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Argentine DJ and producer Ariel Parra aka A.R.E.S. debuts on Progrez with the stunning Belisha Beacon. Ariel’s love for music began after listening to Grunge Rock and the many bands that lie in that genre. He played in his own band for a number of years, before they set their sights on a more electronically fused sound. Since 2011, after starting to produce his own works under the A.R.E.S. guise, he released tracks on Balkan Connection S.A, Green Snake Records, Massive Harmonys, Ambber Records and Entangled. During this time he also put in some live shows before he edits his first album, Truth Be Told with 8 original tracks under the Ambber label.

Belisha Beacon takes on a deep and grooving progressive persona right from the get go as muted kicks are joined by a superb deep droning bass with a sprinkling of cascading arps. The kickdrums get a nice punchy boost ass the percussion layers build giving off a cool rhythmic flow. You can find very subtle psy element creep into the sound with the construction of the synth layers and the energizing bassline. A serious contender no doubt and a track that will definitely grab the attention of many, one to watch here.

Our very own Kevin Vega shows up on remix duty and delivers another super cut for our pleasure. He gave us The Gambler back in April 2015 which saw great support from all quarters which is a testament to the expertly crafted sounds he churns out. The remix intros with a wonderful chunky bass with atmospheric FX and percussions going off in the background. At the forefront a fantastic bass takes over with deep probing prowess. The drum section continues to build and adds a shuffling groove to the rhythm which is brought to prominence by hypnotic shakers and tight patterns. Surreal synths give off a mysterious vibe that plays beautifully into the nature of the track, dark and moody. A fine slice of prog to get the juices flowing.

#a.r.e.s #progrez #kevinvega

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Swedish DJ and producer Zoe Song debuts on Progrez with the sublime Be Quiet EP. Zoe’s music career started 2012 and has since had several releases on various record labels. She has played at several major nightclubs in Stockholm and in 2014 she was one of five country finalists in Burn Residency, one of the biggest global DJ competitions. Since 2015 she became Resident DJ and radio host of the Beyond Borders monthly mix show on Afterhours.FM, the world’s Number 1 Trance station. Her music genres are mainly Progressive House, Tech House, Techno and Uplifting-Progressive Trance. With an ever increasing profile on the scene, Zoe has a world tour planned for 2016, well worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

My Little Secret intros with a fantastic fading in synth stab that oozes retro which is followed by a tough, powerful kickdrum that packs a huge punch and is backed up with a superb deep, resonating bass. Tight drums form up and deliver a solid rhythmic workout as the track gathers pace with the introduction of a cool tubular bell style stab. That bassline certainly drives the track home as it becomes much more prominent in the arrangement. A definite must have track that bridges the gap between deep progressive and techno, not to be missed.

Hush Hush sets off in full on mode as chunky kicks are met with a driving, chugging bassline. Distant percussions begin to fade through as cool synth stabs filter in. The track breaks to reveal a gated note with a noisy aftertaste before we are thrust back into the main groove. Those synth stabs return alongside a much more techno flavoured synth with both working beautifully together. Another fine example from the world of prog and tech that works in perfect harmony, definitely a tool you have got to get into your box.

#zoesong #progrez

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The ever present force of metrONomes aka Jon ManimaL & Magros return to Progrez with another fine slice of deep, dark and techy prog on Mistique. The guys have made us wait five months since their last outing, Domin.US which gained a lot of attention on the scene. As always the excitement mounts each time they deliver the goods and this time around is no exception as they gear up for another head twisting cut.

Mistique intros with a smooth deep and grooving vibe as punchy kicks are joined by soft hats and a lush bass that envelops the sound beautifully. Tight percussions begin to form up and deliver a tasty tribal sequence that fits the sound perfectly. The bass is boss here as it meanders along bringing in that superb progressive groove. A short break unleashes a cosmic spacey vibe before we get thrust back into the main track for the duration, top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Philosopher sets out with a cool flowing vibe made up of sharp hats and chunky kicks with a fantastic rumbling bass bringing up the rear. The track takes on a sinister element with a little help from haunting wide eyed FX and cool robotic voices. A totally hypnotic experience that delivers a relentlessly deep solid groove and one that you will most definitely want in your collection.

