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Jakarta, Indonesia based DJ and producer Chris.M aka Krishna Prabawa returns to Green Martian after a bit of a hiatus under his new guise Jumpers_27 and the impressive Feel You EP. With many releases under his belt during his time with Bonzai, Krishna delivers yet again in his true professional style. Great to see him back once again and we hope to see much more in the future.

The Original Mix carries a very distinctive sound that would certainly befit Krishna’s native land. Right from the off we are thrust into a world filled with rich and beautiful melodies dished out via a cascading arpeggio. Throughout the track we are mesmerized by a stunning vocal that delivers a wonderfully warming vibe and which fits so perfectly with the Balearic bassline. The groove intensifies on the break with a wall of synths delivering a sublime progressive trance vibe that lingers for the duration. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

The Chris.M Remix takes things up a notch or two with his pacey driving groove made up of a solid drum arrangement and a throbbing bass that lurks on the low end. Punchy kicks and bright crispy hi hats lead the way as a super tight percussion arrangement delivers an edgy, dark vibe. That wonderfully rich, euphoric vocal dominates the track and is backed up by calming choir voices. On the break we get into a Balearic feel with beautifully plucked guitars and melodic synths before slamming back into full on mode for the duration. Simply amazing, a definite must have.

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Best Of Green Martian 2012 comes with original tracks and remixes by 06R, Rishi K., Chris M, Showave, Blufeld, Manu Riga, Quadran, Philthy Chit, DJK, George V, Mr.Raf & Hezi Rachmani, DJ Shy presents Horizons, Danny Jahr, Single Man, Neel V, Janeiro, and Nu Fjord featuring Belle.


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Talented Indonesian DJ/producer Chris M aka Chrisna Prabawa returns to Green Martian with a superb cut of pure progressive house brilliance.

With many releases under his belt during his time with Bonzai Music, Chris delivers yet again in his true professional style. The Story Goes Further is a 4 track EP filled with all the delights you’d expect from quality progressive sounds.

The title track kicks us off in a cool upbeat vibe, tight drum arrangement with a real grooving bassline and a bright synth sound on the break that builds for the rest of the track, then this tune really raises the tempersture with a sultry female vocal sample, this is one powerful tune that is sure to blow some minds!

Bergrenen is a more straight laced in your face prog house stomper, big kicks, deep basses and cool FX make for a hypnotic vibe, massive build up on this and kicks like a mule when the melodic sequence enters, big big tune!

Going deeper into the prog world with Ambiano, starting off with deep house kicks and bass this track does an awesome job building the layers to create a monster of a tune that will hypnotise any floor at any time.

Flying Angels continues to deliver on the professional sound Chris has produced, crisp, sharp, stabby prog house that would fit well in any box. An all round very well made EP that will get a lot of support for sure.

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Ibiza 2K12 – Progressive House Frequencies comes with original tracks and remixes by Redraft Memories, Rishi K., Manu Riga, Jimmy Galle, Crocy, Tony Awake & Free Mind, Mindgamers, DJ Chus & David Penn, Chantola, Heinrich Kantholz & Drill Wagen, Quadran, Planisphere, Nancy Burrello & Digital Angel, Thorin, Chris M, Abi-Q and Raw-E, Kiilto, Guido Durante & Mattia Evo, Bozanov, Lolo, Audiotox & Watson, Kintar featuring Lu Chase, Tempterzz, Philthy Chit, Janeiro, Matteo Monero and Kintar.

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A true activist in Electronic music of all kinds for well over 15 years, Belgian Airwave’s discography counts more than 250 records and dozens of remixes, many of them being supported by the biggest names of the industry. Genius Composer and Performer, the man’s imprint on the scene is remarkable.

