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Best of Eyepatch 2012 comes with twenty-five original and remixes from Ittai Barkai, Victor Maximiliano, Dimitry Liss, Wonji, Aiemo, Accatone, Murat Uncuoglu, Diego Alvez, Daniel Ray, Jimmy Galle, Gr-oy, Jamez & Soulboy, Kentaro Kaji, Active Line Six, Van Czar, RV, Unnamed, Project KF, Davide Marchesiello, Rob McCarthy and Pablo Gael.


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End of the year compilation, including all the best tracks released in Bonzai Basiks in 2011.
Includes original tracks and remixes from Kentaro Kaji, MiniTech Project, Lucio Grandi, Kernel Key, Daily Dose, Project KF, Ecco, Sa.Du, Kevin Cheung, Markus Ilgner, The French Connection, A. Mochi, Jimmy Galle, Forbes & Ilgner, Luke Fire, Cause & Effekt, Mike Young & Savi Leon, Ignacio Demaria & Steve Prior, Jamez, Dee Brown, Fred Tames, Adam Nics , Michael Paterson & Warner Powers, Dean Newton and Di Beatmaker.

At the launch the style on this label was a bit more tuff to describe in a few words. You’ll just have to grab some releases and judge them for yourself. We like to call it the more intelligent progressive approach with the first release with some tech, house and electro influences and yet playable for the more advanced deejays out there. However recently (summer 2010) we decided to go full focus on Techno and Tech-House.

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Kentaro Kaji was raised in Tokyo, Japan.
In teenage life Grungemusic caught his attention for the first time.
He got deeper into this music as he started playing the bass on a band in public.

In 1996 he was experienced a traumatic event at a club: Electronic Music hit him deep in his mind.
It completely changed his music taste and soon he developed an interest in techno and house.
He began DJing and organizing an event called -Circuit Breaker- in Tokyo.

In 2001, he started thinking about making his own music and bought -Acid- to experiment with synth and drumloops. His first release -Raiden-appeared on a compilation from Kobayashi Recordings in 2002.
The first EP was small success.

From 2004 to 2006 he studied sound engineering to understand technical aspects of audio in Melbourne, Australia. In the following years, he worked in audio editing for multimedia. These experiences helped him to understand music production technically and practically. He re-built a bedroom studio to create his own output. This led to his second release -3R- which he sent to the legendary label Bonzai.

2011 and Kentaro keeps releasing music bombs and here is another atomic release from him on Bonzai Basiks!

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Bonzai Basik Beats – Episode 37 – mixed by Chantola – the music is an excerpt from the mix compilation I Bring My Own Background Music – Berlin Session:

Tracklisting – Episode 37 – mixed by Chantola:

1° SoulWave – Will Be On My Way
2° Dennis Franchi – Franz
3° Ecco – India Trippin
4° Matt Silver & Brisboys – VoxTrot (Dennis Franchi Remix)
5° Project KF – Tech Summer
6° Piek meets Oraa – If Life Gives You Melons (Original Mix)
7° Kentaro Kaji – You Sexy
8° Ecco – Safari
9° Piekfein – La Cajita De Musica (Accatone Remix)
10° Chantola – If All That Glitter Is Gold (Heinrich Kantolz & Drill Wagen Terrace Remix)
11° Dennis Franchi – Rituals
12° Manu Riga – Time In Between (Chantola NuRave Edit)
13° Manu Riga – Tai Chi Girl (UK Progressive Mix)

The full version of the release also contains the following additional tracks:

14° Ecco – Coconut
15° Accatone – The Stink

Henrik Kantola, aka Chantola journeyed into the world of electronic music at the start of the millennium. Inspired by some of the top jocks and a self driving passion, this young Finnish talent began to produce in 2003. Beginning with Acid Pro and a hardware sequencer, Chantola played with basic loops and short tracks. As the results came, so did his hunger to buy newer equipment and software. 
It was not until 2007 that Chantola really found his break. Teaming up with a Helsinki based producer Jussi Vuorivirta, he formed a duo. Spiritus & Asper was born and full tunes began to materialize. In December 2008, their first completed production with the title Passion was snapped up by Oulu based Wavedata Records. As the momentum flowed, so did the label signings. With tunes released on Spinnin’ Records, Black Hole Recordings, Baroque Records, Mistique Music, Bonzai Music and many more, this young Producer seem to be doing something right. With several releases in 2009 Chantola really got things going. Having his tracks on several CD compilations and Vinyl. He gained airplay from the biggest stars on the globe like. ARMIN VAN BUUREN, MARKUS SCHULZ, MR. SAM, LEON BOLIER, M.I.K.E, MENNO DE JONG, LANGE, EDDIE HALLIWELL to name a few. 
2011 promises to be an important year for Chantola as the expectations rise. Keep your ears pealed… As you will be sure to hear His tunes working their way into a whole host of DJ sets.

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EPISODE 18: John Manning & Matt Silver – Pikadeli Shindig (Bonzai Basiks)

John Manning & Matt Silver teamed up for this progressive track, Pikadeli Shindig, resulting in awesome club tune. On top of that Kentaro Kaji and Lucio Grandi added two excellent remixes to this release.

EPISODE 19: Hilal Tekschneider – Don’t Say Where Were Going (Howz Choonz)

The opening release on our brand new label Howz Choonz goes to Israelian producer Hilal Tekschneider! Don’t Say Where We’re Going and Between Me & You are two top notch Tech House tracks excellent suited for peak hour sets.

EPISODE 20: Kosmorama – City In The Sky (Green Martian)

Green Martian presents Kosmorama – In The City, including remixes from Asten, Jimmy Roqsta and Nick Pheomotion.



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John Manning & Matt Silver teamed up for this progressive track, Pikadeli Shindig, resulting in awesome club tune.
On top of that Kentaro Kaji and Lucio Grandi added two excellent remixes to this release.

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Volume 2 of the Tekhauzen compilation series on Bonzai Basiks.
This compilation comes with original tracks and remixes from Accatone, Piek, Fab Code, SaDu, Ecco, Cause & Effect, Ignacio Demaria & Steve Prior, Villa Gombao Inc., Dennis Franchi, Matt Silver, Brisboys, Louie Cut, Romano Rapeso, Myk Derill, JAsper Jinx, Project KF, Jimmy Roqsta, Lucio Grandi, Markus Ilgner, Kentaro Kaji, Piekfein, Rogerio Martins, MiniTech Project and Pablo Gael.

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Techno/Minimal influenced release for Kentaro Kaji on Bonzai Basiks.

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Japanese Kentaro Kaji first started to like more alternative music as a teenager, but soon he developed a strong interest in electronic music after going to a party in a club for the first time.

Not long after he starting DJing and organizing his own events in Japans capital Tokyo. As so many he also developed a strong interest in producing the music he was playing himself. But before he did that, he went to go and study sound engineering to better understand all the technical aspects of audio and music production.

3R is Kentaro Kajis second release and it is a release on Bonzai Basiks where he delivers fine tech house blended with some techno influences.

NOTE: This will be one of the last promo mail outs you will be getting via this email address. Also latest within this and 2 weeks our PromoPool will be split up over 2 different websites. For the more progressive house and tech house based released everything will go out from the email promo at via the new website Bonzai Progressive and all mainly (progressive) trance based released will go through the new Subtraxx website in full development from the email promo at So please make sure to add those email addresses in your address book. In case you are not getting certain promos any longer, please contact us and we will sort it out.

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