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One of our most popular guest hosts and making his 9th Bonzai Basik Beats appearance, Phi Phi is back to deliver another blisteringly hot progressive trance set that will be guaranteed to blow you away. Fresh off the back of his latest cut – Breaking Danger – it’s always a pleasure to have this guy at the helm. Rich Curtis, Pig & Dan, Roddy Reynaert, Rick Pier O’Neil, Matan Caspi, Ruslan Vashkevich, Sven Tisnadi and Phi Phi himself are all on hand to provide the goodness in tonights show.

Tracklisting – Episode 298: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Bimas, AudioHel – The Hole (Original Mix)
2º Andre Butano, Pablo Inzunza – La Pasadena (Original Mix)
3º Phi Phi – Esteem (Mouvement Perpetuel Mix)
4º Rich Curtis – Lower My Voice (Pig&Dan Remix)
5º Bimas, AudioHel – Destroy (Original Mix)
6º Sven Tasnadi – This Girl (Nick Curly Remix)
7º Pig&Dan – 4 Play (Original Mix)
8º Roddy Reynaert – Rescue In A Blue Cave (Original Mix)
9º Rick Pier O’Neil – Signal (Original Mix)
10º Matan Caspi – Massandra (Original Mix)
11º Ruslan Vashkevich – Hyper Space (Original Mix)

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Club Trax continues its mission to deliver only the finest progressive cuts straight to the floors with Progressive House 18. Over the last number of years this series has unleashed some top notch tunes, and this one is no exception. 20 superb tracks are poised and ready to be worked into your sets from a slew of top artists including Gai Barone, Manu Riga, Rise and Fall, Steve Sai, Phi Phi, Matt Holliday, Youngen, Audio Noir, Matan Caspi, Nico Parisi, Paul Kardos, Mathov and more are on hand to give you the tools that will rock your floors. The perfect arsenal for a long, sweat induced party filled with progressive gems.

#bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #stevesai #audionoir #dharmalogy #riseandfall #j’dan #followinglight #ruslanvashkevich #paulkardos #gaibarone #phiphi #mattholliday #youngen #lokkavox #matancaspi #pavlinpetrov #chandrama #vinceaoun #persya #nicoparisi #mathov #quantus #experimentalfeelings #expectedmirage #alexeylisin #avesvolare

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Veteran DJ and producer Philippe Toutlemonde aka Phi Phi has been churning out quality vibes since the mid 80’s with projects like Dobel You, Honey C, The Gaps, Extreme Trax and the famous Quadran, most of which he produced alongside the late great Philippe Van Mullem. Over these years Phi Phi’s attention was mainly on progressive and trance, and he still leans in that direction to this day. He has had countless residencies and club and festival appearances and is regarded with legendary status amongst his peers. We sat down with Philippe to get the low down on his forthcoming new single – Breaking Danger, and we also dropped in a few other questions to get a look at the man behind the music.

BP: Hi Philippe, thanks for chatting with us, how are things with you at the moment?

PT: I’m going well, thx. I’m spending a lot of time in the studio on new tracks, and working full time doing promo for forthcoming releases. I’m also working on a compilation for Bonzai Progressive.

BP: How did you first get involved with DJing and producing?

PT: I started to mix back in 1985, I played some Italo Disco and New Wave, it was the beginning of in tempo mixing or beat matching. I got started in underground clubs and held a residency with Johan in At The Villa in 1987, all this was happening during the rise of the New Beat era. Soon after I got residencies at Boccaccio Life, Extreme, Fuse and Café d’Anvers etc…
In 1987 I met Philippe Van Mullem and we started producing together as Dobel You, soon we had our first release with Mammy. We were then contacted by Jean Vanloo and Patrick Hernandez who wanted to produce us and that’s where it all started. There have been many different projects since including Una, Honey C, Innertales, Quadran with PVM and Phi Phi & Greg D with Gregory Dewindt. Other collaborations have followed through the years.

