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Konstantin is back and here he joins forces with Jey Fever to deliver a superb cut on Basiks. Konstantin has been busy on remix duties this past while and has also made an appearance on Bonzai’s “Eyepatched Volume 3″ vinyl. Israeli Jenia Shteingart aka Jey Fever makes his debut on Basiks in this release. He spent a while crafting his own unique sound and has had releases on labels like Rip n Burn, AK-Tek Records and System Recordings.

The original mix of wreaks of deep tech from the off with a filtered kick and tight hat combo taking us up to a superb deep and tough bass. The sound builds layer by layer with percussions and FX adding depth, gritty synths follow alongside a vocal and on the break we get a sweeping synth and a lot of added extras before the track explodes back into a raw groove, stunning!

The highly skilled Belgian DJ and producer Van Czar steps up to remix duties with his Hypnotechnique Remix. Van turns up the heat here with a truly sublime effort, the bass along with a very rhythmic percussion section will surely hypnotize your mind. On the break an intense pad beefs up the sound and we are also treated to Van’s expert FX work. After the drop we kick back to the main groove with a blast and the chance to lose yourself for a time, amazing stuff!

Belfast’s own, the Brisboys aka John Manning and Ciaran Duffy, are back with more brilliant house grooves for our pleasure with their remix. Deep down and funky would best describe this superb remix, phat beats are contrasted with crisp percussions and deep, cool house chords that evoke retro memories. Classic style hook on the break and great use of the vocal round of an awesome track.


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Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, Mario Foksa aka Foxa is no stranger to Bonzai. He has released under his Foxa guise on Nemesis, Green Martian, Musashi and also appears on a few compilations under the B-Progrez, B-Music and B-Bonzai Trance Progressive umbrellas where he mainly focused on trance. Now releasing under his own name he has made the journey into deep house, tech and techno styles. Here we see his debut on Basiks with “Medicine” which is backed up with a top notch remix.

The original mix is a true club stomper, big, bold in your face sounds, heavy bassline and a cracking kicks build up a gritty, hard edged groove with some amazing vocal samples. Little hints of house creep through with an almost retro type synth hiding away in the background, this adds a cool contrast to the vibe.

Belfast’s own Brisboys step up for remix duty and deliver their brand of quality as usual. More minimal vibe off this track with well crafted beats and FX, the track builds nicely using the vocal sample brilliantly. Some real cool house synths make a show and an awesome ride ensues, definitely a favourite for many playlists.


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Belfast based recording and DJing duo Brisboys aka John Manning and Ciaran Duffy return to Bonzai Progressive with an absolute stomping 2 tracker. The guys had been doing there own thing on the Irish circuit for a number of years until they met by chance in Australia in 2007. After realising they both shared the same passion for house music and that they only lived a few miles apart in Ireland they created Brisboys. Since then they have went on to become very popular indeed with releases on Atmosfera Recording, Azuli Records, Baroque Records, Bonzai Records, Dirty Deluxe Records, Futurelovers Records, Presslab Records, Ritual Music, Stampgevaar Digital and Unison Recordings. The boys also regularly appear as guests on the Bonzai Basik Beats Radioshow.

“Get Out” is a straight up house monster, chunky beats and bass with a superb percussion section throughout. Settle in for a brilliant ride as this track just builds and builds, super cool synths on the break with an acid line take this track to a new level, prepare yourselves, it’s gonna get messy with this one in any club!

“One More” keeps the house vibe alive with a solid constant groove, tight arrangement on the kicks and percs give a nice rhythm. Midway we get treated to a familiar sounding synth and on the break things settle down for a bit before a stellar build up kicks us back into the groove. Top notch stuff which will be in a lot of boxes!


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Brisboys in control of the mixing desk this week at Bonzai Basik Beats! Enjoy!

