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Our long running Club Traxx series continues with Progressive House 20. As per normal procedure we’ve included 20 of the very best from our catalogue, ready and waiting to get into your playlists. Tracks and remixes come from Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra, Olivier Berger, Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi, Rick Pier O’Neil, Manu Riga, Stan Kolev, Airwave, Jam El Mar, Matt Holliday, Rise and Fall, Alex Vidal, Erebus, Matter, Bob The Groove, Gon Laserna, Ruslan Vashkevich, AudioStorm, Experimental Feelings, Jeeves, JoC H, Enlusion, A. Eryomin, Daniel Curotto, Maxim Vozisov and Kevin Vega. The perfect compilation to keep the party rocking, not to be missed.

25 April 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Spanish DJ and producer Adrian Roman shows up on Bonzai Progressive with the superb three tracker entitled Giro. We first got a taste of this guys sound back in 2015 on our Progrez imprint with Reverse, which was very well received indeed. From a young age Adrian was interested in music, he took guitar lessons at age 8 before he started to listen to electronic music. He became interested in DJing and got hold of the tools needed to hone his skills. Production soon followed and he became fascinated with creating something from scratch. Great to see him back and no doubt we’ll be seeing more in the future.

24 April 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


It’s been a while since we last saw talented producer Marcin Stepien aka Neptun 505 round these parts, but the wait is over as we present another superb slice in the form of the two tracker Lunar EP. Growing up he listened to music from hip-hop to dance. Over time electronic music took his interest so he started to study the roots of this type of music. Artists like Michael Cretu (Enigma), Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre are the people who had the greatest impact on him. He started to make own music in 1999 but 2008 was a real breakthrough year for him with original and remix releases on labels like Magnetide Records, UDTK Records, and then later on Dirty Stuff Records, Electronic Tree, Mistique Music, Smart Phenomena Records and Passion Fruit Recordings. Aside from his Bonzai Progressive debut with his Zulu EP, Marcin then showed up on Green Martian with a top notch collaboration with E.F.G. and their Followed By Eye back at the start of 2015.

24 April 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Chris Raven’s 1998 smasher, I Know You Love Me Too, gets the remix treatment on our next 25 year celebrations release. The talented Alfonso Muchacho is the artist in the hot seat this time around and he delivers a sublime effort that compliments the original beautifully. This one marked Chris Raven’s debut on the scene and featured a superb, deep progressive groove alongside a sultry, melancholic vocal. Originally appearing in 1997, Bonzai Trance Progressive snapped up this hit a year later putting this special sound into a worldwide audience making it an instant classic. Remixes from Bruce Norris and Van Bellen sparked a decade’s long debate as to which was better, both stand out as greats in our opinion. Chris went on to release several other top notch cuts on BTP putting his work firmly within the realms of retro classics status.

17 April 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


After a hugely successful return to Bonzai Progressive with Mitochondria in 2016, we welcome Cortex Thrill back in 2017 with the superb Utopia which features two top notch remixes from Thorin and Fabian Jakopetz. Regarded with high esteem in the music production world Cortex Thrill’s style and sound helped shape an entire scene back in the early nineties. Throughout the years the Cortex Thrill sound has moved effortlessly with the times, right up to today it brings a unique dynamic that reverberates beautifully, slotting into progressive sets with ease. The Cortex Thrill studio remains a hub of activity with lots of work being done not only for Bonzai but for Soul Access and for the Croatian electronic music scene in general. Lots more to come out of Croatia so stay tuned for more.

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After the success of their first collaboration – Tiefe Gedanken – back in May 2015, Platunoff and Blufeld get together once more on the superb Trua which comes backed up with two quality mixes from Crocy and Kush.

10 April 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Valleraphon debuts on Bonzai Progressive alongside Dammy Ari with the stunning Give Me Your Love. Valleraphon is a multi artist collaboration between Irish DJ, producer – and former member of successful Irish rock band In Tua Nua, Martin Clancy, Greek producer and music production lecturer Vasileios Gourgourinis, Italian DJ, producer and Bonzai regular Giuliano A.L. and Carlow, Ireland rapper, singer Dammy Ari. An unlikely bunch in some regards, the age range is from 20 to 50 (we’re not saying who is closer to 50 though). This group of talented artists have bandied together to create something quite unique in the electronic music world. The range of expertise on show is staggering and goes some way to reflect the level of quality in the sound. This is a truly exciting venture that will break through boundaries as it explores new ways of creating electronic music. We are proud to present this to the world and have no doubt it will attract a lot of interest. Enjoy!

10 April 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Chris M aka Krishna Prabawa is back with this brand new three tracker entitled Segara EP. We last got a look at this guys superb work back in December 2016 under his Jumers_27 guise with Feel You EP, and this one gained a lot of support from the progressive world. Great to have this hugely talented artist back with new material on Green Martian and no doubt we’ll be seeing more in the future.

