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Italian DJ and producer duo Checco Esse and Adriano Dodici return to Progrez with the superb Quick EP. Just a few short months ago the guys debuted here with their Nineteen Experience EP which gained some good support across the board as well as featuring on top download portals. Checco and Adriano have been around for quite a while and they certainly know how to work a track, Checco has been releasing quality cuts since 1995 while Adriano started around 1992. For this one the guys have went full on dancefloor destroyer with an acid laced driving techno slice, serious tunage alert.

Quick sets off with a subdued kick drum and hi hat combi as carious other drums and percussions layer up. The kicks get an injection of pure pump and the track is set on its pre-determined course into the depths of techno. A cool acid line fades up and you become instantly hooked on its mesmeric groove. A deep bubbling bassline soon follows alongside some excellent tribal style percussion resulting in the perfect fodder to keep the floors moving all night long. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Wubble intros with a nice bassy low end pulsing sound as bright crispy hats slice through the low frequencies. A punchy kick drum is introduced and grabs your attention with its interesting pattern which adds to the smooth flowing rhythmic nature of the track. A wonderful hypnotic groove, made up of those tight drums and a fantastic acid line that ebbs and flows effortlessly, is delivered out of this one making this a definite must have track to enhance the experience of the dance floor masses.

#checcoesse #adrianododici #progrez

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Belfast based Louis Irvine follows his previous Progrez techno slice – Malfunction – with the impressive two track In My Mind EP. Malfunction and its B-side Time Bomb proved popular among techno jocks and featured in many playlists and charts, it also made its way onto top compilations and it’s no surprise that many floors were rocked by its presence. Louis remains consistent in his approach to making music, all the while learning new tricks and methods. He puts in a lot of studio time as he strives for only the very best quality sounds. Much more to come from this guy so well worth keeping any eye on.

In My Mind sets off with a pumping kick drum and cripsy hi hat combi that is joined by a hypnotising rising synth. Subtle percussions create a superb texture making the track sound fuller while adding a splice of rhythm. This one goes deep, very deep, we find ourselves locked into a full on techno monster that powers on relentlessly. The vocal is a massively powerful tool on this one as it creates a wonderful trippy experience. A definite must have here that will boost any late night set.

Pandorum takes us deep into the techno abyss with its pumping kick drums and mesmeric pulsing pads. Bright and crispy hats cut through the lower frequencies like a knife and pave the way for a range of percussions to come through. A big focus goes towards the drums here but the pulsating pads, sharp synths and FX add cool textures putting this one squarely in the must-play-to-rock-crowd bag, this one does not disappoint.

#louisirvine #progrez

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Progressive tech and techno kings metrONomes are back to take us on another trip with their brand of deep grooves. The three track Crocodile Tears is the perfect vehicle for this trip and is proof positive of just how talented this dynamic duo is.

Crocodiles Tears sets off with a deep and lush vibe as a pulsing sub bass is met with crispy hats and a swirling background pad. Punchy kick drums soon join in and is accompanied by a rhythmic drum section that will surely get the floors moving. While the focus of the track resides with the low end and that deep rumbling bassline, up at the mid section we’re treated to some outstanding chords and keys that take us deeper into the techno sound. Top notch stuff and a definite must have track.

1, 2, Free intros with a tribalistic drum arrangement complete with nice thumping kicks and sharp congas topped off with crispy hi hats. The rhythm is let loose on this one and you’ll soon find yourself letting go and getting down to the floor. Darkly sinister sounding pads generate an intense, haunting vibe that captivates and draws you in. If you’re after some late night pumping beats and a solid deep techno groove then this one is for you, it’s a monster.

Skala intros with chunky kick drum that is joined by a deep energetic bassline and a tight drum section that creates a steady rhythmic flow. As if we didn’t have enough bass, then along comes a bassbin rattling sub that ups the ante on the techno groove. Hypnotic synths and percussions keep you locked on as that angry bass dominates the sound. Another dark slice of techno that will get the floors shakin’ no doubt.