Tarzan intros with cool tribal drums alongside a nice punchy kick and short sharp hats that provide a cool contrast to the low and high ends. A deep, throbbing bass rumbles up from below as the drums tighten up into a solid dance fuelled groove. Stunning, heavily effected voices come through as the tribal vibe ramps up a gear giving off that jungle feeling which befits the name of the track. A wonderfully surreal track that will both captivate and mesmerize, perfect fodder for those late night sessions.

#metronomes #progrez

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DJ and producer Leon Krasich debuts on Progrez with the superb Buddha The World EP. Leon is the proprietor of the deep and moody Ahnenerbe Records for which he has released a swathe of top notch cuts. He has also seen his work released on minim,all, Frequenza, Share Records and Lethal Dose with great support coming in from all over. Aside from offering up brilliant musical textures, Leon’s tagline is simple, ‘fill the world with happiness…’, now that is something we can get on board with.

Hollany intros with a nice and smooth deep vibe as punchy kicks are joined by a mesmerizing synth drone. The bassline grabs all the attention as it plods along with a deep progressive prowess that will get any floor moving. Tight drums layer up and bring a solid rhythm to the sound as that long synth note prevails. Cool vocal one shots are littered throughout adding character to the sound. A series of short breaks offer up a little respite in this powerful driving groove. An epic monster of a track which will definitely get a showing on many sets for sure.

Buddha The World opens with a haunting array of sounds that captivate before being joined by a sinister deep vocal and a brilliant punchy kick. A strong, powerful bass bubbles up from the depths as the drums begin to layer up. We are drawn deep into the vibe with those infectious sounds that just seem to go on forever. On the break the intensity rises, which is no surprise given the nature of the vibe, leading us back into the main track for the duration. One hell of a ride into the deeper side of prog that you will not want to miss.

Miracle Of Creation sets off with a very cool kick that leaves a little bit of release on the end to great effect. This is coupled with a rhythmic, shuffling percussion that brings a little brightness to the darker vibe. The bassline probes with a deep rooted prowess that will get the bassbins firmly warmed. Gritty vocals come through on the break which also throws up some outstanding pads and sound FX. Another monster of a tune that will turn a few heads no doubt.

#leonkrasich #progrez

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Progrez stalwart Kevin Vega returns with the fantastic three tracker entitled The Gambler. A big part of the Progrez journey, Kevin has consistently delivered the goods with his lush progressive house vibes. His last outing, Andromeda gained a lot of support across the board and since then he has racked up several top notch remixes for the likes of Dofamine and Airwave & DJ Fire. Always worth checking this guy out, he never disappoints.

The Gambler gets us on the move with a real nice punchy kick and mesmerizing percussions that lock you right into the groove. A wonderfully lush probing bass joins in and takes the track right into the deepest depths of progressive house. Sweeping pads form various layers and bring a melodic edge to the sound that captivates the mind. On the break a beautifully constructed kaleidoscope of sound takes over and you soon find yourself lost in this fantastic epic world. Another superb Kevin Vega cut that you will not want to miss.

The Wizard intros with a huge kick that pounds hard on the subs while subtle percussions begin to layer up alongside a rising synth and deep bass. You feel the intensity building as the track progresses with the bass staying firm on the low end. The break delves into a surreal soundscape with cool atmospheric sounds and a subtle synth before getting right back into the main groove for the duration and those pounding kicks once again. Top notch stuff, definitely one for the late night sessions.

The Preacherman takes us on another epic Kevin Vega journey, deep into the heart of progressive house grooves. A big chunky kick provides the intro and will give the bassbins a run for their money alongside that probing, powerful bassline. Bright crispy hats and some cool drum patterns let the rhythms loose as various strings rise up to combine into a spacey sequence. The break reveals a very cool sequence filled with a distant spoken vocal over some gritty, raw sounds that add superb textures to the track. Another highly effective track that would be a welcome addition in any progressive set.

#kevinvega #progrez

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Ferdas Digital is back with Department 42, eight tracks of purely deep and techy progressive vibes, just what we like here at Progrez. His last outing, Sand Candy EP, made waves in all the right places which led to a lot of interest in this young Russian producer. Still much more to come, so watch this space.

Ferdas Digital – Department 42, out this week on Progrez, is featured by Beatport in their homepage!

#progrez #beatport #ferdasdigital

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Ferdas Digital is back with Department 42, eight tracks of purely deep and techy progressive vibes, just what we like here at Progrez. His last outing, Sand Candy EP, made waves in all the right places which led to a lot of interest in this young Russian producer. Still much more to come, so watch this space.

