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New instalment in the Afterhour Trax series, this time featuring tracks and remixes from Lolo, Audiotox & Watson, John 00 Fleming, 21street, Kiilto, Rishi K., Manu Riga, Sovve, Chantola, Thorin, Narel, Greyloop & Flashtech, Citizen 42, Sebastian Weikum, Jan Peters, VidesAngelini, Airwave, Fred First, George V, Janeiro, Bernie Allen, Ivan Nikusev & Wav-E, Eli Clement, Satiny and Type.

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End of the year compilation, including all the best tracks released in Green Martian in 2011.
Includes original tracks and remixes from Narel, Planisphere, Thorin, Kosmorama, Asten, Sebastian Weikum, Kiilto, George V, Manu Riga, J. Khobb, Sovve featuring Devize, Arto Kumanto, Michal Jesensky , Bernie Allen, Greyloop & Flashtech, Sun, Kids Of Hashish, Eli Clement, Fred First, Blufeld, Gerard Serrat, Esprit Fort & SoulState, Dyron and Paulina Steel.

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Thorin born on 7 October 1977 in Goirle, a small village near Tilburg. He didn’t stay there for long. At the age of 1 year he moved to Almelo which is a medium city in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Thorin grew up in a musical family, uncles who play guitar, Drums and many other instruments, aunts who sing lets say it’s all in the family.Almost everyone in the family is doing something with music.His father played in several bands some with guitar and others with percussion.

At a young age thorin got connected with music, influences from bands like Deep Purple, the Doors, Pink Floyd. Thorins taste of music is very wide from soul to funky stuff to modern music.In 1992, some friends introduced Thorin into house music nowadays so called oldskool house. While partying a lot Thorin got interested in DJ’ing. He bought some turntables and started to learn mixing 12″ records. After 6 months he controlled dj basics. Buying records and records and getting more DJ skills. He also got interested in producing his own music, lucky for him he got in contact with an old friend from his father. That friend started with producing in the early 80’s. Maurice learned Thorin the basics of Producing, Maurice already had released some music on different labels and did some things together with Sander Kleinenberg in the early 90’s. He was also Sander K’s first Sound/Audio engineer.

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In his early years Eli Clement played the saxophone and the clarinet in a classic environment until he discovered the world of electronic music. He started to experiment with synthesizers, sequencers and computers.

In the beginning (early 90’s) he created strictly trance and hard trance, but he also joined a post-rock band Drive My Bike Into The Sea. This influenced him to experiment outside the area of dance music.

Nowadays he generates soundscapes influenced by different genres and tries to combine them. Besides these experiments, he also continues his work in the domain of (progressive) trance music which is now mainly published by Belgian label Banshee Worx.

Eli Clement produces mainly electronically generated music. His main music style can be categorize as (progressive) trance, psychedelic trance, neo-trance and even ambient.

Besides this he creates sounds and scores for movies and animations.

Furthermore he’s also active in some post-rock projects.

Eli’s music is influenced by many different artists and genres. To list a few names, he admires the classic (true) trance style of Oliver Lieb, Torsten Stenzel, Axel Stephenson, Yves Deruyter, Laurent Véronnez (Airwave), Simon Berry (Art Of Trance & Union Jack), Claudio Giussani, psychedelic masters Vibrasphere and Jannis Tzikas (Filteria).

Away from his electronic world, he has lost of admiration for the brilliant soundscapes of Godspeed You!, Black Emperor, Venetian Snares, Boards of Canada, Styrofoam, mum, Explosions In The Sky, Mono, God Is An Astronaut, Mogwai, Below The Sea, Amusement Parks On Fire, The Hope Of The States and many more.

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Ibiza 2K11 – Laidback Trance Frequencies

Featuring original tracks and remixes from Airwave, Chris M, Wenturo, Sovve feat Devize, Blufeld, Arto Kumanto, Michal Jesensky, Güçlü Başak, George V, Narel, Planisphere, M & D Substance, Zakat Project, Eli Clement, Arjona vs Soren Andrews, Efedry, Vadim Dreamer, Max Gueli, Esprit Fort and SoulState, Foxa and Liquid Nations.

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Progressive Trance release from Eli Clement on Green Martian.

The release comes with one original track, Small Moments Of Darkness, plus two remixes by Zakat Project and E-Ronic.

16 March 2011 FEATURED Read more




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