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Redraft Memories of his real name Ricardo Medina, born in Mexico City in 1992 where from an early age forms and under strong influence of his father as a DJ and her sister as a percussionist, he begins to try different genres of music to stay within electronic music, specifically in Techno & House, under this influence begins deeper and deeper into the music, until it began to make his own interpretation on this, by signing in labels as Dirty Stuff Records, Bonzai, Zua (among others) and playing with word-class artist as RPO, Zobek, Vlind and Zaa, actually is one of the emerging talents of the scene, Redraft Memories is here to stay, do not lose sight!

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Winter Music Conference, Miami, the place where dance music takes shape for the following summer season, year after year.
This compilation sums up the conference spirit with a special pack of 80 tracks compiled in a way to reach the majority of todays most important dance music styles from Progressive House, to Tech House, Techno, Deep House, and Chill Out.

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New release from Abi-Q & Raw-E in Bonzai Progressive. The single comes with the original track Jerome plus a Crocy Remix on top.

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New release in Bonzai Progressive, this time with Nancy Burrello & Digital Angel, together for a stunning progressive stormer titled Blue Heart. The single comes with the original track plus two remixes from Manu Riga and Jake Shelton.

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New installment in the Bonzai Progressive Sampler series, this time with original tracks from Crocy and Redraft Memories.

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Ibiza House Doctor #2 compilation with original tracks and remixes from Daniele Kama, Dimitry Liss & Nasrawi, Joal, Adrian C & Dubsons, Lucio Grandi, Carl Price, Oz Romita, Soundmodul & Moffous, Accatone, Simone Girau, Filipa Rebelo, Ed Lee, Luciano Nieto, DJ Groovy, Brett Lawrence, Del Horno, Project KF, Zas & Sanze presents Mindgamers, Jasper Jinx, Daily Dose, Ecco, The French Connection and Santon.

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End of the year compilation, including all the best tracks released in Bonzai Progressive in 2011.
Includes original tracks and remixes from 21street, Phony Orphants, Quadran, Planisphere, Manu Riga, Zas & Sanze presents Mindgamers, Thorin, SynnyS, Citizen 42, Chantola, Heinrich Kantholz & Drill Wagen, Soundmodul & Moffous, Fab Code, Tony Awake & Free Mind, Luca Lombardi, Funky Space Pirates, Cee Cee Cox, Tripzone, Philthy Chit, Dennis Franchi, Storyteller and Daiko.

Launched end 1994 under the name Bonzai Trance Progressive. The name was bit more accurate back in those days. Since then BTP has evolved into BP which is more than just a progressive trance label. Since late 2k9 we decided to distance ourselves from the trance scene since todays trance sound doesn’t really fit out vision anymore. Today the label is not afraid to take a leap into multiple directions, with a touch of electro, minimal, house and any other style – without forgetting the main focus is to deliver a quality progressive sound.

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Yahyaa Mahomed was born into a family of drummers. Rhythm was something that came to him effortlessly. He played rhythm guitar in his high school garage band The Strait Jackets with his musical peers at the time. He later moved on to DJ’ing as his love for house music eclipsed almost every facet of his youth.

His professional DJ career began in 2001 at Jozis infamous and legendary after-hours and somewhat left-off-centre nightclub … Hideout -Plot 187-….
He was only 20 years old qt the time and was churning out rhythms and grooves onto the undulated Hideout dance-floor and garden, which was strictly for over 25s only, weekend after weekend.

He innately grasped the Point Blank Club DJ role from The Hideout Family. He remained a resident there for almost 3 years which led, inevitably, to the more studio orientated projects and gigs on SAs trendsetting dance-floors while never straying from his purist approach to dance culture.

Finishing 3rd on the Mr. Spencer Underground DJ voting polls confirmed that he would be a pillar in the future cutting edge brand of the South African dance Republic.

He went on to sign his 1st single, Soul Oasis to the local Mafioso progressive label, Glotech Africa, which made the top 20 in the Euro dance mp3 download charts in the first two weeks of sales, while working with SAs pioneering house artists on other experimental projects.

