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New Progrez single , with Pablo Gael from Barcelona,Spain.
The release comes with three new single tracks, Pile, Beauty Nights and Gyroscope.

5 October 2011 FEATURED Read more




Third volume of the Progrez EP series, this time with four tracks from Sasha vs Adam Parker, John Digweed, Henry Saiz and Umek.

31 August 2011 FEATURED Read more




Coming from Romania producer Smart Wave presents his first single on our renewed Progrez label.
A trippier progressive house tune entitled Crying For The Unborn Child, which comes in 2 mixes.

Both mixes still have a slighty deeper progressive trance edge to it, but still stick to progressive house basics.
2 tracks for the late night hours.

17 August 2011 FEATURED Read more


Various artists EP on Progrez, with original tracks from Patchpark, Dave Seaman, James Zabiela and Futureshock.

3 August 2011 FEATURED Read more


Marko Nikolic was born on October 24th,1987 in very small town of Pozega, Serbia. He started playing the piano at the age of 6.Having attended the music school in Uzice for three years, he acquired the basic theoretical knowledge and developed an ear for music.

While growing up, he listened to a host of music genres: funk,rock,punk,reggae…. but at the age of 15, electronic music had a huge impact on him. Attending parties, listening and absorbing the global Dance scene for three years, he found himself in deep and progressive sound.Soon after that, he brought his wishes to fruition and tried himself out as a DJ.

In 2005 he has his first preformance and that..s were everything start. During next three year he work with some big names of the Serbian club scene and sharing the deck with all of them was a vast experience for him and big boost to his DJing competence. .. In the year 2008 he became a part of ”iFACE Agency”, together with his friends and collegues DJ Alexandar, Federico Epis, Kintar & Rex, Danny Way, Ascaloon, N-tchbl etc. Marko Nikolic is definitely one of the youngest and newest names in Serbian DJ scene. Now he live and work in Belgrade.Currently working on its production. His releases you can find allready on beatport,junodownload, etc. He also start with his exclusive montly show “SWITCH ON” on

For five years, as DJ, he shared the decks with every well-know names of Serbian DJ scene and as well with European and world famous DJ (Adam Freeland, Ramon Tapia, DJ Tarkan, Federico Epis, Poli, etc.) He work in most of the clubs in Belgrade (Andergraund, Mamolo, Energija, Dom Omladine…) Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.His mixes were the guest mixes featured on many radio shows (,,, …).He creates dynamic sets with progressive house,tech and deep house sound.

20 July 2011 FEATURED Read more


Various artists EP on Progrez, with original tracks from Soliquid, Spooky, Henry Saiz and Neil Quigley.

6 July 2011 FEATURED Read more



Born in 1982 in Athens-Greece, Yannis was exposed in several music styles and scenes from an early age. This variety of music styles transmet him a strong passion for an inner quest to find the kind of music that would represent him and express his feelings.

Saxophone and Flute player, having a diploma in music production from Berklee College of music, Yannis started to produce electronic music under the name “dPen”.

Currently, dPen has finished 2 new remixes for Quivver, Anthony Pappa and Chris Fortier for Silence Through Music label, he is working a remix for Universal Music and his is preparing his new monthly web tv show about music productions tip n tricks and new software presentations as he is the first Greek producer and one of the few producers of the scene that has 4 (software / hardware instruments) companies to endorse him as an artist.

Nick Varon

In search of his musical world Nick passed through various styles such as jazz & rock. These two major influences quickly led him to piano & guitar lessons.

In the late 90″s when house music was huge in his hometown Athens, Greece, Nick found himself in a club that Danny Tenaglia was playing at… and that’s how all started. This night determined his musical path. Sexy, Deep, Dark House would be his guideline from there after. Through DJ-ing Nick saw the way to express and share his music instincts in the best possible way.

Currently Nick holds a monthly residency @ Venue Club in Athens, Greece. His weekly mix every Monday @ is getting bigger week by week. Something that you can verify by watching Nick Warren’s opinion in the last Top 100 DJ poll where he chose Nick for the “most underestimated dj “on the planet & listen to some of Sharam comments such as “Nick gives a flow in his DJ sets close to perfection”.

The first three tracks in this release, inMotion Tech Take Remix, BrianBerg Remix and UM Remix are the result of a remix contest.

22 June 2011 FEATURED Read more

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