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this week we welcome Mindgamers back to Bonzai Basik Beats!

Tracklisting – Episode 83 – mixed by Mindgamers:

1° Gabriel Ananda – Hey Blop (Sebastien Leger Tropical Dub Mix)
2° Do Santos – No Comprendo (Original Mix)
3° Alex Costa – It s A Groove (Original Mix)
4° Adam Port – Someone To Love (Original Mix)
5° Sean Miller – Canibal Royal (Original Mix)
6° Solo UK – The Flea Circus (Original Mix)
7° Tapesh, Sidney Charles – I Got Ya (Original Mix)
8° Mindgamers – Can You Feel It (original mix) – UNRELEASED
9° Ramon Tapia – Thunderball (Original Mix)
10° DJ Chus, Supernov – Italoberican Grooves (Origina Mix)
11° Olivier Giacomotto – Leche De Tigre (Origina Mix)
12° D-Formation – Chinesse Beat (D-Formation Rework)



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Mindgamers are this weeks Bonzai Basik Beats radioshow guests!

Tracklisting – Episode 78 – mixed by Mindgamers:

1° Ant Brooks – Starlight (Original Mix)
2° Trisco – Musak (NiCe7 Remix)
3° Wally Lopez, MYNC, Laura Woods – No Pare La Musica (Original Mix)
4° Carl Cox – Chemistry (Nicole Moudaber Remix)
5° Wally Lopez – What Are You Doing (Stefano Noferini Remix)
6° DJ Chus, Oliver Moldan – U Got 2 Have It (Original Mix)
7° Dj Tonio – Get The Funk (Oliver Giacomotto Remix)
8° Zoo Brazil – The Big Rose (Original Mix)
9° SIL – Windows (Sonny Wharton rmx)
10° Sinisa Tamamovic – The New Generation (Original Mix)
11° Christian Cambas, Umek, Pleasurekraft – Heroes Of The Night (Pleasurekraft Remix)
12° Sebastien Leger – Grey Sky amp Yellow Coconuts (Original Mix)
13° Doomwork – Centauri (Original Mix)



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At an early age Fab was bewitched by music. At age 6 he was attracted by the sounds of soul, funk and disco playing from his parents jukebox. Rocked to the sounds of Tamla Motown, James Brown, Barry White, KC & The Sunshine Band and later Kraftwerk. All this built up in him to a music culture dominated by rhythm and groove.

In the early 80s he began his DJ career (as DJ Fab) and became resident in a trendy club in Brussels called -Disco Steve-. Residencies and bookings would follow one another until 1988, playing in many local clubs, always quality venues, such as Le Veaudeville, Le Garage, Le Variete, La Pergola, Le Disque Rouge (Fuse), Las Vegas, and many others. The musical styles he spins with finesse and technique are funk, disco and new wave, the hype music for this era.

After hanging up his DJ gloves to explore new musical fields, music production, we see him reappear in 1989 with the release of his debut single -Warbeat- under the pseudonym Bassline Boys. The success was immediate following the mini scandal triggered by this title when it was broadcasted in Chistophe Dechavanne’s -ciel mon mardi- (TF1 – French TV), and the musical response entitled -On se calme (Mr. Dechavanne)- turned into a massive hit in France, selling over 400,000 copies and awarded with a gold record. New Beat, Acid House, Techno and Hardcore releases will succeed during the following years under various monickers, such as Fax Yourself, BSR, Defcon, DSK, Hydrowave, Speed Limit, etc.

In 1994 he decided to return to the turntables, and when he met Claude El Divino (City Parade) he joined the -Underground Energy- team, which allowed him play in one of the most prestigious clubs of Belgium, the Extreme. After a series of bookings with Energy Underground he became a resident at Extreme. Other residencies and bookings followed, including La Raza, Planet Hardcore, Cocoon, Illusion, Zenith, Pavarotti and so on.

After a break from both the deejaying and studio work during the early 2000s, he comes back in 2006 with a new challenge, creating and running his own DJ Bar, which will be called -bar©ode-. The project took its flight, the parties became famous throughout Belgium and abroad, and renowned DJs lined up behind bar©odes decks. Pole Folder (Bedrock Records), Filterheadz (I Love Techno), CP (Pulse Factory) Ecco (KMB records), Rudy (Fuse), Xian (Cafe dAnvers), Milo (You), Dave Kane, Trap House, to name a few.

Inspired by the name of his latest project -bar©ode- DJ Fab became Fab Code, and after the bar closed late 2007, he resumed the hunt for bookings. He joined the team of DJ Ecco called -United Elektro- and also played at -Dance Machine- and -Acid Or Not- parties until the end of 2009, then Fab decided to move and settle in the United Kingdom.

