came to life, and so did his know-how. Nowadays, he creates different kinds of tunes, going from ambient, over electro and progressive, to more groove and house orientated sounds.

The future looks bright, let’s follow it!

11 July 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more




Seventh installment in the Progrez EP series this time with original tracks by James Harcourt, Sasha, Sol & Grimm and Steve Lawler.

27 June 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more




metrONomes had been created from Djs and Producers JoN ManimaL & MagroS…The purpose…to travel your souls and emotions through dance music as we imagine and feel it…
They had performed with Sander Kleinenberg, Guy J, D-Nox, Phil Thompson aka Moonface, Antony Pappa, Son Kite, Tycon, D-Nox, Armin Van Buuren, Antix aka Fiord,Symphonix,Glen Morison, John Digweed, G Pal and many more presenting the *metrONomeS Live Project* which is a combination of sound and visuals.

metrONomes are releasing from various labels up until today such as:

Movement Recordings – Harmonia Records – Stellarphonic Recordings – OLD SQL Recordings Deepsessions Recordings – Micro Digital Records – Santos Recordings – Focus Records – Polytechnics Recordings.

From 2012 metrONomes are proudly members of the legendary Bonzai Progressive Label.

Live it – Luv it – Dance it!


13 June 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more




Volume 6 of the Progrez EP series, this time with four original tracks and remixes by James Harcourt, The Electric Press, Martin Eyerer & Stephan Hinz, Nic Fanciulli, Hernan Cattaneo & John Tonks, Audiofly presents Liars Paradise and Geddes.

21 March 2012 FEATURED Read more




The Idem had her first contact with electronic music production at the age of 18 with the well-known Reason and quickly noticed that this was a wide and wonderful world, beginning to create her own rhythms and grooves in the styles Hardtechno and Techno-house which was what she liked at the time. Of course all beginning is difficult and good results need time and a long learning process, a road which she embarked all by herself.
Then she bought some turntables to play music and gain knowledge, taste, and start getting into the world of music.

Age 20 she created several Hard-Techno tracks and sent them to various record companies. The spanish label Jaxx Records was the first to respond positively to the music and showed interest in publishing her creations. Unfortunately the deal never happened due to the bad situation in which the music market was in at the time.

Age 23 she begins to build a small studio and buys the famous Ableton Live and some powerful synthesizer and starts again to create many tracks an loops that remained unfinished as she was not satisfied of their sound.

Now, age 25 after long and hard work to get the sound to be what she wants it to be her first EP gets released referring to her stage name: Non Bis In Idem

The Idems style when creating music ranges from Progressive House, Deep Tech-House, Minimal Tech-House, Electro House always with a personal touch from Deep Electronic Music.

Influences: Jean Michelle Jarre, Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Sasha, Fedde le Grand, Paul Oakenfold, Deadmau5, Marco Bailey, Radio Slave, Trentemoller, Booka Shade, Mauro Picotto, Cristian Varela, Deep Dish, Steve Lawler, Danny Tenaglia, Ben Sims, Henry Saiz, Marc Marzenith, Paco Osuna, Oscar Mulero, Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Guy Gerber, Robert Babicz, Dave Clarke, Chris Liebing, Aril Brikha, Axwell, Alex Under, Timo Maas, Clode and many more.

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Fifth volume of the Progrez EP series, this time with four original tracks and remixes from Blue Foundation, Jim Rivers, Tali Freaks vs Nagarrius, MetronomeS and Smart Wave.

8 February 2012 FEATURED Read more




Miika Kuisma is a finnish musician, artist, philosopher, futurist and inventor who’s passion is to understand fundamental nature of the reality by exploring spirituality, science, history and technology.

In early 90’s he got big revelation in a small house club and walked out as a new person. From that moment he knew dance music was ‘for him’. His first electronic records which influenced him the most include works by Jarre, Cosmic Baby, Moby, Prodigy, Faithless and early Eye-Q releases. After falling in love with so many electronic styles by now, also his own productions have become somewhat unpredictable.

His tracks are usually somewhere between progressive and melodic, while not being not ‘too deep’ or ‘too cheesy’. On the DJ’ing side Miika was known for his perfectionistic approach to build his sets in certain way. Especially his “Intelligent Design” radio mixes were trips across different moods and genres.

Miika has spent most of his life playing around with technical gear but also loved to draw and play instruments from very early age. After getting his degree in electricity he turned around and took career paths in graphic design, programming, animation and user-interface design.

Besides music production and performances he played key role in the concept and interface-design with EKS in the development of the MIDI controller EKS Otus. He played his last DJ gig in April of 2009, sold his record label “Subtraxx Recordings” for Bonzai Music and relocated into South-East Asia.

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New release from Peet on Progrez.
The release comes with three original tracks, Movement (Thru Coloured Glass), You And Me, Us, and As Refract Light.

16 November 2011 FEATURED Read more




Fourth volume of the Progrez EP series, this time with four tracks from Nic Fanciulli, Guy J, Henry Saiz, and Haji & Emmanuel.

26 October 2011 FEATURED Read more




New Progrez single , with Pablo Gael from Barcelona,Spain.
The release comes with three new single tracks, Pile, Beauty Nights and Gyroscope.

5 October 2011 FEATURED Read more




Third volume of the Progrez EP series, this time with four tracks from Sasha vs Adam Parker, John Digweed, Henry Saiz and Umek.

31 August 2011 FEATURED Read more




Coming from Romania producer Smart Wave presents his first single on our renewed Progrez label.
A trippier progressive house tune entitled Crying For The Unborn Child, which comes in 2 mixes.

Both mixes still have a slighty deeper progressive trance edge to it, but still stick to progressive house basics.
2 tracks for the late night hours.

17 August 2011 FEATURED Read more


Various artists EP on Progrez, with original tracks from Patchpark, Dave Seaman, James Zabiela and Futureshock.

3 August 2011 FEATURED Read more


Marko Nikolic was born on October 24th,1987 in very small town of Pozega, Serbia. He started playing the piano at the age of 6.Having attended the music school in Uzice for three years, he acquired the basic theoretical knowledge and developed an ear for music.

While growing up, he listened to a host of music genres: funk,rock,punk,reggae…. but at the age of 15, electronic music had a huge impact on him. Attending parties, listening and absorbing the global Dance scene for three years, he found himself in deep and progressive sound.Soon after that, he brought his wishes to fruition and tried himself out as a DJ.

In 2005 he has his first preformance and that..s were everything start. During next three year he work with some big names of the Serbian club scene and sharing the deck with all of them was a vast experience for him and big boost to his DJing competence. .. In the year 2008 he became a part of ”iFACE Agency”, together with his friends and collegues DJ Alexandar, Federico Epis, Kintar & Rex, Danny Way, Ascaloon, N-tchbl etc. Marko Nikolic is definitely one of the youngest and newest names in Serbian DJ scene. Now he live and work in Belgrade.Currently working on its production. His releases you can find allready on beatport,junodownload, etc. He also start with his exclusive montly show “SWITCH ON” on

For five years, as DJ, he shared the decks with every well-know names of Serbian DJ scene and as well with European and world famous DJ (Adam Freeland, Ramon Tapia, DJ Tarkan, Federico Epis, Poli, etc.) He work in most of the clubs in Belgrade (Andergraund, Mamolo, Energija, Dom Omladine…) Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.His mixes were the guest mixes featured on many radio shows (,,, …).He creates dynamic sets with progressive house,tech and deep house sound.

20 July 2011 FEATURED Read more


Various artists EP on Progrez, with original tracks from Soliquid, Spooky, Henry Saiz and Neil Quigley.

6 July 2011 FEATURED Read more

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