BP: You’ve been around the dance music scene for a great number of years and seen many changes. What’s your take on today’s scene and how have you been able to stay at the top of your game?

PT: If you talk about the European scene, it is amusing to note the shifting of influences, of creative places, London yesterday, Berlin today and Paris seems to always come back, this is very interesting. Since I started, I’ve always been attracted to new sounds, new vibrations. There are so many rich and varied sounds to listen to, beyond the Retro tracks. New and underground sounds are so much more exciting to explore. That’s why my project is named ‘Mouvement Perpétuel’, it’s like the underground, always moving. Ok, lots of people know me as a pioneer DJ, my appearances in Retro events puts the emphasis on me for that. I’d say that one key thing is to always trying to find unexpected and sharp music. It’s like a quest, searching for hidden treasures. I did it before and I still do it today! A DJ must give people something they won’t expect and I’ve always tried to do that since my debut up to today. Few know me for my underground side and I invite people to listen to my current sets. On my website – – we work to separate Retro mixes from New mixes. Passion for music and public reaction motivates me, I like each moment spent behind the decks as if it’s the first time. In particular when the crowd shouts when I play an unknown track, something happens between us, I’ve completed my mission!

BP: Your residencies over the years have included some top venues like Extreme and At The Villa, which would you consider to be your favourite venue and why?

PT: At The Villa was the first. Boccaccio was the biggest one and Extreme was where I played for 7 years, they were all magical. We were at the birth of a scene that became a real culture in just a few years. Being a resident gives the opportunity to offer long sets that tell stories and take people on a journey. I’m a storyteller, I’d really like to do it again, which is the reason why we’ve created the Mouvement Perpétuel project with no more than 4 DJ’s at each event.

BP: So your new single ­ Breaking Danger (awesome track by the way) features a really cool monologue from Mr. Heisenberg, we’re guessing you’re a big fan of Breaking Bad, right? How did you end up using that particular reference to the show?

PT: Thank you! But a fan of Breaking Bad? not really, sorry. I’m not a big fan of TV shows, not enough time. I thought the monologue was interesting enough to use it like that, going into the bridge.

BP: The track feels complex in its structure and arrangement with so many layers, how long did you work on this one and what was the inspiration that brought you to create it?

PT: Yes it’s a rich track. I like when sounds are complex and twinkling. The first version was made in two days. It was reworked later after a try on the dance floor. In particular some arrangements to make the sound stronger.

BP: Have you played this one out yet? What reaction has it got?

PT: I played it on the intro of my set at Tomorrowland, I was very pleasantly surprised by the public reaction, absolutely crazy.

BP: In general, your tracks always seem to have a unique quality that is instantly recognisable as a Phi Phi piece of work. What’s your secret when it comes to putting this quality into sound?

PT: This is exactly the goal, give an identity to each track. Be exigent and don’t hesitate to spend time on details, work the spectrum of each sound in order not to overlap the frequencies and mix them perfectly. A well balanced mix is required to get an optimal sound.

BP: You’ve worked with so many brilliant producers over the years and continue to do so. Do you have any favourite collaborations?

PT: It’s not easy to give a preference over one composer or producer over the other. All are talented, but each with a different feeling. I will always have a top spot for Philippe Van Mullen who passed away last year and who was my friend for 25 years.

BP: What would you consider to be your best work, and why?

PT: For the sound quality, I think Breaking Danger, it’s one of the most finished and the more recent of my tracks. During the last 25-30 years, each track produced corresponds to its time. For the rest it’s not for me to judge but it’s to the public to do so. It’s a question of emotion.

BP: You’ve been connected with the Bonzai crew from the early 90’s, how did you guys get together?

PT: In 1994-95 – when I was resident DJ at Extreme (Affligem) – Fly, the boss of Bonzai came to me and asked me to sign with Bonzai in a new division created especially for us (Philippe Van Mullem and I) and the trancey sounds we played at that moment in time. Bonzai Trance Progressive was the label and I’ve released so many tracks since then as Quadran, Phi Phi & Greg D etc. Today the label is rebranded as Bonzai Progressive.