10 April 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Do Shock Booze (pronounced Doushokubutsu) aka DJ Yoichi Hayashi debuts on Progrez with the sublime Toriteva. Yoichi built a career as a rock band singer and guitarist in the late 90s before moving into the realms of electronic music. His tracks have the scent of creative melody and ethnic taste and are attributed by modern psychedelic sounds. He has seen releases on highly renowned labels such as Traum Schallplatten, Beatfreak Recordings, Baroque Records, Bonzai and Aenaria Music. He also runs his own label Totem Traxx which has a fast growing base. His DJing style is quite unique as he blends multiple genres creating contrasting sounds and melodies. He has performed on a variety of popular radio stations such as Proton Radio, Frisky Radio, Kollektiv K (Fukushima Pref),DMiX (Oscar L) Insomnia FM and Framed FM. In May 2016 his original album Modernian was released simultaneously by German label Resopal Schallware and his own label Totem Traxx. Great to have him on board and we’re sure his tracks will be very well received.

10 April 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Hailed as one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s pioneering producers, Adnan Jakubovic debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Traffic Mind. With an impressive catalogue of quality tracks, Adnan’s production simply has no boundaries and he has never set his music under one style. His style is one of energy and love with each track carrying many characteristics from multiple genres. His first track was released in 2011 and in August 2013 he began his monthly Big Bells podcast on Tenzi.FM radio from India. Today, Big Bells podcast has thousands of listeners worldwide and is being played on several different radio stations every month. Since the beginning of 2016 Adnan became even more active and plays at many parties and festivals across Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region as well as Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. One of his greatest successes is his song Afraid of Happiness published as a part of Initializing V compilation for Suffused Music in Lithuania which was later signed as a soundtrack for K.O.D.O.B.O. – a film currently in production in Los Angeles. His tracks also appear regularly on Beatport’s top listings making him a much sought after artist. Great to have him on board.

3 April 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Mustafa Gedik debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the wonderful Rihe EP which is backed up with three exceptional remixes from Manu Riga, JoC H and John Lead. Mustafa is a DJ and producer from Istanbul, since 2008 he has been very active on the music scene having shared the stage with top DJ’s and artists as well as performances on many international radio stations. During this period he continued to development himself and has released lots of EP’s on various labels including Baroque Records, Plusquam Records, Virtual Love, Proton, Weekend Music, Lohit and many more. In the studio has worked with many likeminded artists such as 21street, Andrea Bertolini, Minimize, Rafael Osmo, G-Mohris, Mr.raf, Sterbai and Strigata to name a few. A hugely talented artist we are glad to welcome on board at BP

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Scottish DJ and producer Mendexx delivers another superb progressive two tracker entitled Flashback which comes fresh off the back of his last effort on remix duties for Cryss’ Simple Pleasure. We never tire of this guys sound, he brings a cool dynamic to the table which translates brilliantly on the floors. His warm tones are full of richness and subtle melodies which give him a unique slot in the music world. Always a pleasure to get his music through the inbox.

27 March 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Winchester, England born Paul Sawyer debuts on Green Martian with this sublime two tracker entitled I Know. Paul is a serious hands on artist who is not afraid to get his hands dirty trying new things and looking for the next melody or harmony. Inspired by his younger brother, one of the original DJ’s on the free rave scene around Hampshire. Paul would later start to learn the art of mixing once the parties had started to move into clubs, developing a serious vinyl habit and embracing the pioneering, cutting edge dance music of the time. As the expansion of the house music movement started to take hold of the early 90´s, Paul´s DJ career blossomed as a valued resident at a flurry of new, enticing clubbing hotspots around the home counties, including the House of Windsor parties, of which his first appearance involved warming up for major influencer and teenage hero Sasha. After several stints in Ibiza he returned to the UK and by the late noughties he was cited one of DJ Mag´s Top 10 Resident DJ’s in the UK and quoted by Mixmag as a DJ to look out for. He soon moved into production and launched his label Krafted, which saw multiple releases with Konneqt, Whartone Records, Sweep the Floor, Suffused Music and Cockpitch Records amongst others. Paul’s new project Soultrak, with long time free-party buddy and fellow DJ Paul Moore is making waves across the underground, while his original productions are gleaning support from industry key players. Great to have him on board here at GM and we hope to see more in the future.

27 March 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Manu Riga aka Adriaan Baussens returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic two track slice Your Silent Cries. As ever we’re treated to some sublime progressive moments from this guy who is relentless in his consistent approach to top quality grooves. His last outing here – Disconnected – featured the amazing vocals of Mandy Jones and gained a lot of support from across the board. This time around Adriaan took inspiration from watching a documentary about abuse toward women and the taboo that still surrounds it which will go some way to explain the deep and emotive sounds found within. Two stunning tracks that will be a welcome addition in any collection.

20 March 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Pavlin Petrov returns to BP alongside studio partner Graham Lloris with We Are Not Alone which features two top notch remixes. Pavlin joined BP back in September 2015 with the superb Feeling Alive which featured the vocal talents of Selina Stone and which led to a remix on Crocy feat Ashley Berndt’s Mind at the start of 2016. Since then he gave us Set Me Free and Resistance both of which typify the sheer talent of this popular artist. Budapest native Graham Lloris debuts here at BP but he has worked alongside Pavlin on other occasions with fantastic results. He’s been churning out quality cuts since 2012 and has established himself as a solid, consistently creative artists. Great to have him on board and no doubt we’ll see more from both in the future.

20 March 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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