#metronomes #progrez

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Ruben makes a welcome return to Progrez with frighteningly titled 1428 Elm Street which will be a familiar location for fans of the 1984 cult movie classic with Freddy Krueger causing mayhem. On the music front though we’re delighted to have Ruben back to deliver yet another superb slice of deep tech house. His last outing was back in October 2015 with Mindtrap EP and then a feature on our Club Trax compilation Dark & Deep 3. Prepare yourselves for this one and remember, try not to dream because some guy with blades for fingers might just pop in to say…boo.

1428 Elm Street intros with a fantastic bass heavy kick drum alongside cool tribalistic congas and various other percussions that create a flowing rhythm right from the off. A truly hypnotic experience ensues with a little help for a fading in pad and those infectious drums. At the midway point the eerie sounds begin with a brilliant haunting melody that blends perfectly into the tech house vibe. Superb stuff that will keep the floors rocking no doubt.

La Ultima Tormenta sets off with a tough edgy vibe as chunky kicks are met with a very cool display of multiple percussions that blend perfectly into a solid arrangement that will move you onto the floors. We are lulled into the groove with hypnotic pads and a pulsating bassline that hooks you in and won’t let go for the duration. The pads become intense and really dig deep into your soul bringing an array of haunting sounds along for the ride. The abundance of sounds here are mind blowing and they create stunning textures that will keep you listening and finding nuances of sound in this expertly crafted slice of tech house music, top notch.

#rubenlosada #progrez

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Italian DJ and producer duo Checco Esse and Adriano Dodici make their Progrez debut with the wonderful Nineteen Experience EP. Both these guys bring a wealth of experience to the table and we’ve no doubt that this reflects dynamically in their productions. Great to see them on board and we hope to see more soon.

Nineteen Experience intros with a muted kick and echoed percussion as a strange bubbling synth rises up from the depths. A pounding kick drum comes in alongside a superb bassline taking control of the groove. Shuffling percussions deliver a steady rhythm as the bass and accompanying synth intensify the sound with a trippy sequence that rises up to a top notch tech house climax. On the break we get blasted by some scathing synths, suddenly everything drops to reveal a beautiful melodic pad and voice combi before the bass and synths rise once more. Excellent stuff that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Tip Trip is a wonderful trek into techno that is squarely aimed at the floors with its hypnotic groove that dominates the sound. Punchy kicks and bright crispy hats are met with a deep and probing bassline that digs its way right into your core and forces you to move. Cool rising synth arps sit in the background and create an intense vibe. The track breaks to reveal a very cool spoken vocal as those arps linger alongside melodic pads before slamming us right back into full on mode for the duration. A definite must have track that will destroy any dancefloor.

Flute On Flute sets out with a tight tribal percussion arrangement that is soon joined by a chunky kick drum that leaves a nice low end trail taking us into 4×4 groove. The track oozes tech house with a sprinkling of techno as an acid laced sound comes through. A deep bassline provides a solid platform for the groove to take shape. As the layers build a surreal flute sequence emerges which takes us to the break where the flutes take full control. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

#checcoesse #adriandodici #progrez

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Qosmio debuts on Progrez with the sublime techno fuelled Dark Entity. Dark Entity intros with a tribal fuelled drum pattern that sits under a well rounded, warm kick drum. The drums hypnotize as they beat out their rhythm while on the low end a powerful and dark bassline comes through. The darker elements creep into the tech house groove with a stealthy approach and soon we find ourselves totally hooked. Eerie, twisted melodies play out their enticing song as the track powers on with its solid groove, top notch stuff indeed.

Nightmare intros with a pounding kick drum that will beat its way into your chest and force you to move to its thump. Cool and crispy hats add a rhythmic shuffle to the sound as a piercing synth note fades in. The groove intensifies and the drum section gets a boost as that synth notes becomes more prominent. On the low end a fantastic pulsing bassline does the business and gets under our skin with its relentless power. A superb building track that will work both a set opener and at peak slot, excellent stuff.

