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A welcome return to Bonzai Elemental for Fushe with his new pure chilled 2 tracker “Amnesia”. After his well received last release “Saxophoria” we are treated to another trip into the world of blissed out sounds.

Krygystan born composer Fushe is turning heads in the chillout world with his cool downtempo lounge vibes. With a couple of releases on Bonzai Elemental and featuring on the “Pure Chillz” compilation we continue to get locked in to these smooth grooves.

First up is the title track “Amnesia”, beautiful sweeping pads and sweet melodic plucked notes open up this track, tight kicks and crisp hats come in and settle down into an awesome chilled out ride. When the melody takes over your mind is transported far away in thoughts, brilliant.

“Chillses” has a very spacey feel to it with its high pitched notes and almost machine like sounds, a beautiful vox pad sits nicely in the background and ties up the melodies very well.

Yet another fine chilled out release for the very popular Bonzai Elemental imprint.

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Bonzai Elemental strikes again with another chilled out, laidback ambient drive through musical soundscapes. This time we have Starfi with a two track release entitled “Ascension”.

The title track “Ascension” is quite simply a beautiful journey through many melodic sequences and a light downtempo rhythm, definitely one to just kick back and chill the evening away.

Focusing more on a quite brilliantly complex drum arrangement and superb deep bass is “Transmission”. Filled with phased pads and strings that come sweeping by delivering beautiful melodies on its way, it’s chill out time!

10 October 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more



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Based in Krapina, Croatia, Denis Stefanic sees his debut release on Bonzai Elemental with the sublime No Harm.

Denis aka Hedonist usually steers toward the prog/tech house side of things but here we see him venture into the world of chillout and what a great track to start with.

“No Harm” is a truly laidback hypnotic journey through sweet melodic sounds and a female vocal sweeping in and out, deep piano chords and bright arps fill up the sound field and you will no doubt be fully hooked after just a short time of listening.

A fine addition to the Bonzai Elemental stable.

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Russian producer Alexander Dancaless returns to Bonzai Elemental after his All The Time EP with this stunning Chill album, Coffee Morning, 15 tracks of bliss and soundscapes waiting to be relaxed to.

The title track sets us off into a journey of sublime chilled out vibes, heavy, deep pads arranged in a cool melody and a subtle drum section sets up the album perfectly.

Irreversibility is a nice emotional piano moment with sweet melody and a strangely distorted pad that fits so well, cool beats give a downtempo feel as well as relaxing the mind.

Nacreous Poison has a dark edge to it, deep drone pads and basses and an eerie melodic sequence with heavier beats, a masterpiece of soundscaping.

Next we have Ice, more uptempo beat with some very cool FX on the drums, again we are treated to very nice melodies.

Track number five is called Another, very smooth intro building up to a crescendo of pads and voice over an array of well arranged beats, now it’s really time to chill with this amazing track.

Frustration takes a more grizzly approach as can be heard through the percussions, eerie windswept pads create an intense atmosphere.

My Film Is A Drama unloads sweet sounds over a heavier kick drum arrangement, deep bass and very nice organ sound will end up soothing the night away.

Puzzless is a really laidback affair starting off with smooth synths which later become grainy and then morph into beautiful melody.

Lonely Smoke is another beauty with a well constructed drum arrangement and an arp that really sets the melody off, very nice relaxing sound.

Track ten is I Don’t Feel A Bottom, as the name suggests you get a sense of an eerie dark abyss, wonderful technique.

When I Sleep is one of those tunes that will surely make you drift off, really nice piano and synth combination.

Time Of Low Clouds takes the chill meter way down with a cool groove and outstanding sweeping synth pads on the melody.

Other Autumn keeps the chilled out vibe alive with very subtle chords and a perfect drum section, a nice melody comes sweeping by keeping you hooked on this gem.

Tomorrow is more of that same sweet subtle sounds, really cool synth work on this and again the beats fit snugly into the groove.

Finally on this outstanding album is Squeezer, heavier kicks and bass create a nice flow in the sound, cool FX work and a simple melody make this a fitting end.

Yet another top quality offering from Alexander and for Bonzai Elemental.

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New EP from Morpheus 7 vs Nale in Bonzai Elemental.

Timeline EP comes with five original tracks, Minutes Of The Soul (Vocal + Dub versions), The Rain, Shiva, The Beginning and Nebula.

