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Erik Iker, born in November 1988 in Belgrade, Serbia. The first time he came into contact with music he was as only a boy, when his dad played his record collection. Later in the 90s he gets in touch with electronic music, listening to Faithless, Scooter, Prodigy and others. His music breakthrough happens in 2002 when he goes underground, meeting psytrance and trance for the first time.

While more and more listening to these genres, he gets an idea to start mixing and making himself and he lays his hands on his very own first Fruity Loops Studio and starts creating music. At first he was just having fun. Fun that made him gain much experience in producing. In 2006. he decides to slow his beat and under the influence of Deep Dish, Sasha and others he starts producing progressive house. By 2009 he learned quite a bit working in FLS.

While he was watching tutorials, reading artist blogs and following their studio work online, his production got much better and could be considered quite serious. In 2010 he starts producing with a wish to do something more. His genre can be described as Progressive House with strong melodies, always a good atmosphere at hand, mixed with some trance elements. Under the influence of his fellow DJs in Serbia he also starts producing Tech House. Loving the slower tempo, nice grooves, noise, melodies and strong energetic tracks, a lot can be expected in the future from Erik. The wish to do something more will always continue to prevail.

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New release from French Connection on Mint & Mustard Recordings

The release comes with 2 original tracks, Mango and The Rhythm.

The French Connection is supported by artists like Jamez, Graham Gold, Zeil100, Fab Code, Jimmy Galle, Tali Freaks amongst many others.

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Although Jasper Jinx could easily refer to a smooth, model-like actor from Hollywood, this catchy nickname is used by a talented DJ-duo from The Hague (The Netherlands). It labels the work of two extremely dedicated dance producers, Jelle Hoogeveen and Roy Tosseram, who gave their career a promising lift-off in 2009 with the release of ‘Gold’ on Extrema Records. The track is a perfect reflection of the sound these guys represent, not just committed to one type of style, but combining several genres in the making of energetic clubtracks!

Looking back at their youth, music has always been of strong influence on their life stories. Long before the DJ’ing part caught their interest, Jelle and Roy started out separately by studying music production on their own. At the age of only 9, Roy already mastered his first production skills on the early classic synthesizers, which let him to performing live on stage with dancers. On the other side, Jelle also made a start with electronic music at a young age, playing songs on his keyboard and in his teens by DJÓ©ng at local beach party.

For obvious, it was the music that brought Jelle and Roy together, not only as close friends but partners as well. In 2005 the two met each other at a dance party, and immediately found a connection of interest. It turned out the guys shared the same opinions about dance music and both were in search of new ways to become a part of the DJ-world. After spending some quality time in the studio, Jelle and Roy knew for certain that if they would take their chances for seizing their luck, it should be together as a team.

Over the years, Jelle and Roy build a strong foundation for their DJ-career under the name Evil Apes. Inspired by the classic synthesizer sound from the early nineties, the duo started to produce tuneful house and trance music. Great studio techniques were skilled, but because both guys had to deal with other big responsibilities on the side, the real breakthrough wasn’t in sight yet. After a tough year in 2008, dealing with the loss of a close friend to an incurable disease, the time was right for a fresh new start. With the release of ‘Gold’ a warm trance production in dedication of their late friend Rutger, the Jasper Jinx project was born. Nowadays, Roy and Jelle still create their music with great passion, bringing uplifting ‘Kick ass’ beats to shake up the big rooms!

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Victor Maximiliano is a deep-tech house producer and remixer from the Netherlands.
His musical interest began in the early days of the legendary Roxy in Amsterdam.

Soon he bought his first analog gear and did a lot of experimenting with electronic sounds on Korg MS10 (which he still owns) and the Roland TR 808.

In the 90s he worked as a radio DJ for some popular local FM radio stations.
Victor worked together with DJ Promo as the Vinyl Maniacs and they had a short successful period in the Amsterdam underground scene in the mid 90s.
It was until 2009 he created his own unique deep sound and made his first digital releases for different record labels.

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New release from Carl Price in Mint & Mustard Recordings.
This Sound comes with the original track, plus two remixes from Oz Romita and DropX.