BP: What do you like to do in your time away from music?

PT: I like to spend time with my family and caring for my daughter among other things. I also enjoy gardening, being in the quietness of the nature.

BP: Well Philippe thanks so much for talking with us it’s been a pleasure, take care.

PT: Thank you, the pleasure is mine also. Hope to see you soon, at my next event maybe.

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Phi Phi’s 8th Bonzai Basik Beats appearance delivers another sublime trek into progressive. A constant force on the progressive house/trance scene, it’s always a special time when this guy puts out a mix. On the production front he remains peerless with a hugely impressive back catalogue. In the mix today you can expect to hear tracks and remixes from the likes of Nick Warren, Guy Mantzur, Olive Lieb, George G, Orsen, Pan-Pot, Nick Curly and more.

Tracklisting – Episode 290: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur – Sad Robot (Original Mix)
2º Arkajo – Månfas (Original Mix)
3º Oliver Lieb & James Warren- WASP-17b (Cid Inc. Remix)
4º Luigi Castaldo – Mistyc Sunrise (Original Mix)
5º Gorge – Tayo (Original)
6º Orsen – Fade (Original Mix)
7º DJ Le Roi – Future (Original Mix)
8º Roy Gilles – Padding System (George G Remix)
9º Pig&Dan & Alberto Ruiz – Detroit (Original Mix)
10º Pan-Pot – Your Attention (Nicole Moudaber Remix)
11º Nick Curly – BBC (Original Mix)

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Phi Phi is back and once again he delivers a solid slice of progressive, this time in the form of the outstanding – Breaking Danger. This guy has been churning out quality vibes since the mid 80’s with projects like Dobel You, Honey C, The Gaps, Extreme Trax and the famous Quadran, most of which he produced alongside the late great Philippe Van Mullem. Over these years Phi Phi’s attention was mainly on progressive and trance, and he still leans in that direction to this day. He has had countless residencies and club and festival appearances and is regarded with legendary status amongst his peers.

Phi Phi – Breaking Danger, out this week on Bonzai Progressive, is featured by Beatport in the Progressive House genre page!

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As the 2016 Winter Music Conference nears we decided to roll out our biggest WMC compilation to date. 70 tracks and remixes – from almost as many artists – covering all sorts of genres from Deep House to Techno and Progressive House to Tech House with sprinklings of Psy and Trance thrown in. We tapped into our vast catalogue of tracks from labels such as Bonzai Progressive, Bonzai Basiks, JOOF, Sounds R Us Recordings, Piston Recordings, Progrez, Green Martian and Eyepatch Recordings to come up with what we think is a true representation of today’s and tomorrow’s electronic music scene. Artists such as Airwave, Manu Riga, Van Czar, Phi Phi, John 00 Fleming, Blufeld, Matt Holliday, Orlando Voorn, Gai Barone, Nico Parisi, Bonnetti, Diego Alvez, Oz Romita, Crocy and House Lovin’ Criminals to name just a few are all on hand to deliver quality sounds that will definitely keep floors rocking all night long.

#bonzaiprogressive #alexvidal #rickpiero’neil #gaibarone #stevesai #manuriga #audionoir #platunoff #altek #ruslanvashkevich #kevinvega #yuriyfromrussia #paulkardos #experimentalfeelings #alexeylisin #dapadeep #pandeo #carlocaldareri #lylequach #upright #jepe #kevinsaunderson #onofrioconte #gaibarone #audionoir #lokkavox #riseandfall #phiphi #airwave #satinka #mattholliday #john00fleming #nicoparisi #audiostorm #youngen #dharmalogy #chandrama #vinceaoun #blufeld #chantola #mathov #quantus #persya #lucianodelgado #a.r.e.s #stevesai #leonkrasich #seconds #expectedmirage #followinglight #kevinvega #samotarev #timaaron #vladad’shake #andrewmichael #experimentalfeelings #moosick #abity #paulkardos #mendexx #selinastoane #pavlinpetrov #crocy #ashleyberndt #zatonsky #alexandrapride #anndi #alexeylisin #diegoalvez #joyfullfamily #matancaspi #roylebens #satour #berbush #kotobuki #bonetti #houselovincriminals #dennisfranchi #franciswhite #ozromita #leandrodi #robsmall #dannyhartley #joal #giulianoa.l. #annsaunderson #vanczar #dantiezsaunderson #sa.du #metronomes #petripetro #orlandovoorn #majed