First up we have Adventure Time which intros with a punchy kick and classic electro style drum that is joined by a round of crispy hats and snappy claps. A melodic synth arp fades in bringing a cool contrast to the deep rooted bass that powers through the sound. A smooth steady paced slice of prog that will warm up the floors with its elegant melodies and solid grooves.

Hazard dishes out a tech vibe right from the off as a muted kick fades up alongside a hazy vocal and gritty synth. We go deeper still when the bass drops with a pulsating force to dominate the sound as clangy metallic textures build up. A cool multi layered track to keep the place rocking and a must have for your box.

Crystal takes on a cool house persona as warm chords square up against a tight drum pattern. A probing bass makes its way through before punchy kicks and shuffling hats settle us into a full on house driven groove with tech in mind. The break throws out a cool sequence that gives a retro theme to the sound before we slam right back into the main track for the duration. A crossover track that will bring feet to the floor no doubt.

The title track, Department 42 is up next and brings the full power of a deep progressive tech vibe to the fore. Solid beats are matched against a deep bass while a rising effect builds and leaves us with a stomping groove that will get bodies rocking all over. Big tech inspired stabs litter the sound as a steady flowing rhythm is born out of a tight drum and percussion arrangement. On the break we are treated to a cool twist as the bass is transformed into a pulsating monster. Top notch stuff to go crazy to, a must have for your collection.

Suka intros with a nice big chunky kick and crispy hat combo with an expertly arranged, tight drum pattern. A cool vocal loiters at the rear and adds a cool raw flavour to the sound as a meandering bass trots through with ease. The bass will definitely get asses shakin with its hypnotizing rhythm. Superb slice of prog tech you can get your teeth into, not to be missed.

Next up we have Toy with its smooth deep tech house grooves. Punchy kicks sit over some very cool sounds and FX with vocal one shots thrown in. You get lured into this sound easily and soon find yourself locked right in due to the array of different sounds on offer. Deep basses, swirling FX, mesmerizing drum patterns and warm chords all make for a captivating experience you will not want to miss.

Quantam intros with a very cool pulsing note as various FX pop up around the sound before a well round kick takes over. A chugging bassline drives through beautifully and settles the track into a full on deep tech groove. Sweeping voices flow through as the FX layers continue to build resulting in a gritty vibe that hooks you in for the duration, excellent stuff.

Rounding off this fantastic pack we have Diziness. Right from the off we get drawn into the deep rooted groove of the track as hypnotic synths ply their trade on our senses. A chunky kick keeps the track moving and is soon joined by a wonderfully lush deep bass that grabs your attention. Tech flavours ooze out of the sound with multi layered synth chords and a superb drum sequence that keeps the rhythm flowing. Definitely one for the darker rooms here that will not disappoint.

#ferdasdigital #progrez

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It’s been a while since we last saw Mr. Dello, almost 2 years in fact, back in 2012 with Woadi Moan. On his return he is joined by Progrez debutant Elchinsoul on the fantastic deep fuelled three tracker Cloroquine EP.

Cloroquine intros with a superb punchy kick causes a shudder through the speakers. Cool metallic FX fade through and lead up to a monster bass that reverberates right through the sound beautifully. Bright open hats join in and the rhythm picks up the pace as that bass dominates. Minimalist synths cascade up and down on the break to the backdrop of some very cool sounds and effects giving a raw, earthy sound. Top notch deep grooves for the late night parties.

Home intros with an in your face kick and bass combi as tight drum patterns come through. Solid rhythms are formed out of the vast array of drums on offer and are joined by crispy hats and expertly crafted FX. The track powers on with that huge bass commanding authority over the groove. On the break we are treated to a cool display of drums before we get slammed right back into the main sound for the duration. A powerful, driving slice of tribal grooves to get the floors rocking.

Chocolate Rainbow sets off with some very cool, well rounded kicks and a shuffling rhythmic hi-hat pattern. Soft synth notes sit on top of a deep droning sub bass as various sounds and shapes build all around. The main bass groove dominates as it throbs into existence and really sets the deep vibe alive. Subtle melodic arps take us to the break and lead us into a surreal world filled with cool FX and those shuffling hats. The beat kicks back in and we get locked into the solid deep progressive house groove. Definitely a track that will turn a few heads, one to watch.