29 August 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more



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Placid Larry aka Daniel Ray Van Zyl has been a DJ since 1999 holding residencies in South Africa before moving to the UK with gigs in London and Southampton. Daniel has also held a prestigious spot at Bahrain’s top lounge ZOE’s. During this time Daniel had been honing his skills as a producer in various styles of music.

After several popular releases and remixes on Bonzai Elemental, Placid Larry returns with his unique take on the world of ambient, downtempo and chill filled with beautiful melodies.
Yesteryear is a smooth collection of works oozing with relaxation and impressive arrangement.

We kick off with the title track, Yesteryear, coming in with a vocal hit and deep bass sound the track meanders on building up on a cool downtempo breakbeat kick with cool FX and subtle piano along the way.

Curtain Raiser brings in a laid back vibe with sweet melodies and an almost melancholic sound which hypnotises the mind.

The Distant Sea is a cool arrangement of sounds with a well arranged kick, strangely sublime yet totally gets you hooked in.

Laidback darker sound on Our Outlets with a very quiet softly spoken female vocal and kind of detuned piano, this adds an eerie feel that creates a bit of positive tension.
As The Day Slips Away is an unwinding type of track with a gritty vibe and cool FX, excellent percussions and sweet synths.

Carefree is full of piano melodies and has a chest throbbing bass with a more upbeat rhythm, short, sharp and to the point. Immemorial takes on a drum n bass vibe with a familiar drum signature, very nice synth work ties together a well constructed sound.
Already released in July as a single, Compactor is a nice chilled out vibe with subtle melodies and a really cool kick backed up with a deep bassline.

Fresh kicks and percussion opens up the next track, Wonderland, Placid Larry’s unique signature shines through with piano, deep bass and very cool FX work.

For Peace is a totally chilled out slice of music with a nice sitar sounding instrument and melodic vox sound.

Finally for this album we have Memories Of Us which is a fitting end to a truly amazing gathering of tracks. Beautiful melody and sweeping FX is definitely one for ending a day at the office or a day at the beach.

15 August 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more



Aiemo aka David Nicosia Longhi is gaining a lot of attention with Dreaming Eyes, harnessing the stunning vocal talent of Sandra Hakky, this lush melodic chilled out sound has gained over 250k views with some amazing positive feedback on Youtube.

This inspiring Dannish/Italian artist now living in Copenhagen, David has dabbled with deep, minimal psy trance but now focuses in on chillout lounge music with flowing melodies.

Such a relaxed vibe suitable for the beach or the lounge, the video features awesome snaps that match beautifully with the music. Creating a serene atmosphere you will find yourself drifting along with every note and wanting more.

As part of Aiemos Dreaming Eyes EP which is available on all major download portals and features other very talented female artists, this tune continues to draw in a lot of listeners.


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Coming from a musical family LaboRoss is a very experienced musician and regularly attends music festivals and sound engineer and live performer.

Ross focuses on downtempo and chill as it relaxes him.

For My Son is beautiful melodic chillout sound, sweet piano and smooth bass will ease the mind and bring peace, very nice indeed.

Roberta is more of the same with Ross’s musical heritage shining through in his professional sound.

Definitely one to put into your collection and chill the night away!

1 August 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more



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Michele Cecchi is a veteran of electronic music, with 17 years of hard work to prove it.
started his music career in 1997, on a radio program called -Future Releases-,presented
by one of the most popular italian djs Freddy K.
After the studies he decides to build a little home recordings studio in his house with a
Roland JP-8080 a Drum machine and a TB-303 so starts to produce a lot of demos in different
genres from techno to trance and hard house…but the quality of the tracks is still very

In 2000 he writes The Mistery Inside, low quality but good melody…so spending a lot of weeks
to work on that and with the precious help of DjMill&ManuelT and the producer Elvio Trampus
from Nebula, he finally recorded his first vinyl on Uforecordings.
This was the beginning;and consolidated the frienship with DjMill,in 2001 saw the birth of their new
project Antithesys with the single World of Dreams, after that many others like The Gate and a lot
remixes for Raptor,Black Runner,Rotar for Wicked records,Pleasent records,Uforecordings and
Stik records followed.

Michele Cecchi is an eclectic music composer and his productions takes a wide range of genres
from electronic,trance,techno,chillout and classic scores for soundtracks.
In 2003 starts the collaboration with Emanuele Inglese wich brings an electronic-house influence
to his own productions, so he decides to create another project to divide the genres
which gives life to Michael K with the vinyl release Soap To Skin.