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Phi Phi is back and once again he delivers a solid slice of progressive, this time in the form of the outstanding – Breaking Danger. This guy has been churning out quality vibes since the mid 80’s with projects like Dobel You, Honey C, The Gaps, Extreme Trax and the famous Quadran, most of which he produced alongside the late great Philippe Van Mullem. Over these years Phi Phi’s attention was mainly on progressive and trance, and he still leans in that direction to this day. He has had countless residencies and club and festival appearances and is regarded with legendary status amongst his peers.

Breaking Danger is a beautifully executed progressive cut filled with driving energetic grooves over a tight drum arrangement that will keep floors pumping. Hypnotic synths and a chugging bassline keep this one in top gear for the duration as punchy kicks and crispy hats alongside intricate percussion patterns get the rhythm flowing. The sound will captivate and invigorate your senses. The break throws up a fantastic monologue from one of the most iconic TV shows of the last decade. Heisenberg’s speech fits perfectly into the deep progressive nature of the track and will definitely prove to be a big draw. Top notch stuff that you will not want to miss.

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Seasoned DJ and producer Phi Phi is back for more at BBB and moves to the veteran category with his 7th appearance on the show. As ever we are treated to some tasty progressive vibes with tracks and remixes from Charlie May, Maceo Plex, dubspeeks, Dave Angel, Channel X and Ph Phi himself among others. Just the tonic to get the party started for the weekend.

Tracklisting – Episode 287: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Charlie May – Puschkah (Original Mix)
2º Maceo Plex – Solar Detroit (Original Mix)
3º Martin Landsky – Under The Bridge (Original Mix)
4º R.E.C., Confute – 2002 (Original Mix)
5º dubspeeka – Outland 1 (Original Mix)
6º Dave Angel – Nightwalker (Original Mix)
7º Phi Phi – Hiccup (Original Mix)
8º Scuba – Black on Black (Len Faki Goes Black Remix)
9º Channel X – Glowing (Original Mix)
10º Dense & Pika – TEX (Original Mix)

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The legendary Phi Phi returns for his 6th appearance on Bonzai Basik Beats and yet again he dishes out a top quality mix featuring some of the best from the world of progressive. Tracks and remixes from Sasha, Joel Mull, Robert Babicz, Lee Williams, Franzis-D, Dark Soul Project & Mathov, Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo, Rick Pier O’Neill, Patryk Molinari, Montel, CJ Art and Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert are on hand to kickstart your party filled weekend in style.

Tracklisting – Episode 283: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Sasha, Joel Mull – Pale Reich (Original Mix)
2º Robert Babicz – Loli And The Snuggle (Original Mix)
3º Lee Williams – Evelate (Original Mix)
4º Franzis-D – White Rabbit (Original Mix)
5º Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert – Esteem (original Mix)
6º Dark Soul Project & Mathov – The Dark Side And The Light (Dark Soul Project In Love Remix)
7º Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo – Overdose (Original)
8º Rick Pier O’Neil – Back To Scream ( Original Mix)
9º Patryk Molinari – Red Room (Original Mix)
10º Montel – I Can’t Remember (Original)
11º CJ Art – Dark Chemistry (Dub Mix)

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Phi Phi’s fifth Bonzai Basik Beats delivers another solid progressive set from the master himself. It comes as no surprise that he keeps coming back for more, we know he loves it and we also know the fans love it too. Today we are treated to music from the likes of Pig & Dan, Alberto Ruiz, Booka Shade, Yaruba, Adam Beyer, Dus, Patrick Siech, Tribal & Error, Carlos Mendoza, Kiko, Olivier Giacomotto, Marius Lehnert, Marc Schaefer, Roland M, Roddy Reynaert and Phi Phi. Once more into the progressive abyss we go, see you on the other side.