#mrdello #elchinsoul #progrez

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Deep progressive duo metrONomes return to Progrez with the superb three tracker Domin.US. Their last outing came in the form of the wonderful Madam Butterfly which gained lots of attention. You can also catch the guys in action on Bonzai Basik Beats radioshow where they showcase their brand of progressive vibes with tight mixes. Always a pleasure to see these talented artists and we are sure to see much more in the months ahead.

metrONomes – Domin.US, out this week on Progrez, is featured by Beatport in the Staff Picks section at the Techno genre page!

#progrez #beatport #metronomes

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Deep progressive duo metrONomes return to Progrez with the superb three tracker Domin.US. Their last outing came in the form of the wonderful Madam Butterfly which gained lots of attention. You can also catch the guys in action on Bonzai Basik Beats radioshow where they showcase their brand of progressive vibes with tight mixes. Always a pleasure to see these talented artists and we are sure to see much more in the months ahead.

First up is the title track Domin.US with its percussion led intro filled with snappy snares and crispy hats. The brightness is broken by a monster kick and a pounding bass that beats at your chest mercilessly. The tight arrangement brings a deep rhythmic groove that would be at home in a darkened club with the amps all the way up. Quite a minimal approach with a few layers being added as the track progresses, this makes for a truly dark experience that will definitely blow your mind, not to be missed.

Pussy Hat intros with a winding bass that fades in and out to the backdrop of an eerie soundscape filled with multiple textures. Crispy sharp hats are met with a big chunky kick that dominates the sound beautifully. A deep rooted bass begins to find its way through as it rises up from the depths. The break reveals more of that huge soundscape before we are thrust back to the main groove and those solid beats. A monstrous sound that have any system quaking in its boots.

Narcosis rounds up this fine package with its deep progressive offering. Tight beats and sharp percussive elements are shored up by a pulsing bass that gets the head nodding. A great drum arrangement gets the rhythm flowing nicely as deep low end frequencies begin to rise up. Top quality FX litter the sound adding cool textures throughout. An intensity is generated with the introduction of cool synths that are perfectly filtered in and come to prominence on the break. Superb stuff yet again from the guys and a definite must have.

#metronomes #progrez

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Phat Traktor continues his fine run of outstanding deep cuts with Cette Nuit. We last saw him back in the summer of 2014 with Negative which went down an absolute storm among many and we have no doubt this new effort will follow suit. Since then he has remixed Ecco’s Switch and his tracks have appeared on our Club Traxx – Dark & Deep 2 as well as a spot on Bonzai Basik Beats, lots more to come from this guy so stay tuned.

First up we have the title track, Cette Nuit. From the opening bars we instantly get drawn into a deep rooted groove filled with low end bass and cool percussions. A steady flowing rhythm is formed out a tight drum arrangement that will keep bodies moving. Very cool FX work brings fantastic texture to the sound and keeps the ears trained. Sweeping pads crop up and bring a futuristic vibe as the infectious grooves continue to drive the track. A superb cut that will definitely turn a few heads.

La Criatura intros with a gritty beat as big chunky kicks are met with distorted percussions and rising pad. The track transitions into a much smoother flow as the distortions subside and the kicks get a nice rounded touch. Tech flavours run through the sound and are enhance by a brilliant robotic styled spoken vocal. As the layers build we are treated to a deep and pulsating bass that sets the track up beautifully. A tough and gritty workout that will definitely put fear into any sound system.

#phattraktor #progrez

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Ferdas Digital is a young, up and coming producer who is making a name for himself in the Deep House, Tech House scene. Here he makes his debut on Progrez with the fantastic four track, Sand Candy EP. He boasts a ton of releases on†prestigious labels including Mandelstam Music, System Recordings, Divine Techno Records and Baroque Records to name a few. Working alongside notable vocalists such as Marcie and Ange, Ferdas Digital crafts deep and moody Techno inspired tracks guaranteed to find a place in the virtual record bag of many DJ’s.

Sand Candy kicks off this EP with a smooth deep and grooving vibe. The intro is filled with a mixture of percussions that set the rhythmic tone of the track and are joined by a nice punchy kick that will get feet stomping. The big hitter here is a deep pulsating bassline that takes over the track and brings a deep raw vibe to the sound. The superb percussion and drum arrangements stand out well as they keep the juices flowing resulting in a deep tech monster that will turn a few heads for sure.

Little Fix intros with some very cool effected percussions that give off an organic vibe. This soft arrangement is broken by a monstrous bassy kick that dominates the sound. Cool FX work takes us into the main groove as a throbbing bass joins the party. The overall sound gives off a spacious vibe that gets filled up brilliantly by the bass and those kicks. A deep and tech flavoured groove that will be a welcome addition in many sets no doubt.