Tracklisting – Episode 110 – mixed by Brisboys:

1º Solartoff – Airflush
2º Rob McCarthy – Circe No Ante
3º Timid Boy – Kiss Me (H2 Remix)
4º Daniel Dubb, Alex :One – So Reel
5º Denis Horvat – Drums’N’Roses (Sabb Remix)
6º Delgado, Chrissy K – Sampled Too Much
7º Angelo Ferrari – Is All Around
8º David Glass – Waitin All Week
9º Arkay – Lovin Your Sound (Jaceo Remix)
10º Mikel E, Soulrack, Danny Serrano – Objects (Sinisa Tamamovic Remix)
11º Sam Paganini, Minicoolboyz – Miss You (Original Mix)
12º Project KF – Traveler (Alfa Rhythm Boys Remix)



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Ibiza 2K12 – Tech House Frequencies comes with original tracks and remixes by Rob Small, Mute:, Hilal Tekschneider, Adrian C & Dubsons, Daniele Kama, Oz Romita, Dennis Hercules, Zas & Sanze presents Mindgamers, Fab Code, The French Connection, Jasper Jinx, Brisboys, M62, Carl Price, Ecco, Markus Ilgner, Charles Ramirez & Stan Garac, MiniTech Project with Sabatine, Simone Girau, Dahaus, KAGO DO, Stake, Ed Lee and Tofke & Peker.

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Third instalment in the My House Is Your House series on Bonzai Progressive. Featuring original tracks and remixes from Brett Lawrence, Wonji, BeatBlenderz, Rishi K., Sa.Du, Crocy, Hilal Tekschneider, Adrian C and Dubsons, Oz Romita, Dennis Hercules, Brisboys, Santon, Carl Price, Villa Gombao Inc., Yonathan Dahan and Torsten Zarth, Guido Durante and Mattia Evo, Charles Ramirez, Middle Rhythm, Ecco, Jamez & Soulboy, The French Connection, Daniel Ray.

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EPISODE 112: Michele Cecchi – A Spy In Paradise (Bonzai Elemental)

Michele Cecchi is a veteran of electronic music, with 17 years of hard work to prove it,started his music career in 1997, on a radio program called -Future Releases-,presented by one of the most popular italian djs Freddy K. After the studies he decides to build a little home recordings studio in his house with a Roland JP-8080 a Drum machine and a TB-303 so starts to produce a lot of demos in different genres from techno to trance and hard house…but the quality of the tracks is still very poor.

In 2000 he writes The Mistery Inside, low quality but good melody…so spending a lot of weeks to work on that and with the precious help of DjMill&ManuelT and the producer Elvio Trampus from Nebula, he finally recorded his first vinyl on Uforecordings. This was the beginning;and consolidated the frienship with DjMill,in 2001 saw the birth of their new project Antithesys with the single World of Dreams, after that many others like The Gate and a lot remixes for Raptor,Black Runner,Rotar for Wicked records,Pleasent records,Uforecordings and Stik records followed.

Michele Cecchi is an eclectic music composer and his productions takes a wide range of genres from electronic,trance,techno,chillout and classic scores for soundtracks. In 2003 starts the collaboration with Emanuele Inglese wich brings an electronic-house influence
to his own productions, so he decides to create another project to divide the genres which gives life to Michael K with the vinyl release Soap To Skin.

Both his current projects are defined by different kind of sound: Michael K (techno-minimal-house) Michele Cecchi (trance-chillout-electronic).

From 2008 to date he has produced for labels such as Bonzai records, Neurotraxx, Neuroscience UK and Trance All Stars Records

EPISODE 113: Brisboys – Beat The System (Mint & Mustard Recordings)

Belfast DJs John Manning & Ciaran Duffy joined forces in late 2008 having been DJs in their own right for over ten years, playing in clubs and radio stations all over Northern Ireland and beyond.

They had never met until 2007 when they met by chance in Brisbane, Australia. After talking they realized they shared a passion for House Music and realizing they only lived a few miles apart back home in Ireland they made an agreement, that they would keep in contact and start a project when back on home turf, Brisboys was born.

In the short time they have been working together they have already had several number 1 hits on and support for their tracks comes from the likes of Dave Piccioni, Miss Nine, Jesse Voorn, Eric Entrena, Threesixty and Felix Baumgartner to name a few. Their track -Upside Down- was selected for the highly acclaimed Azuli Presents Miami 10 Compilation which is available to buy digitally or on CD, a rarity in this digital age and they also have tracks signed to Presslab Records (Italy), Stampgevaar Digital (UK), Soultech Recordings (UK) , Active Cut Recordings (Brazil) & Atmosfera Recordings (Columbia).