Hit by surprise by a virus called Electronic Dance music, Laurent developed his knowledge of music and technology in Parallel until his first demos saw the light of day in may of 1995. 1996 saw him release his first tracks on the infamous Bonzai imprint, but that is 1998 that saw him grow up and become the progressive trance artist we know today, with the release of his first Airwave record, I want to Believe, immediately picked up by UK’s own Sasha and Oakenfold, and later on by up and coming youngster Tiësto, gaining popularity as much as he was playing Laurent’s records. The same can be said about the whole dutch trance scene, in which Laurent’s records were and still are omnipresent.

That is how Laurent developed his DJ and performer’s career from back then, having several gigs worldwide, from Tokyo to San Francisco, from Auckland, NZ to Toronto, and from Manchester to Athens. Hundreds of gigs saw him perform at the world’s biggest clubs of those times, Slinky, Gatecrasher, Godskitchen, The Gallery, 1015, Dopler in Bratislava, and many others, all of them had the chance to welcome Laurent Airwave one day, if not several times, which proves that you don’t need to overcommercialize your music to get rewarded all around the world.

«Everyday is full of new challenges, and limits only exist into the human brain» are Airwave’s words of wisdom for every single day. Don’t limit the man to a single genre, as his 15 years in the business gave him the ability to execute any style of music with a true sense of perfection and achievement.

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New volume of Club Traxx – Progressive House.

Contains original tracks and remixes from Luca Lombardi, Funky Space Pirates, Lemonchill, Squared Curves, Da Others and Andrea Saenz vs Ro Garcia, DJ IVI-R , Chantola, Storyteller, Zas & Sanze presents Mindgamers, Jan Peters, Erdem Aktas, Manu Riga, MiniTech Project, Marko La Rocca, Section 9, Drahosh, 21street, Phony Orphants, Thorin, Ken Loi, Yuan, Dezarate, Verche, Cee Cee Cox, Artois, and Chris M featuring Anissa Sukma.

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Thorin born on 7 October 1977 in Goirle, a small village near Tilburg. He didn’t stay there for long. At the age of 1 year he moved to Almelo which is a medium city in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Thorin grew up in a musical family, uncles who play guitar, Drums and many other instruments, aunts who sing lets say it’s all in the family.Almost everyone in the family is doing something with music.His father played in several bands some with guitar and others with percussion.

At a young age thorin got connected with music, influences from bands like Deep Purple, the Doors, Pink Floyd. Thorins taste of music is very wide from soul to funky stuff to modern music.In 1992, some friends introduced Thorin into house music nowadays so called oldskool house. While partying a lot Thorin got interested in DJ’ing. He bought some turntables and started to learn mixing 12″ records. After 6 months he controlled dj basics. Buying records and records and getting more DJ skills. He also got interested in producing his own music, lucky for him he got in contact with an old friend from his father. That friend started with producing in the early 80’s. Maurice learned Thorin the basics of Producing, Maurice already had released some music on different labels and did some things together with Sander Kleinenberg in the early 90’s. He was also Sander K’s first Sound/Audio engineer. In 1996 Thorin switched from the hardcore house scene to nice and chill Progressive House music. In 2003 Thorin and Maurice started producing together and while doing some social projects they had to start some kind of Production Company. So in 2006 the Promusic Foundation started. 2 cds released in 6 months working on a third, “stichting Promusic” got more projects and work then expected. With that reason Thorin decided to take a break with DJ’ing and focus more on Promusic.

Now in 2007 Thorin picked up DJ’ing again and started focus more on his own style of producing. Thorin bought a house and started investing more in a new studio. With a stable home base we can expect a lot in 2007.

2008, Thorin decided to stop buying vinyl and switch to digital mixing. He updated his home studio bought some new equipment and switched over to Traktor scratch with the time coded vinyl. Meanwhile several tracks got signed and released at different labels around the globe including: Reticent Recordings USA, Bit Records Mexico and Bellarine Records Australia. Thorin is working on some remix projects together with some friends in the States (Zodiacal Light, And3rsun and Dax Wadley) which will be 2 EP’s.