The strangely titled Mooooumimi is up next and intros with a wonderful quirky array of sounds that blend beautifully to give a rhythmic vibe that builds and builds as the track progresses. A somewhat muted kick has a great impact on the sound while allowing those percussions to stand out. Again we see Ferdas Digital apply a superb bass to his sound, hypnotically rich and warm grooves hold up the sound perfectly with a deep techy house consistency. Cool chord stabs litter the arrangement in all the right places and keeps us locked on for the duration. Top notch yet again.

The tech fuelled vibes of Desman is up next and gets going with a very cool deep thumping kick with a sprinkling of bass tones thrown in to beef it up even more. Subtle percussion patterns come through and hold back allowing this bass vibe to rule the sound. Brighter hats and claps soon follow that unleash a superb flowing rhythmic vibe. A truly relentless display of bass driven tech that will definitely be a featured track among many jocks.

#ferdasdigital #progrez

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Time for another taste of progressive techno with Antonio Citarella with his two tracker Dream Sequencer. Antonio has been churning out the quality at every turn and this one is no exception, we recently saw his previous track, Traveller, gain lots of support as well as his superb remix on Audio Noir’s Almost Famous Reworked package.

First up we have the title track, Dream Sequence, the intro here is filled with cool crispy hats and rising FX that lead up to a nice and solid chunky kick. A fantastic array of in your face percussive hits bleed into the sound and ramp up the rhythms nicely. A raw sounding analogue bass plucks its way through and brings a real depth to the vibe. Strange and surreal melodies float around and are contrasted with some very smooth brighter phrases that bring a real dynamic feel to the track. There also lies a pure and organic flow here that resonates beautifully throughout. Top notch yet again and a definite must have track.

Radio Connection intros with a full, lush synth pad that sweeps by in a haunting manner. Sharply contrasted hats appear and bring a shuffling rhythm to the intro before we settle down with a cool punchy kick and a deep throbbing bass. The track holds some expert arrangements that serve to keep the booty’s shakin along with its classy electro styled grooves. The break unleashes more of those wonderful synths before a brilliant classic snare fill gets us back to the main track for the duration. A beautiful and mesmerizing sound filled with deep grooves and classic percussions that will turn a few heads for sure.

#antoniocitarella #progrez

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Ego Progressus returns with another of his stunningly deep and tough progressive workouts in this two tracker entitled The Bow Tie. We last saw him with The Broken Circle earlier this year and no doubt we’ll be in for another real treat.

First up we have The Bow Tie which sets its dark tones right from the off as deep basses permeate through the speakers with shuddering effect. Snappy kicks lie in cool contrasts with the bass and are joined by subtle percussions to provide a steady rhythm. Lots of colour and textures can be found within the sound as a myriad of expert FX paint this dark progressive picture.

Not For Horses Song intros with a nice punchy kick that is joined by a very cool percussive arrangement to the backdrop of a sinister deep pad. Eerie vocal samples come through early on and give you a sense of what’s to come as the layers build a dark and surreal groove. A wonderfully rich bass gives the track a boost and carries the dark element forward beautifully. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

#egoprogressus #progrez

10 November 2014 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Antonio is back with another stunning cut on Progrez entitled Traveler which brings together his many years of experience in production and DJing. Antonio loves new digital technologies as well as classic sounds from analogue synths.. Back in April this year his I Believe In The Music EP hit the floors with lots of support and there is no doubt this new effort will be getting the same treatment.

First up is the delectable Traveler with its deep and dark tones running through the sound beautifully. Aside from a super tight drum arrangement we are treated to some stunning acid blips and squelches which add lots of analogue flavours to the groove. The bassline is the perfect companion as it trots alongside adding to the smooth rhythmic flow of the track. A deep droning synth rises up through the sound and brings those darker elements with the help of some cool synth hits. Hugely infectious groove here that will be a draw for many jocks no doubt.

Yari is up next and the intro gets the senses tingling with a nice deep bass sound with contrasting bright rhythmic hats and percussions overhead. The track settles into a smooth groove as nice chunky kicks come through alongside lush basses. As the track progresses you will find yourself locked in to the subtle hypnotic grooves. A fantastic track for the late night floors.

#antoniocitarella #progrez

6 October 2014 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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