#qosmio #progrez

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Jon ManimaL & Magros aka MetrONomes continue their run of top quality cuts on Progrez with this superb three tracker entitled Aeriko. The guys have proved consistent with their brand of deep techno and progressive over the years. Their last outing here was back in October 2015 with Spectreman EP which gained great support from all over. Always great to see these guys deliver the goods and no doubt we’ll be seeing and hearing much more in the future.

Aeriko intros with a deep and powerful sub bass that resonates right through the track. Big chunky kicks soon follow and are joined by bright, crispy hats and shuffling percussions that blend beautifully to form a solid, tight drum arrangement. The bass continues to dominate and is joined by other gritty, pulsing basses giving the track wonderful textures. A simply superb slice with expertly crafted intricate patterns that will definitely keep the deeper, darker techno floors alight.

So Be sets out with a nice and deep vibe that dishes out a solid techno groove filled with swirling sounds and a dominating, sinister deep bass. Tight drums do the business with a nice chunky kick leading the way as sharp hats and various other percussions stamp out a strong rhythmic flow. Dark voices lurk in the lower end of the track and fit perfectly into the sound with a menacing tone. Top notch stuff from metrONomes that will be a welcome addition in any set.

iSCREAM intros with a monster kickdrum and an equally monstrous bass that will send shivers through your body. An air of intensity and anticipation slowly builds throughout the track keeping you locked on for the duration. More darker elements are exposed as the layers build before a fantastic spoken vocal comes though on the break. A tough and relentless slice of techno here and a definite must have track.

#metronomes #progrez

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Belfast born Louis Irvine debuts on Progrez with the two tracker Malfunction which takes us on a sublime trek into Techno and beyond. Louis grew up with a great love of dance music, and it was during this time that he nurtured his own talents drawing influences from all genres. In 2008 he secured his first DJ gig at Concept in Omagh where he remained until its closure playing alongside the likes of Zany, Noisecontrollers, Technoboy and Showtek. With his phenomenal stage presence, unique mash-ups, banging mixes and technical tricks Louis continually tantalised the taste buds of party goers, leaving them literally screaming for more. With several national awards under his belt he took to forming Audio Bandits with a fellow like-minded artist and they began to tour around Ireland impressing local audiences and promoters alike. Throughout this period he was drawn to producing and left the stage behind to focus on making music with help from fellow musicians. An astute student he quickly picked up his own style and now, the time is right for him to unleash his sounds on the ears of the world.

#louisirvine #progrez

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Russian producer and sound designer Alex Ledov debuts on Progrez with Wonderland which takes us on a fantastic journey through various stages of house music all wrapped up in three top notch tracks.

Alex Ledov – Wonderland, out this week on Progrez, is featured by Beatport in the Staff Picks section at the Progressive House genre page!

#progrez #beatport #alexledov

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Russian producer and sound designer Alex Ledov debuts on Progrez with Wonderland which takes us on a fantastic journey through various stages of house music all wrapped up in three top notch tracks.

Wonderland opens with some cool drums and percussions that form up a nice flowing rhythm. A strong kickdrum comes through and is joined by an array of fantastic synths alongside a gritty bassline that drives the groove brilliantly. This one grabs a hold of you and keeps you locked on for the duration with its tech fuelled beats and top notch synths and melodies. A floor stomper for sure.

Svati intros with a cool kick drum and a subtle percussion bringing up the rear. The kickdrum gets a huge punch added and bursts into the track closely followed by a superb deep, rolling bassline. We are treated to a fine display of synths that weave through the track effortlessly with their pitching notes and striking chords. The track breaks early to reveal a smooth melodic sequence before slamming back into full on mode. A wonderfully crafted slice of progressive house for the floors here, not to be missed.