Tracklisting – Episode 278: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert – Breakin Danger (Original Mix)
2º Pig & Dan, Alberto Ruiz – Scalextric (Original Stick)
3º Booka Shade, Yaruba – Black Cow (Original Mix)
4º Adam Beyer – The Crossing (Original Mix)
5º Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert – Bread Eaters (Original Mix)
6º Duss – Mistral (Original Mix)
7º Patrick Siech – Generator (Per Hammar’s Tribal and Error Remix)
8º Carlos Mendoza – Getto Down (Original Mix)
9º Kiko, Olivier Giacomotto – Reckless (Original Mix)
10º Marius Lehnert, Marc Schaefer – The Cave (Roland M. Dill Remix)

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Our long standing Club Traxx series continues with Progressive House 17 featuring 20 top notch progressive cuts from a host of prolific artists from our own Bonzai Progressive imprint and beyond. We’ve sourced some excellent tracks from labels like Green Snake Records, JOOF, Mistique Music, Sudam, Contrast and Green Martian as well as BP. Artists such as Frangellico, Rick Pier O’Neil, Phi Phi, Rise And Fall, Slam Duck, Kintar, Basil O’Glue, Matt Holliday, Experimental Feeling, Moshic, Lymbic, Manu Riga, John 00 Fleming, Tim Penner, Urban Flex, Oliver Petkovski, Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic, Juan Astudillo, Sween, Woods, Ruslan Vashkevich and Modeplex are all on hand to deliver these superb cuts to the floors. A wonderful bumper pack for any collector and the perfect way to get a night of partying on the move.

#bonzaiprogressive #riseandfall #timpenner #oliverpetkovski #frangellico #themanindarksuit #rickpiero’neil #phiphi #slamduck #kintar #basilo’glue #mattholliday #experimentalfeelings #moshic #lymbic #manuriga #john00fleming #urbanflex #stivenrivic #michael&levan #juanastudillo #sween #ruslanvashkevich #modeplex

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Afterhour Trax 18 takes us deep into the progressive abyss with 20 fresh new cuts to lead the way. Heading up this quality pack we have some of the very best progressive house productions, including tracks and remixes from Manu Riga, AudioStorm, Dofamine, Alex Vidal, Steve Sai, Acud, Matt Holliday, Audio Noir, Andrew Michael, Chantola, Altek, Crocy ft Ashley Berndt, Jakhira, Config, Berbush, Cartos, Alexey Lisin ft Ange, Alex Vidal, Zatonsky, Phi Phi, Dharmology, Pavlin Petrov ft Selina Stoane, Experimental Feelings, Yuriy From Russia, Nico Parisi, Smotarev, Following Light and Paul Kardos. A fine selection no doubt and just the perfect addition to your playlist.

#greenmartian #manuriga #acud #audionoir #altek #config #cartos #zatonsky #experimentalfeelings #yuriyfromrussia #followinglight #audiostorm #dofamine #alexvidal #stevesai #mattholliday #andrewmichael #chantola #crocy #ashleyberndt #jakhira #berbush #kotobuki #ange #alexeylisin #phiphi #dharmalogy #selinastoane #pavlinpetrov #nicoparisi #samotarev #paulkardos

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Marking his fourth BBB radio mix, the legendary Phi Phi joins us once more to get the progressive juices flowing with another of his superb, journey led mixes. A very hard working DJ, this guy never lets up and he also works hard in the studio. His recent cut – Hiccup – performed very well across the board and we have no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more from this guy. Tracks and remixes from Sasha, Marjus Homm, Joris Voorn, Matan Caspi, Manu Rig & Matt Holliday, Yousef, Kevin Vega, Visionz, dubspeeka, Dennis Franchi, Martin Landsky, Marco Resmann, Moshic, Roddy Reynaert as well as a couple from Phi Phi himself, are all on hand to crank up the progressive grooves for some floor shakin fun.