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Ibiza 2K11 – Progressive House Frequencies

Featuring original tracks and remixes from Dezarate, Pamuya, Da Othersz, Andrea Saenz vs Ro Garcia, Chantola, Storyteller, Thorin, Chris M, Lemonchill, Jan Peters featuring Aviatrix , MiniTech Project, Marko La Rocca, Erdem Aktas, Mindgamers, Blufeld, Parlange, Kelly O’Brian, Jake Shelton, Gerard Serrat, Jasper Jinx, Alex Torn, Chantola, Artois, Jan van Lier, Verche, Quadran, Manu Riga, Jimmy Galle, Planisphere, Funky Space Pirates, Ran Salman and Nir Azilov featuring Lee Kashir and Uriel.

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Ibiza 2K11 – Laidback Trance Frequencies

Featuring original tracks and remixes from Airwave, Chris M, Wenturo, Sovve feat Devize, Blufeld, Arto Kumanto, Michal Jesensky, Güçlü Başak, George V, Narel, Planisphere, M & D Substance, Zakat Project, Eli Clement, Arjona vs Soren Andrews, Efedry, Vadim Dreamer, Max Gueli, Esprit Fort and SoulState, Foxa and Liquid Nations.

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EPISODE 21: Jamez & Soulboy – Halo EP (Eyepatch Recordings)

Electronic music legend Jamez, part of Trancesetters, Tata Box Inhibitors or Dobre & Jamez with whom he also co-founded Touché Records teams up with Soulboy, famous for his remix of DJ Astrid “The Spell” and for his previous work with Jamez called Surface Tension, wich was 2009´s Kevin Saunderson’s summers favourite and was frequently heard on Ibiza Global Radio, for this awesome Halo EP on Eyepatch Recordings. The release comes with four outstanding tracks, Halo, Freak, Just Believe and Soleil. All 4 included in this special video mix.

EPISODE 22: Ignat Shamko – The Vault Of Heaven (ALBUM) (Bonzai Elemental)

Full length album from Ignat Shamko out on Bonzai Elemental. Featuring 15 original tracks, Ignat takes you on a long journey trough his imaginary world of warm atmospheres and never-ending landscapes of sounds.

EPISODE 23: Manu Riga – Time In Between (Chantola Nu Rave Edit) (Bonzai Progressive)

After the sucess with Tai Chi Girl, Manu Riga comes back to Bonzai Progressive, with a single titled Time In Between. Including remixes from Chantola, Chris M, Dennis Franchi and Mindgamers.

EPISODE 24: Manu Riga – Time In Between (Original Mix) (Bonzai Progressive)

After the sucess with Tai Chi Girl, Manu Riga comes back to Bonzai Progressive, with a single titled Time In Between. Including remixes from Chantola, Chris M, Dennis Franchi and Mindgamers.



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After the sucess with Tai Chi Girl, Manu Riga comes back to Bonzai Progressive, with a single titled Time In Between.

Including remixes from Chantola, Chris M, Dennis Franchi and Mindgamers.

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WMC 2K11 – Yearly compilation of House & Techno out on Bonzai Progressive.
Release comes with original tracks and remixes from Piek meets Oraa, Villa Gombao, Milton Channels, Andrea Saenz, Fab Code, Minitech Project, Project KF, Mark PRades, Ecco, Lucio Grandi, Verche, Cause & Effect, Steve Prior, Ignacio Demaria, Wits To Wear, Matt Silver, Brisboys, Jasper Jinx, SaDu. Ecco, Dezarate, Markus Ilgner, Michael Paterson, Warner Powers, Jasper Jinx, Luca Lombardi, Thorin, Chris M, Jimmy Galle, and Planisphere.

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Dutch producer Thorin strikes again with an excellent Progressive EP including remixes by Parafernalia (pretty deep stuff), Chris M. and And3rsun.

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Dutch DJ/producer Thorin is no newcomer and he proves it with his newest single Garlic Memories on Bonzai Progressive.

Fresh and cool progressive house here with on top of the original 3 great remixes by Chris M, Gerard Serrat and Mindgamers.

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