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New episode of the Bonzai Progressive Kult compilation series.
Featuring original tracks and remixes by Quadran, Zas & Sanze present Mindgamers, Smart Wave, George V, oneUP, dPen & Nick Varon, inMotion, Matteo Monero, Frangellico, Soundmodul & Moffous, Chantola, Heinrich Kantholz & Drill Wagen, Lucio Grandi, The French Connection, Project KF, Joal, Simone Girau, Dahaus, Damir Pushkar, Ecco, Fab Code, Oz Romita, Del Horno, Kosmorama, Nick Pheomotion, Jamez & Soulboy, Thorin, SynnyS and Kintar featuring Lu Chase.

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New release concept – Bonzai Progressive Sampler – Volume 1 – with original tracks and remixes from DJ Chus & David Penn, Bini & Martini, Wally Lopez, Lee John, Ad finem and Hoxton Whores.

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At an early age Fab was bewitched by music. At age 6 he was attracted by the sounds of soul, funk and disco playing from his parents jukebox. Rocked to the sounds of Tamla Motown, James Brown, Barry White, KC & The Sunshine Band and later Kraftwerk. All this built up in him to a music culture dominated by rhythm and groove.

In the early 80s he began his DJ career (as DJ Fab) and became resident in a trendy club in Brussels called -Disco Steve-. Residencies and bookings would follow one another until 1988, playing in many local clubs, always quality venues, such as Le Veaudeville, Le Garage, Le Variete, La Pergola, Le Disque Rouge (Fuse), Las Vegas, and many others. The musical styles he spins with finesse and technique are funk, disco and new wave, the hype music for this era.

After hanging up his DJ gloves to explore new musical fields, music production, we see him reappear in 1989 with the release of his debut single -Warbeat- under the pseudonym Bassline Boys. The success was immediate following the mini scandal triggered by this title when it was broadcasted in Chistophe Dechavanne’s -ciel mon mardi- (TF1 – French TV), and the musical response entitled -On se calme (Mr. Dechavanne)- turned into a massive hit in France, selling over 400,000 copies and awarded with a gold record. New Beat, Acid House, Techno and Hardcore releases will succeed during the following years under various monickers, such as Fax Yourself, BSR, Defcon, DSK, Hydrowave, Speed Limit, etc.

In 1994 he decided to return to the turntables, and when he met Claude El Divino (City Parade) he joined the -Underground Energy- team, which allowed him play in one of the most prestigious clubs of Belgium, the Extreme. After a series of bookings with Energy Underground he became a resident at Extreme. Other residencies and bookings followed, including La Raza, Planet Hardcore, Cocoon, Illusion, Zenith, Pavarotti and so on.

After a break from both the deejaying and studio work during the early 2000s, he comes back in 2006 with a new challenge, creating and running his own DJ Bar, which will be called -bar©ode-. The project took its flight, the parties became famous throughout Belgium and abroad, and renowned DJs lined up behind bar©odes decks. Pole Folder (Bedrock Records), Filterheadz (I Love Techno), CP (Pulse Factory) Ecco (KMB records), Rudy (Fuse), Xian (Cafe dAnvers), Milo (You), Dave Kane, Trap House, to name a few.

Inspired by the name of his latest project -bar©ode- DJ Fab became Fab Code, and after the bar closed late 2007, he resumed the hunt for bookings. He joined the team of DJ Ecco called -United Elektro- and also played at -Dance Machine- and -Acid Or Not- parties until the end of 2009, then Fab decided to move and settle in the United Kingdom.

Freshly landed in Manchester, his new home, he went back to work and returned to the recording studio to relaunch his career as a producer / composer. He released his first tracks in 2010 on Belgian label Kiss My Beat Records (KMB) and has now signed with Bonzai Music to release some material on Bonzai Progressive, Bonzai Basiks and Mint & Mustard labels.

The artist has had support from various DJ´s, such as:
Slam, Nic Fanciulli, Moussa Clarke, Wyndell Long, James Grindle, Graham Gold amongst others.

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Red Bull Elektropedia Vanguard Awards this year go to Bonzai Records and Kozzmozz.

The award ceremony will be at I Love Techno 2011 on the 12th of November.



When we talk about Belgian dance music and more specifically the 90s era, it’s impossible to ignore the massive impact of Bonzai Records. Thunderball’s Bonzai Channel One, Jones & Stephenson’s The First Rebirth and Push’s trance classic Universal Nation are just three of many classics that helped solidify Bonzai’s status as one of the hottest dance labels on the planet. Therefore we are proud to salute the label’s masterminds Christian Pieters (Fly) and Marnik Braeckevelt.

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