Tracklisting – Episode 274: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Sasha – Vapourspace (Original Mix)
2º Markus Homm – Clear Cut (Joris Voorn Edit)
3º Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert – Spekulos (Original Mix)
4º Matan Caspi – Check The Windows (Manu Riga & Matt Holliday Tribehard Remix)
5º Yousef – The Courtship (Original Mix)
6º Kevin Vega – The Gambler (Original Mix)
7º Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert – Corossol (Original Mix)
8º Visionz, Dubspeeka – Le Cri (Original Mix)
9º Dennis Franchi – Little Mil (Original Mix)
10º Martin Landsky, Marco Resmann – Lava 2 (Original Mix)
11º Moshic – Systematic Person (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #phiphi


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Phi Phi returns once more for another round of progressive vibes on BBB. Just a few short weeks ago we were privileged to sit in on his last mix that hit the spot and no doubt this time out we are in for another tasty treat. Tracks and remixes come from Nick Muir, John Digweed, Pig & Dan, Darin Epsilon, Cid Inc, Petar Dundov, Oliver Giacomotto, J Diesel, Jozif, Phi Phi, Basic Pain Procedure, Alberto Ruiz, Oscar Aguilera, Robert Babicz, Roddy Reynaert, Len Faki and Rick Pier O’Neil. Just one more reason to lock down your Thursday night at Bonzai Basik Beats.

Tracklisting – Episode 271: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Nick Muir, John Digweed vs jozif – Groove Del Verano (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)
2º Pig & Dan – Bambola (Original Mix)
3º Darin Epsilon, Cid Inc. – Outliers (Petar Dundov Remix)
4º Oliver Giacomotto, J Diesel – Pure Fiction (Original Mix)
5º Phi Phi – Alone (Original Mix)
6º Basic Pain Procedure – Basic Pain Procedure (Len Faki Remix)
7º Pig & Dan, Alberto Ruiz – Juernes (Original Mix)
8º Oscar Aguilera, Alberto Ruiz – VCA (Original Mix)
9º Robert Babicz – Aural Phase (Original Mix)
10º Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert – Mayhem (Original Mix)
11º Rick Pier O’Neil – Funktional (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #phiphi


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With the second release of our Bonzai & Friends compilations we decided to create a dedicated website for it,, where you can now follow all the info regarding the projects! Bonzai & Friends’ second instalment is a celebration of 2 decades of music of one of the world’s most renowned, pioneering labels Bonzai Progressive – formerly Bonzai Trance Progressive. As we approach our 500th release we decided to create something that will go down in the history books and stand as a showcase to what we have become over the years. We’ve enlisted the talents of an army of top notch producers to help us along the way and these artists have been tasked to create 50 brand new tracks and remixes, tracks that will only be found on this exclusive celebration compilation.

#bonzaiprogressive #mattholliday #manuriga #airwave #john00fleming #phiphi #roddyreynaert #manuriga #matancaspi #eastcafe #riseandfall #loquai #audiostorm #thorin #yuriyfromrussia #rickpieroneil #ruslanvashkevich #relaunch #stevesai #audionoir #inkfish #tribalwarriors #alexeylisin #alexandrapride #crocy #berbush #alexvidal #alfonsomuchacho #philthychit #samotarev #jamiebaggotts #nicoparisi #paulkardos #cjart #hadytarek #kevinvega #mathov #anuragnandvanshi #jonnycalypso #mendexx #altek #blufeld #emlab #jakhira #abi-q #platunoff #djfire #chrisharris #adammartin #rishik #houselovincriminals #deuzler #metronomes

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