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Ibiza 2K11 – Deep Frequencies

Featuring original tracks and remixes from Jamez, Accatone, Pedro Goya, Alkalino, Cee Cee Cox, Koen, Ittai Barkai, Victor Maximiliano, Kevin Cheung, Issel Sanchez, Adrian S, Chantola, Johny S, Bastiq2ooo, Robot-Chekist, Manu Riga, Yuri Swexx, Code Duello, Mans & Robbertsen, Sound Profession, Beatblenderz, Gr-oy, Quantum Soul, Fabio Scalabroni, Thorin, Parafernalia and Ehsan Zadegan.

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EPISODE 25: Alfa Rhythm Boys – Agogo (Mint & Mustard Recordings)

Alfa Rhythm Boys single release on Mint & Mustard Recordings. Agogo includes original mix plus remixes from Alessandro Diga and Phunk Division.

EPISODE 26: Ignacio Demaria & Steve Prior – Friday (Jamez Remix) (Bonzai Basiks)

After the sucess on Bonzai Progressive, US based Ignacio Demaria & Steve Prior’s Friday gets a remix treatment done by Dutch DJ/producer Jamez and Project KF. For the fans we’ve added all the original mixes on top of this release.

EPISODE 27: Sovve featuring Devize – Nowhere (Green Martian)

Solveig Skoglund aka Sovve is a 21-year-old female progressive trance producer from Sweden. This is her latest release, called Nowhere, featuring vocals from Devize. The single comes with the original mix, plus a dub mix, for those who prefer not to have the vocals. A talent to remember for the future of progressive music and all fans of deep, emotional music!

EPISODE 28: Rodrigo Soria – Amarelo Verde (Efron Remix) (Piston Recordings)

Rodrigo Soria makes a comeback to Piston Recordings after the well received Ginga People EP last year. This time around we have a single track, Amarelo Verde, a deep tech journey into the realms of this brazilian talent. On top of that we add an Efron and a Richard Savani remixes to make this a top notch package!



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After the sucess on Bonzai Progressive, US based Ignacio Demaria & Steve Prior’s Friday gets a remix treatment done by Dutch DJ/producer Jamez and Project KF.
For the fans we’ve added all the original mixes on top of this release.

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WMC 2K11 – Yearly compilation of Deep & Dub House out on Eyepatch Recordings.

Release comes with original tracks and remixes from Robbertsen Mans, Bastiq2ooo, Sound Profession, Victor Maximiliano, Gr-Oy, Quantum Soul, Code Duello, Ittai Barkai, Beatblenderz, Fabio Scalabroni, Jamez, Kevin Cheung, Thorin, Parafernalia, D-Noise, Chantola, Johny S, Cee Cee Cox, Zakat Project, M&D Substance, Ehsan Zadegan and Esprit Fort & Soulstate.

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New compilation concept for Musashi including tracks from Jamez, Piek, Accatone, Fabio Scalabroni, Myk Derill, Santon, Iker Undersound and many more.

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Bonzai Basik Beats – Episode 20 – mixed by Jamez:

Another week has passed by again and a new show is broadcasted, last weeks show on the radio was by Touché label co-founder Jamez, who is also known for productions under that name, but also part of Trancesetters and many many other big club tunes from the 90’s. A spectacular pumping tech house mix by the Dutch master himself.


1° Spartaque – So Much Different (Original Mix)
2° Dandi & Ugo – F.uck Da House (Original Mix)
3° Lois Plugged – Versus 229 (Original Mix)
4° Pig & Dan – Addiction (The Advent & Industrialyzer Remix)
5° Phunk Investigation – Blade Scanner (Original Remix)
6° Jamez – Drum Spirit (Loophole Remix)
7° Christian Cambas – Trigger Happy (Original Mix)
8° Jamez & Soulboy – Induction (Original Mix)
9° Sander Kleinenberg – This Is Our Night (Jamez & Soulboy Remix)
10° Psycatron – She Is Music (Hypnogroove Mix)
11° Cass Collective – Detroit Thunder (Original Mix)

Some more info about Jamez:

Dutch producer Jamez has had a hand in more good records than most of us have had hot dinners. Apart from the by-no-means trifling matter of co-producing my favourite ever house record 51 Days Paper Moon hes also been at the birth of the Trancesetters, the splendidly-named Tata Box Inhibitors, P.I.M.P., Loophole, Amfibian, Mindfunk and an ever-expanding list of inventively-spelt production credits. Youd wonder, looking at the fellows discography, whether he ever got any kip (weve been assured by his family that he does).

Jamez, for those that havent been paying attention, was part of a Dutch triumvirate the other two being Dobre and DJ Zki that helped transform European house music in the early 90s. Working closely with Dutch outfit Touché Records, they produced a series of consistently great singles of wildly differing styles ranging from the jazzy (Jamshed), deep (51 Days) and the acclaimed harder style of Tata Box Inhibitors and Trancesetters. While most UK DJs looked to the US for new records, oddly, lots of American DJs Danny Tenaglia being a particular fan championed this new European style (Underworlds Darren Emerson was also an early supporter of Touchés releases).

Like many a young European, Jamez was turned on to dance music via the burgeoning rap scene of the eighties, before hooking up with Dobre who, as luck would have it, had a small home-studio. Experiments in dance ensued. A meeting with DJ Zki at a radio station completed the Three Musketeers line-up. Early releases came out through fellow countryman Robin Jaydee Albers First Impressions label, but it was through Touché Records started with Dobre that Jamez and his cohorts gained international recognition. Both 51 Days mournful Paper Moon and Trancesetters heavy-hitting The Search were massive New York club hits. Plenty of others were staples in DJs boxes around the world, probably because Jamez has mastered the art of syncopated and punchy beats, mellifluous keyboards and catchy hooks. Soulful dance music, in other words. As a remixer, Jamez is no slouch, either, having turned in superb mixes of Paperclip Peoples The Climax, X-Press 2s strident The Sound and a stunning rerub of Der Dritte Raums Alienoid, transforming it into a hypnotically textural house cut.

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