Both his current projects are defined by different kind of sound: Michael K (techno-minimal-house)
Michele Cecchi (trance-chillout-electronic).

From 2008 to date he has produced for labels such as Bonzai records, Neurotraxx, Neuroscience UK
And Trance All Stars Records

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Second best selling Chillout release in 2008 on Beatport, with over 3000 downloads, get a remix treatment release with works from Jane Maximova, Michele Cecchi, Placid Larry , Suburban Dream, Twins In Mind, and Raymond Wave.

Miika Kuisma is a finnish musician, artist, philosopher, futurist and inventor who’s passion is to understand fundamental nature of the reality by exploring spirituality, science, history and technology.

In early 90′s he got big revelation in a small house club and walked out as a new person. From that moment he knew dance music was ‘for him’. His first electronic records which influenced him the most include works by Jarre, Cosmic Baby, Moby, Prodigy, Faithless and early Eye-Q releases. After falling in love with so many electronic styles by now, also his own productions have become somewhat unpredictable.

His tracks are usually somewhere between progressive and melodic, while not being not ‘too deep’ or ‘too cheesy’. On the DJ’ing side Miika was known for his perfectionistic approach to build his sets in certain way. Especially his “Intelligent Design” radio mixes were trips across different moods and genres.
Miika has spent most of his life playing around with technical gear but also loved to draw and play instruments from very early age. After getting his degree in electricity he turned around and took career paths in graphic design, programming, animation and user-interface design.

Besides music production and performances he played key role in the concept and interface-design with EKS in the development of the MIDI controller EKS Otus. He played his last DJ gig in April of 2009, sold his record label “Subtraxx Recordings” for Bonzai Music and relocated into South-East Asia. Currently he is involved in designing new types of creative applications, media formats and business models.

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Alexander was born in the city of Tyumen, Russia, where he started to study music at a very early age. His strong musical formation had him writing his first productions before graduating from school. His natural sense of music and evolution drove him to work and experiment with electronic and digital productions. Alexander Dancaless developed a unique style that we can consider as the new wave of electronic music. Sound design, sticky rhythms and killer beats are the product of this new talent that will rock electronic fans around the globe. The basic styles: Tech-house, Deep-House, IDM, Downtempo.
Alexanders love of freedom defines his music as an independent and sincere one.

Tatiana Maltseva was born on the 21st of December 1989 in Tyumen (Russia), where she graduated Musical School. Tatiana was singing in the choir and was playing the piano. Also she sang in pop group and as student played in a blues band and then organized a rock band. Tatiana studies philosophy and religion.
In 2010 she began recording with Alexander Dancaless.

20 June 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more



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The 28-year-old Danish/Italian artist is born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. Inspired by the pulsating, urban and unique atmosphere of Copenhagen, David Nicosia Longhi has produced and published under various pseudonyms such as “Mazenga” and “Aiemo”. Ranging from deep, minimal psytrance to chillout and melodic lounge music.

David himself describes the importance of inspiration gathered from the fast paced citylife: “I love living in the city — there are endless inspirational options, ranging all the way from high-end fashion, cocktailbars, nightlife in general and even the modern oasis areas in Copenhagen, filled with peace and calm energy.I also like the anonymous feeling found in a big city. You could be surrounded by 100s of people and still feel like no one is seeing you. I generally get inspired from beautiful people around me and the desire to make and do something that touches the heart and thought of a human in combination with the electronically produced music. I want to keep living my daydream and my music reflects this.”

Practical Inspiration has been gathered from both the trance/balearic scene throughout the 90’s all the way to the downtempo and chilled lounge scene in modern time.

6 June 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more




New installment in the Pure Chillz compilation series, with original tracks by Jane Maximova, Red Avenue, New Place, Fushe, Placid Larry, Suburban Dream, Tokyo Boulevard, Parafernalia featuring Ace Vincent, Twins In Mind, Michele Cecchi, Aiemo featuring Miki Flores, Father, Auratune, Aerium presents Me3dian, Les Sabotages, Ishek and Thian featuring Mika Technika, Solarsoul, Jones & Stephenson, Rumle and Arthur L Gram.

30 May 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more



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New Bonzai Elemental release from Fushe. The release comes with two original tracks, Saxphoria and Pheromone.

23 May 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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