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Bonzai party veteran and former member of Cherrymoon Trax, Franky Kloeck takes to the decks this week and serves up a tasty oldskool treat from his set at the 2015 edition of the Bonzai Stage at Tomorrowland. Franky surely knows how to rock the crowd and deliver not only quality but quantity as well. This mix is ram packed with classics and cover various genres, but all have one thing in common, they’re all absolute bangers. Expect to get your socks blown off by tracks and remixes from the likes of Armani & Ghot, Zombie Nation, Marc Van Linden, Stephenson & Santini, Emmanuel Top, World Party II, D.H.S., CYB, Plexus, Digital Boy, Speedy J and many more.

Tracklisting – Episode 270: mixed by Franky Kloeck @ Bonzai Stage Tomorrowland 2015

1º Intrance Feat. D-Sign – Te Quierro (Original Mix)
2º Vicious Delicious – Hocus Pocus (Bow Chi Bow)
3º Immaginazione 2 – La Musica Del Futuro (Original Mix)
4º Digital Boy – This Is Mutha F**ker! (Original Censored Mix)
5º Apotheosis – O Fortuna (Apocalypse Chorus Mix)
6º Plexus – Cactus Rhythm (Mixed By Mike Ferlin)
7º Speedy J – Pull Over (First Remix)
8º Ixxel – Drop That Beat (Original Mix)
9º Derb – Derb (Derbus Edit)
10º Robbie Tronco – Fright Train (Original Mix)
11º Winx – Don’t Laugh (SAMPLE)
12º Armani & Ghost – Hard One (Original Mix)
13º Avancada – Go! (Original Mix)
14º Da Warrior – Put Da Needle On Da Record (Original Mix)
15º Showtek – Save The Day (Youri’s Cut)
16º Zombie Nation – KernKraft 400 (Live Remix Short Edit)
17º Poogie Bear & Mark V. – Funkier (Original Mix)
18º Dem-Rats! – Now This (Original Mix)
19º Public Energy – Three O’ Three (Original Mix)
20º Felix Project – On The Floor (Original Mix)
21º Puncher – The Wall (Dub Wall Dub Mix)
22º X-Filter Feat. DJ H.S. – Come On (Original Mix)
23º Tranceball – Calyptus (Original Mix)
24º DJ Yoeri Feat. Suzy – Fuck On Cocaine (Original Mix)
25º Emmanuel Top – Acid Phase (Edit)
26º Jordan & Baker – Explode (Marc van Linden Club Mix)
27º Junk Project – Control ’99 (Original Mix)
28º Marco V – Simulated (Edit)
29º RMB – Love Is An Ocean (Stephenson & Santini Remix)
30º Systematic Parts – Violin De La Nuit (Original Mix)
31º David Guetta – Distortion (Original Mix)
32º Mory Klein – Kick That Bass (Original Mix)
33º World Party II – Forget It! (Original Mix)
34º D.H.S. – House Of God (The Remix)
35º CYB – Now (Original Mix)
36º Karlos Mendez – Sex-A-Phone (Original Mix)
37º Robert Armani – Hit Hard (Original Mix)
38º DJ Coone – Hardcore Vibes (Original Mix)

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On 27th July 2013, Bonzai, the most recognised brand in EDM will host a stage at Tomorrowland 2013, the biggest dance event in Europe. One whole stage will be dedicated to bringing you the best DJ’s to deliver THE ultimate retro party.

Since the early nineties Bonzai has been responsible for creating the sounds that defined an era, these sounds have been embedded into the memories of millions of clubbers across the globe and to this day the Bonzai sound still rings true. With tracks like “Universal Nation” – “The First Rebirth” – “Eternally” – “The Rebel” – “Bonzai Channel One” – “Woops” and many, many more, Bonzai was able to stamp it’s mark into the history books.

Today the head honcho’s, Fly and Marnik are dedicated to reliving those memories and to scribe new memories into the minds of their army of followers for many years to come. It is this dedication that enables them to host and perform at only the biggest and best festivals and parties, and judging by previous outings we are in for a hell of a ride.

What you can expect is the mother of all experiences with music from across the EDM spectrum, from house to trance and acid to techno, culminating in a full on banging retro experience.

The stage will bring the finest talent EDM has ever seen including, the ultimate retro masters – Bonzai All Stars, Push, Hardfloor, Frank De Wulf, Yves Deruyter, Franky Jones, Ramirez, Franky Kloeck, Phi Phi, DJ Ghost, Bountyhunter and Nico Parisi all performing on one stage!!!

So gear up and get ready to have your minds blown!

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A Bonzai Retro Stage is confirmed at this year’s edition of Dance D-Vision on the 2nd of August 2013.



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Bonzai turns 20!

On the 17/11/12 Belgium’s ravers will gather in STUDIO @ ETHIAS ARENA, HASSELT to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the most well known labels of our time.

Built from the ground up the Bonzai sound broke barriers as it was unleashed upon our senses, with literally thousands of releases and still releasing quality music to this day, it is clear that Bonzai is here to stay so here’s to another 20 years!

To mark this huge milestone there will be a party like no other with some of the best DJ’s and artists that helped shape and define many genres into the history books of EDM, and touch the hearts and minds of an army of followers.

Join us as we embark on the ultimate retro experience as we delve into the archives of past classics and rave until the early hours with tracks like “Bonzai Channel One” to “The First Rebirth” and “When Things Go Wrong” to “Universal Nation”, there will be something for everyone to cast their minds back and enjoy what helped create an explosive era in dance music.

Get your tickets, get your rave gear on and get to Belgium for the most spectacular show on Earth!

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