Freshly landed in Manchester, his new home, he went back to work and returned to the recording studio to relaunch his career as a producer and composer. He released his first tracks in 2010 on Belgian label Kiss My Beat Records (KMB), on the label Bonzai Progressive and on the label Mint & Mustard.

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Banshee Worx is proud to announce we signed a exclusive artist contract with Zas & Sanze aka Mindgamers!

There isn’t a scratch of land in this whole world that doesn’t seem to have an EDM pulse nowadays. Estonia is well advanced in that department and at its heart lies Tallinn – playground for the twin talents that are Zas and Sanze. Both natives of the capital, from 1999 onwards they used the city as a hub to branch out from and spin at numerous thriving clubland spots across Estonia and Latvia. From there they graduated to playing some of its biggest Baltic musical festivals, including Sun Dance, East-West, 5 Element, Atmosphere, Transgress and Distortion. Through them Sanze has now performed alongside the likes of Airbase, Ronski Speed, Marco Bailey, while production brethren Zas has shared stage space with Roger Shah, Aly & Fila, Mike Koglin, Sonorous, Mike Shiver and Stoneface & Terminal.

Zas & Sanze first joined forces under their Mindgamers guise in 2009 and brought the project to Bonzai Progressive’s door. With the big House swing the scene has seen (and heard!) over the last 18 months still kicking hard, Progressive has been ideally placed to adapt to it and Bonzai were quick to seize on the potential too. With some additional tech-house tints, their first release ‘Attractions’ began to create waves straight out the gate and the follow up ‘Focused’ – with its steady rolling 128bpm groove – did similar business. Last month the guys were out with their latest single. ‘Soul To Soul’ – a cool, almost casually understated track that nonetheless manages to carry an irrepressibly uplifting summertime vibe along with it.

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For Bonzai Basik Beats episode 60 we invited Mindgamers!

Tracklisting – Episode 60 – mixed by Mindgamers:

1° Lilith – Angels Love
2° Gabriel Rocha- Conga (DJ PP Edit)
3° Mindgamers – Hold You
4° Sebastien Leger- Polymod
5° Mark Fanciulli – The Tide (Joris Voorn Edit)
6° Sean Miller and Daniel Dubb – Sinnerman
7° Rene Amesz and Ruell – Sticky Fingers
8° Jay Lumen – Oh Lord
9° Jon Rundell – Can’t Stop (Original Mix)
10° Stefano Noferini – Bibong (Original Mix)
11° Paul Thomas – Skaramoosh (Original Club Mix)



“This young and dynamic producer duo from Tallinn is worth keeping an eye and ear on” (Bonzai Progressive).

Mindgamers was created by two talented DJs from Estonia – Zas and Sanze.

Both of them are Tallinn natives and started their career in 1999. Starting from that time they performed in mostly all Estonian and Latvian clubs and the biggest musical festivals, such as Sun Dance Music Festival, East- West, 5 Element, Atmosphere, Transgress and Distortion and more.

Sanze performed on one stage with such famous musicians as Airbase, Paul Thomas, Ronski Speed, Marco Bailey, Felippe, Cosmonaut, Widenski, Dave Storm, Mark Slavin.

Zas performed together with Airbase, Mike Koglin , Ronski Speed, Sonourus, Mike Shiver, Paul Thomas, Stoneface and Terminal, Roger Shah, Aly and Fila, Sergei Shkuroff, Transa, Rulers of The deep, Widenski.

In year 2009 they founded the musical project Mindgamers. The main genres they are producing are progressive and tech house.
With their first release “Attractions” it is safe to say these guys have already claimed a slot on the Bonzai Progressive imprint.
Once more Zas & Sanze prove with “Focused” that there is more to progressive house then setting the beat at 128bpm. An excellent groove and a sweet rolling vocal on top will ensure nodding heads on every dance-floor.
These guys continue to work on their sound quality and do all the best to get into the soul of every listener.

See you on the dance floor 😉

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New release in Bonzai Progressive , this time with the talented duo Tony Awake & Free Mind, both hailing from Estonia.
The single comes with the original track Fiji, plus a wonderful remix from Mindgamers.

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Ibiza 2K11 – Progressive House Frequencies

Featuring original tracks and remixes from Dezarate, Pamuya, Da Othersz, Andrea Saenz vs Ro Garcia, Chantola, Storyteller, Thorin, Chris M, Lemonchill, Jan Peters featuring Aviatrix , MiniTech Project, Marko La Rocca, Erdem Aktas, Mindgamers, Blufeld, Parlange, Kelly O’Brian, Jake Shelton, Gerard Serrat, Jasper Jinx, Alex Torn, Chantola, Artois, Jan van Lier, Verche, Quadran, Manu Riga, Jimmy Galle, Planisphere, Funky Space Pirates, Ran Salman and Nir Azilov featuring Lee Kashir and Uriel.

