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Michele Cecchi is a veteran of electronic music, with 17 years of hard work to prove it,started his music career in 1997, on a radio program called -Future Releases-,presented by one of the most popular italian djs Freddy K. After the studies he decides to build a little home recordings studio in his house with a Roland JP-8080 a Drum machine and a TB-303 so starts to produce a lot of demos in different genres from techno to trance and hard house…but the quality of the tracks is still very poor.

In 2000 he writes The Mistery Inside, low quality but good melody…so spending a lot of weeks to work on that and with the precious help of DjMill&ManuelT and the producer Elvio Trampus from Nebula, he finally recorded his first vinyl on Uforecordings. This was the beginning;and consolidated the frienship with DjMill,in 2001 saw the birth of their new project Antithesys with the single World of Dreams, after that many others like The Gate and a lot remixes for Raptor,Black Runner,Rotar for Wicked records,Pleasent records,Uforecordings and Stik records followed.

Michele Cecchi is an eclectic music composer and his productions takes a wide range of genres from electronic,trance,techno,chillout and classic scores for soundtracks. In 2003 starts the collaboration with Emanuele Inglese wich brings an electronic-house influence to his own productions, so he decides to create another project to divide the genres which gives life to Michael K with the vinyl release Soap To Skin.

Both his current projects are defined by different kind of sound: Michael K (techno-minimal-house) Michele Cecchi (trance-chillout-electronic).

From 2008 to date he has produced for labels such as Bonzai records, Neurotraxx, Neuroscience UK and Trance All Stars Records

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Menu 2 of the chill out compilation series in Bonzai Elemental – Modern Dinner Music with original tracks and remixes by Tiesto, Lolo, Auratune, Sublunar & Aya, Ami, Red Avenue, Kopi Luwalk, Michele Cecchi, Vorne & Amex, Klems, Domenico Cascarino & Luca Lombardi, Tokyo Boulevard, Suburban Dream, Father, Nale, Soft Asylum, Ignat Shamko, Adrien Auburn, Loxx & Luca Lombardi, Jonathan Shelly, After Meridian, Michael Witness, Arman Behdad, Joel Kanning and Ferry Tayle.

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