Sunset starts out with a muted kick and a stuttering percussion alongside cool one shot sounds that add texture to the track. A big focus lies on the percussions here with subtle melodies floating in the background. The breakdown enters us into a surreal world filled with deep sounds and a melancholic flavour which is only broken by a pounding kickdrum and those superb percussions alongside a meandering bassline that sits perfectly on the low end. Excellent stuff that will be a welcome addition in any set.

#alexledov #progrez

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Kevin Vega heads up our next Progrez cut with the fantastic three tracker – In Chains. A big part of the Progrez journey, Kevin has consistently delivered the goods with his lush progressive house vibes. His last outing, The Gambler gained a lot of support across the board and since then he has racked up several top notch remixes for the likes of Dofamine and Airwave & DJ Fire. He also featured on Bonzai Progressive’s 500th release with his exclusive track – Afraid. With releases and remixes spread over various labels including Progrez, Bonzai Progressive, ADSR Records and GR8 Trance Music it’s always worth checking this guy out, he never disappoints.

Kevin Vega – In Chains, out this week on Progrez, is featured by Beatport in the Progressive House genre page!

#progrez #beatport #kevinvega

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Kevin Vega heads up our next Progrez cut with the fantastic three tracker – In Chains. A big part of the Progrez journey, Kevin has consistently delivered the goods with his lush progressive house vibes. His last outing, The Gambler gained a lot of support across the board and since then he has racked up several top notch remixes for the likes of Dofamine and Airwave & DJ Fire. He also featured on Bonzai Progressive’s 500th release with his exclusive track – Afraid. With releases and remixes spread over various labels including Progrez, Bonzai Progressive, ADSR Records and GR8 Trance Music it’s always worth checking this guy out, he never disappoints.

First up we have In Chains with its superb progressive meets techno fusion. A tight arrangement filled with rhythmic percussions and a solid kick that drives the techno end of the track. On the progressive side we are treated to some cool cascading melodic arps that mesmerize with an infectious hook. A deep throbbing bassline lurks below alongside a simple yet highly effective low note. Top notch stuff that will definitely keep those darker floors rocking.

Trojan quickly builds to become a solid slice of progressive with a hint of techno weaving through to add a little spice. We find ourselves completely hooked on this totally engrossing groove that holds on relentlessly with a series of spiralling arps and a band of rich strings that add some wonderful textures. At the bottom we find a solid bass that holds the track together beautifully while providing a warm glow over the sound. Definitely a track to look out for, a welcome addition in any set.

Rounding off this fine cut we have The Gentle Warrior which intros with a subtle kick that soon finds a full bodied thump alongside a rhythmic percussion section. A deep pulsating bassline is let loose and we settle into real progressive groove that is joined by a nice tonal stab providing cool contrasting sounds. Just before the break a fantastic synth riff comes in alongside melodic pads that take us through the break and beyond. A superb track that offers a nice, diverse range of sound, perfect for a proper music hungry crowd.

#progrez #kevinvega

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New York native DJ and producer Corey Biggs debuts on Progrez with the brilliant two tracker Nature Never Sleeps which showcases his fantastic brand of Techno. 2015 has been a huge year so far for this relative newcomer to producing music – even though he has been involved within the music scene for over 10 years – he has seen quite a few releases across various top notch labels over the year and we’ve no doubt he will continue to do dish out the quality. He also goes by the alias Rockstar to which he has several releases starting in 2015. We can see how much this guy’s passion for music comes through in his work, he creates a level of intimate communication between artist and listener which is not an easy thing to master. Delighted to have him on board and we’re sure we’ll be seeing more from this guy.

First up we have the title track Nature Never Sleeps which intros with a nice subdued kick that leaves room for the cool percussions to come through and lead the way. A deep rolling bass bubbles up from the depths as smooth vocals glide across the sound. The drum arrangement builds nicely and dishes out an almost tribal vibe. The track breaks to reveal a superb spoken female vocal with a thought provoking message. Throughout the track we get more vocals straight from the street in a gangsta style. An excellent slice of techno with a twist, a must have.

