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Ibiza 2K11 – Deep Frequencies

Featuring original tracks and remixes from Jamez, Accatone, Pedro Goya, Alkalino, Cee Cee Cox, Koen, Ittai Barkai, Victor Maximiliano, Kevin Cheung, Issel Sanchez, Adrian S, Chantola, Johny S, Bastiq2ooo, Robot-Chekist, Manu Riga, Yuri Swexx, Code Duello, Mans & Robbertsen, Sound Profession, Beatblenderz, Gr-oy, Quantum Soul, Fabio Scalabroni, Thorin, Parafernalia and Ehsan Zadegan.

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Bonzai Basik Beats – Episode 37 – mixed by Chantola – the music is an excerpt from the mix compilation I Bring My Own Background Music – Berlin Session:

Tracklisting – Episode 37 – mixed by Chantola:

1° SoulWave – Will Be On My Way
2° Dennis Franchi – Franz
3° Ecco – India Trippin
4° Matt Silver & Brisboys – VoxTrot (Dennis Franchi Remix)
5° Project KF – Tech Summer
6° Piek meets Oraa – If Life Gives You Melons (Original Mix)
7° Kentaro Kaji – You Sexy
8° Ecco – Safari
9° Piekfein – La Cajita De Musica (Accatone Remix)
10° Chantola – If All That Glitter Is Gold (Heinrich Kantolz & Drill Wagen Terrace Remix)
11° Dennis Franchi – Rituals
12° Manu Riga – Time In Between (Chantola NuRave Edit)
13° Manu Riga – Tai Chi Girl (UK Progressive Mix)

The full version of the release also contains the following additional tracks:

14° Ecco – Coconut
15° Accatone – The Stink

Henrik Kantola, aka Chantola journeyed into the world of electronic music at the start of the millennium. Inspired by some of the top jocks and a self driving passion, this young Finnish talent began to produce in 2003. Beginning with Acid Pro and a hardware sequencer, Chantola played with basic loops and short tracks. As the results came, so did his hunger to buy newer equipment and software. 
It was not until 2007 that Chantola really found his break. Teaming up with a Helsinki based producer Jussi Vuorivirta, he formed a duo. Spiritus & Asper was born and full tunes began to materialize. In December 2008, their first completed production with the title Passion was snapped up by Oulu based Wavedata Records. As the momentum flowed, so did the label signings. With tunes released on Spinnin’ Records, Black Hole Recordings, Baroque Records, Mistique Music, Bonzai Music and many more, this young Producer seem to be doing something right. With several releases in 2009 Chantola really got things going. Having his tracks on several CD compilations and Vinyl. He gained airplay from the biggest stars on the globe like. ARMIN VAN BUUREN, MARKUS SCHULZ, MR. SAM, LEON BOLIER, M.I.K.E, MENNO DE JONG, LANGE, EDDIE HALLIWELL to name a few. 
2011 promises to be an important year for Chantola as the expectations rise. Keep your ears pealed… As you will be sure to hear His tunes working their way into a whole host of DJ sets.

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Ibiza 2K11 – Progressive House Frequencies

Featuring original tracks and remixes from Dezarate, Pamuya, Da Othersz, Andrea Saenz vs Ro Garcia, Chantola, Storyteller, Thorin, Chris M, Lemonchill, Jan Peters featuring Aviatrix , MiniTech Project, Marko La Rocca, Erdem Aktas, Mindgamers, Blufeld, Parlange, Kelly O’Brian, Jake Shelton, Gerard Serrat, Jasper Jinx, Alex Torn, Chantola, Artois, Jan van Lier, Verche, Quadran, Manu Riga, Jimmy Galle, Planisphere, Funky Space Pirates, Ran Salman and Nir Azilov featuring Lee Kashir and Uriel.

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Long pioneering label group Bonzai have seriously upped their progressive game of late, unearthing some exciting new producers. Belgium’s Manu Riga is one such talent, a totally fresh face on the scene, ‘Time Inbetween’ is as big an introduction as your likely to hear. Chantola drops in the killer ‘NuRave’ remix which we haven’t been able to stop listening, and dancing too since we first pressed play. Dennis Franchi and Chris M also turn in respectable mixes, while Manu’s original completes the package, packing a sitar and psy flavours.. One to watch for the future!

Source: Junodownload

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EPISODE 21: Jamez & Soulboy – Halo EP (Eyepatch Recordings)

Electronic music legend Jamez, part of Trancesetters, Tata Box Inhibitors or Dobre & Jamez with whom he also co-founded Touché Records teams up with Soulboy, famous for his remix of DJ Astrid “The Spell” and for his previous work with Jamez called Surface Tension, wich was 2009´s Kevin Saunderson’s summers favourite and was frequently heard on Ibiza Global Radio, for this awesome Halo EP on Eyepatch Recordings. The release comes with four outstanding tracks, Halo, Freak, Just Believe and Soleil. All 4 included in this special video mix.

EPISODE 22: Ignat Shamko – The Vault Of Heaven (ALBUM) (Bonzai Elemental)

Full length album from Ignat Shamko out on Bonzai Elemental. Featuring 15 original tracks, Ignat takes you on a long journey trough his imaginary world of warm atmospheres and never-ending landscapes of sounds.

EPISODE 23: Manu Riga – Time In Between (Chantola Nu Rave Edit) (Bonzai Progressive)

After the sucess with Tai Chi Girl, Manu Riga comes back to Bonzai Progressive, with a single titled Time In Between. Including remixes from Chantola, Chris M, Dennis Franchi and Mindgamers.

EPISODE 24: Manu Riga – Time In Between (Original Mix) (Bonzai Progressive)

After the sucess with Tai Chi Girl, Manu Riga comes back to Bonzai Progressive, with a single titled Time In Between. Including remixes from Chantola, Chris M, Dennis Franchi and Mindgamers.



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After the sucess with Tai Chi Girl, Manu Riga comes back to Bonzai Progressive, with a single titled Time In Between.

Including remixes from Chantola, Chris M, Dennis Franchi and Mindgamers.

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[soundcloud id='3743439']


Philippe Van Mullem no longer needs an extended introduction, the man who kickstarted Bonzai (Trance) Progressive with the very first single by Quadran entitled Eternally back in 1994.

He is a very experienced producer and shows todauy once again he can inspire people. Halcyon, his newest single, is backed with a nice package of remixes, all progressive house.

Manu Riga delivers a stunning piece of music where Blufeld delivers a remix in his typical sound, the line of remixers is closed by Moshe Edri and not forget to the mixes by Philippe himself. 1 club based mix and a more breaks inspired version.

We think you wil agree that this is a really nice release.

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