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New instalment of the Tech Groover series, including original tracks and remixes by Fab Code, Dennis Franchi, Paul Edge, Rogerio Martins, Ehsan Zadegan, MiniTech Project, Oz Romita, M62, Joal, Fragoso, The French Connection, SoulWave, Piekfein, Accatone, Lucio Grandi, Andrea Saenz & Milton Channels, Ugur Yurt, Savino, Rodrigo Soria, Efron, Jamez & Soulboy, Alfa Rhythm Boys, OneMenWork, Zas & Sanze presents Mindgamers and DJ Smiler.

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Sebastian Moreno started to play in the clubs when he was 15. Soon he became resident DJ in the club Alcazar in the heart of Puttershoek. This young Dutchman as showed a great talent since the beginning, either djing or producing, everything he touches becomes instantly gold.

His first work for Mint & Mustard Recordings comes with three original tracks, Let’s Go, TangoSquare and Bring It Back.

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At an early age Fab was bewitched by music. It was around 6 years of age that he was attracted by the sounds of soul, funk and later disco, funky, new-wave playing from his parents jukebox. Rocked to the sounds of Tamla Motown, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Barry White, KC & The Sunshine Band and later Kraftwerk, Human League, Depeche Mode and many others, he built up a strong and diverse music background dominated by rhythm and groove.

With a DJ career spanning from the early 80´s up until now, it was at the end of 2009, Fab decided to move and settle in the United Kingdom !

Freshly landed in Manchester, his new home, he went back to work and returned to the recording studio to relaunch his career as a producer / composer. He released his first tracks in 2010 on Belgian label Kiss My Beat Records (KMB) and has now signed with Bonzai Music to release some material on Bonzai Progressive, Bonzai Basiks and Mint & Mustard labels.

The artist has had support from various DJ´s, such as:
Slam, Nic Fanciulli, Moussa Clarke, Wyndell Long, James Grindle, Graham Gold amongst others.

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Damir started producing music back in 2006 under the name »DAMPA«, signed successfully several tracks on Total Wipes Records, Italy. After a period of time, Damir was bored and unsatisfied of all the same sounds in the scene.. and so decided to take some time to bring out something different and interesting.

In 2009 he finally camed out again, this time under Damir Pushkar. He collaborated with the Groove Bugs Duo , the biggest Jack-House producer Dj’s from Croatia and did an album together on Pin Up Recordings .

Three months later, he collaborated with Fabian Jakopetz, and made an album called »New Names« which came out on the cult belgium label »Bonzai Music«. The track »New Names« was N°1 selling track on DJ TUNES for 3 weeks , and N°2 for 4 weeks infront of David Guetta, Armand Van Helden, Deadmau5 and FatboySlim.

Just few time later he was asked to do a remake of the first DJ TIESTO track ever, »The Tube«. The remake was a success and got hugh support from almost all top Dj’s and producers around the globe. Many other tracks after went great, just like »Locked Up« track from Slammin Muzik , which appeared on IBIZA TOP 30 ANTHEMS 2010 on La Bien Et La Mai Records next to Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, John Dahlback, Peter Brown, Kid Massive etc.

Damir also won the Mydjspace remix contest, besides hundrets of great attenders.
The Damir Pushkar’s remix of Jake Childs – The Blame got the first place and it’s waiting to be released on Bush Records next to Carl Cox , Joey Beltram etc…

In 2011, Damir signed a track in a collaboration with B.Original called »Call Me« which will be out on Mr.V’s new label with a remix, will be done by superstar Kenny Dope! An album waiting to be out on Oda with massive remixes by Johhny Calypso , Tech Stan …He is remixing just now for Vincent Vega , Darren Bailie (Guru Josh Project), Piatto, Tovar and more!

Damir released over 100 tracks and more tracks which are coming up in 2011 on labels such as: Diva Records, Butan Records, Pin Up Recordings, Bush/Boo Records, Slammin Muzik, Bikini Records, Soul Channel, Uniform Recordings, Oda Records, No-Logik Records, Desperadoz Records along many others.

Damir continues to keep his quality and unique style of producing music . From end of 2009 till the begining of 2011, Damir became one of the most successfull producer from Croatia.

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