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EPISODE 21: Jamez & Soulboy – Halo EP (Eyepatch Recordings)

Electronic music legend Jamez, part of Trancesetters, Tata Box Inhibitors or Dobre & Jamez with whom he also co-founded Touché Records teams up with Soulboy, famous for his remix of DJ Astrid “The Spell” and for his previous work with Jamez called Surface Tension, wich was 2009´s Kevin Saunderson’s summers favourite and was frequently heard on Ibiza Global Radio, for this awesome Halo EP on Eyepatch Recordings. The release comes with four outstanding tracks, Halo, Freak, Just Believe and Soleil. All 4 included in this special video mix.

EPISODE 22: Ignat Shamko – The Vault Of Heaven (ALBUM) (Bonzai Elemental)

Full length album from Ignat Shamko out on Bonzai Elemental. Featuring 15 original tracks, Ignat takes you on a long journey trough his imaginary world of warm atmospheres and never-ending landscapes of sounds.

EPISODE 23: Manu Riga – Time In Between (Chantola Nu Rave Edit) (Bonzai Progressive)

After the sucess with Tai Chi Girl, Manu Riga comes back to Bonzai Progressive, with a single titled Time In Between. Including remixes from Chantola, Chris M, Dennis Franchi and Mindgamers.

EPISODE 24: Manu Riga – Time In Between (Original Mix) (Bonzai Progressive)

After the sucess with Tai Chi Girl, Manu Riga comes back to Bonzai Progressive, with a single titled Time In Between. Including remixes from Chantola, Chris M, Dennis Franchi and Mindgamers.



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After the sucess with Tai Chi Girl, Manu Riga comes back to Bonzai Progressive, with a single titled Time In Between.

Including remixes from Chantola, Chris M, Dennis Franchi and Mindgamers.

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After some well deserved feedback on their latest releases, Zas & Sanze aka Mindgamers offer us a 60 min mix for our Basik Beats Radioshow!

Tracklisting – Episode 31 – mixed by Mindgamers

1° Pete Tong & Paul Rogers – Headfuc (Original Club Mix)
2° Johnstar featuring Mc Spyder – Tick Tock Track (Johnstars Headnod Dub Mix)
3° Mark Knight – Natural Instinct (Original club_mix)
4° Ludowick – My own reality (Mindgamers Remix)
5° Nouveau Yorican – Chiuso (Original Mix)
6° Oto Suarez – Not Alone (Mindgamers Remix)
7° Manuel De La Mare, Lissat, Voltaxx – Club Around The World (Anil Chawla Remix)
8° Bastian van Shield – King Of My Castle (Original Mix)
9° Coqui Selection – I Love Jimmy Somersby (Original Mix)
10° Bastian van Shield – Billie Was Here (Original Mix)
11° Jay Lumen – Non Verbal Lessons (Original Mix)
12° Olivier Giacomotto & John Acquaviva – While My Wiki Gently Leaks (Original Mix)
13° Sebastien Leger – Jaguar
14° Mindgamers – Crusty Funk (Nemaier Remix)

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EPISODE 13: Zas & Sanze presents Mindgamers – Focused (Bonzai Progressive)

Zas & Sanze, also known as Mindgamers, hail from Tallinn, Estonia, and this time they have came back with a awesome new release, Focused.

The release comes with two original tracks, Focused and Miami Voice, plus seven remixes, from artists like Jan Peters, Thorin, Nemaier, DJ Smiler, Spoiled Kid and SeeStann Kenya.



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Zas & Sanze, also known as Mindgamers, hail from Tallinn, Estonia, and this time they have came back with a awesome new release, Focused.
The release comes with two original tracks, Focused and Miami Voice, plus seven remixes, from artists like Jan Peters, Thorin, Nemaier, DJ Smiler, Spoiled Kid and SeeStann Kenya.

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Talented Dutch duo Jasper Jinx hits back once again with a remix package of their first single from a year ago named The Sun.

3 really great tech house mixes here including a remix by Russian producer Mindgamers. A must have for any tech house lover.

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Dutch DJ/producer Thorin is no newcomer and he proves it with his newest single Garlic Memories on Bonzai Progressive.

Fresh and cool progressive house here with on top of the original 3 great remixes by Chris M, Gerard Serrat and Mindgamers.

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