With lots more releases to come from these guys they are definitely one to look out for in the future.

EPISODE 114: Daniel Ray – Fourty (Eyepatch Recordings)

Daniel Ray van Zyl aka Placid Larry has been DJing since 1999. Beginning his career in his native South Africa, Daniel has held residencies in Jo’Burg — better known as Johannesburg — and in Tshwane — better known as Pretoria — before setting his sights on the UK club scene, where he held residencies in London, Brixton and Southampton.

After a brief stint home, he moved to Bahrain where he has held a residency in premier restaurant and lounge “Zoe” for the past two and a half years.

For the past five years, Daniel has been honing his skills as a producer. His unique chilled house and down tempo electronica and chill out sound has seen his tracks being released on the renowned Lemon Grass Music label. Daniel continues to produce deep melodic soundscapes filled with thought and emotion, stemming straight from his heart.

EPISODE 115: Cassandria Daiva – Sulabha EP (Bonzai Basiks)

Behind any successful DJ and music producer, you will usually discover a strong, focused individual who is really passionate about the music scene and who knows how to connect with the crowds. Cassandria Daiva is no exception. Bringing an energetic spirit and love for the sensual grooves, this tech house DJ sets the dancefloors ablaze everywhere she goes. Whether she is performing in nightclubs, music festivals or private parties, Cassandrias experience and unique energy make her a genuine asset to the success of the event at hand.

Born out of passion for the underground house music scene of the 90s, Cassandrias career began more than 15 years ago when she learnt the art of beatmatching on Technics turntables, the precursors of the infamous 1200s! Her unique energy stems from years of mentoring from influencial music figures of the disco era who actually contributed to the birth and rise of house music in the 80s. Watching her flawlessly mix and beat match 3 decks with seamless perfection on and on for hours brings awe to the sharpest musical connaisseur and dazzles even the most demanding crowds.

In addition to her extensive DJ skills, Cassandria is also an avid music producer and remixer. With her experience behind the decks, this progression came naturally and her artistic persona gave birth to new releases and exciting remixes. These found their way on various labels such as Do2Night, Triskel Tech, as well as her own imprint High Gloss, and most recently Bonzai Basics. Her latest releases have gained support from artists such as Osuna Paco, Sergio Fernandez, Rainer Weichhold, Junior Vasquez, Alfonso Padilla, Sergio Matina, Markus Schulz, LegNo, Juan DDD and countless others.

Cassandria has toured in Europe, played several Winter Music Conference events in Miami including club Mecca and The Dolce, and performed at one of the largest music festival in North America: WEMF. Throughout her career she has had the opportunity of sharing the decks with Mark Farina, Junior Sanchez, Alexander Technique, King Britt, DJ Heather, Jojoflores, Da Fresh, Dan Marciano, Chuck Love, George Morel and so many more…

Cassandria also hosts her infamous Erotech show, a weekly broadcast syndicated to 9 internet radios and an FM station in Belgium, reaching listeners worldwide.

This female DJs distinctive sound is filled with lively rhythms, brightened by wild percussions, sustained by hypnotic samples and enhanced by deep enchanting basslines. Her unique energy, coupled with her ability to instinctively relate with the partygoers make her a perfect addition to any venue. Cassandrias character, experience and credibility help event organizers and promoters deliver quality musical entertainement that stands out and leaves the crowd wanting more.

EPISODE 116: Janeiro – That Close (Green Martian)

Janeiro is a duo (Eugene & Alex) of EDM producers and remixers from Belarus, inspired by productions of such big names as ATB, Chicane, Solarstone and many others. Their focus is melodic music (trance and chillout) filled with pianos, guitars, balearic motives, feelings and atmosphere.

Included into Solarstone’s Electronic Architecture 2 at the beginning of musical career Janeiro keeps making more music, what results in new forthcoming releases on different well-known labels. Their music tastes are defined for now but not strict due to many influences and possible future collaborations


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