The Drum Abyss offers a super tight intro filled with a chunky kick and crispy percussions on top of cool vocals. A fantastic dancey bassline comes through and sets the track on fire alongside sinister sounding deep spoken vocals. A drums heavy track that will get the floors moving comes complete with some classic vocals including a line from The Preacher as well as various other styles of vocal that deliver a quite diverse sound. A Tech House monster that will definitely rock out any venue.

#coreybiggs #progrez

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The dynamic duo return to Progrez with another of their deep techno offerings, this time around they give us the superb three track EP – Specterman. Jon ManimaL & Magros aka MetrONomes remain a constant force within our Progrez imprint and their last outing – Mistique set this in stone and gained fantastic support from across the board, their work also appears on many compilations, They consistently provide quality mixes for Bonzai Basik Beats on a regular basis as well as DJing at various venues. Always an exciting time when they drop new beats our way and we look forward to much more in the future.

Specterman gets right down to business with a solid, bassy groove that will give the subs work to do. A dark techno flavour emerges from this groove as strong punchy kicks lead the way with a rumbling bass in tow. Crispy hats slice through the low frequencies while surreal FX litter the background. An air of intensity creeps in taking the sound even deeper. A relentless monster that will tear up any floor no doubt.

Underwater takes us on an energetic ride through the techno sound as a solid rolling bassline powers the track with a tight drum arrangement providing the backup. Cool rhythmic shaking hats will keep the feet shuffling as we find ourselves totally locked on to the groove. Fantasy driven pads and strings lurk around creating a cosmic atmosphere that gets the imagination working. Excellent stuff yet again from these guys and a must have track in the box.

Zougla intros with a nice thumping kick drum alongside cool hats and percussions. A deep rumbling bass starts to fade in and pretty soon we find ourselves hooked into this techno monster. The techno grooves ooze out of the sound and get a boost by the upbeat structure of the drums. Strange, eerie FX go off throughout the sound add cool textures full of imagination. A super solid workout that offers little respite, this is a must have.

#metronomes #progrez

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Ruben Losada returns to Progrez with his superb three tracker – Mindtrap EP. His debut on Progrez came way back in October 2013 with, The Creatures Of The Tenth Planet. Since then he has seen a very impressive list of releases across various labels including Something In The Sky on the Bonzai Progressive compilation- Club Trax Dark And Deep. Great to see this guy back and we hope we don’t have to wait so long for the next one.

Mindtrap is quite simply a rip roaring techno fuelled ride into oblivion. From start to finish we get blasted with a massive punchy kick and a slicing hi hat that sits over a deep, relentlessly pulsating bass that hooks you in for the duration. Sinister, haunting sounds lurk in the background but offer no respite to this driving solid groove. This one will definitely hit the peak time and serve as one huge climax to any floor.

Imposible Cubo De Rubik is up next and ramps up the tempo with a pacey techno offering. A nice big chunky kick sits perfectly perched on top as a double time hat rattles through to be joined soon after by a metallic offset hit that gets the rhythm moving nicely. A deep penetrating bass lurks in the low end and keep you firmly in its grasp right the way through. Cool one shot hits litter the sound adding a splash of colour to this purely black and white structure. Superb stuff that will definitely get the purists on board.

Pulsar offers up a deep and thoughtful trek into the techno sound, right from the off you get a real sense of deep as punchy kicks are met with reverberating bass that dominates the sound. Cool hats and an evolving drum construction give the track a sense of rhythm, but it’s that bass that rules the day. As the groove builds we find ourselves totally immersed in the sound without mercy. Backing up the offset bass we get a pulsating bass that sends the imagination into overdrive while various FX sweep through the background. An excellent display of techno construction that will be a welcome addition in any set.

#rubenlosada #progrez

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