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Erik Kanzler has significantly gained importance as producer and DJ over the past few years.

In 1999 he made is first experiences as a DJ, a producer and a party-organizer and worked hard on his carrier in each of these aspects. But it was not until 2010 that Digital Records published unexpectedly his very first release Starcake. It was followed by two more releases. In Spring 2011 he released the About Be EP under his alter ego Kanzler and Wischnewski on the label Keymono Music which was at the same time his first Vinyl release. Soon after that release after release followed on labels such as Karateklub Records who published his Flatrunner EP, Ostfunk Records from Berlin and Etiketa Records from Croatia.

His alter ego, which is actually a merger, Kanzler and Wischnewski was founded in 2010. In his music he combines layers of dry and well-structured sounds together with house grooves and dubby bass, jazz trumpets and oriental sounds and adds a touch of minimalistic to take the crowd beyond the main-floor experience.
People from the press described his sound as Fresh and an Exploration Of The Abstract and Minimal New Chicago Sound.

Eric Kanzlers live act are extravagant and not for the average audience. A look hat the upcoming booking dates shows that with his gigs he reaches much further than Berlin and he is said to be the most interesting newcomer act around.

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Thanos Dimitriou aka Sa.Du was born in 1978 in Athens, Greece. Got into Techno and Trance music in his early teens. He started playing music in 1994 making his debut at a local station. He made parties with some friends in clubs, industries and not only, with some big Greek guests like Mike Dee, Verros, Johnny sin and many others, until 2002.

In 2004 he came back as a dj and played in many clubs on the Greek islands.

In 2008 Sa.Du started producing techno music and made three E.Ps the Sa.Du E.P, the Kyklos E.P and the Time A Part Of Life E.P
In 2009 Sa.Du changed his music style into deep techno and minimal. He send a track to the team from Bonzai Progressive and the first E.P was released with the name Sa.Du, which opened a new page with fresh and deep sounds. Two more E.Ps followed the DREAM E.P and the MACHINE AND A MAN E.P.

2010 sees the release of his track Lost In Deep, a deep feeling track with some progressive touch and trip sounds, with some special remixes.

Today Sa.Du is collaborating with the famous Greek dj of Techno, Mikee and in 2011 we will see them together making fresh beats and parties.

-Each track has a piece from my mind and my soul- Sa.Du

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Birkenmeier was born in France in 1987
Since his childhood he has been lulled by music thanks to his musical family.
In 2000 he discovered the arrival of Minimal Techno in Europe and then in France, which for him, was a real revelation.

So he obtained basic production software and began to created his first tracks having fun with samples.
The rapid progression of the Minimal Techno movement incited him to master his musical technique and invest in efficient material.

Today his home studio in Nimes in the south of France is well equipped with an Ableton Suite 8 , an APC80, a Kaossilator Pro, and multiple controllers which enables him to create quality tracks and to sign with many labels around the world such as:

-Truth Underground Recordings (Hollywood)
-Stellar Phonics Recordings (Liban)
-Bonzai Records (Belgique)
-Beat Tech Records (Colombie)
-Phäntom Records (France)
-Beat Control Records (Brésil)

Winner of the Remix Contest organized by Phantom Records (a growing label of Avignon France) he know producing just as well as remixing artists such as

– Alvaro Bacchi – Que cara esta la cebolla
– Patrice W. – Stop Talking
-Tom Almex – Monodeck
– Liv Stone – Kill you DJ

He is currently preparing a live Minimal Techno with which he intends to make a lasting impression and kick-start his DJ career.

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Behind any successful DJ and music producer, you will usually discover a strong, focused individual who is really passionate about the music scene and who knows how to connect with the crowds. Cassandria Daiva is no exception. Bringing an energetic spirit and love for the sensual grooves, this tech house DJ sets the dancefloors ablaze everywhere she goes. Whether she is performing in nightclubs, music festivals or private parties, Cassandrias experience and unique energy make her a genuine asset to the success of the event at hand.

Born out of passion for the underground house music scene of the 90s, Cassandrias career began more than 15 years ago when she learnt the art of beatmatching on Technics turntables, the precursors of the infamous 1200s! Her unique energy stems from years of mentoring from influencial music figures of the disco era who actually contributed to the birth and rise of house music in the 80s. Watching her flawlessly mix and beat match 3 decks with seamless perfection on and on for hours brings awe to the sharpest musical connaisseur and dazzles even the most demanding crowds.

In addition to her extensive DJ skills, Cassandria is also an avid music producer and remixer. With her experience behind the decks, this progression came naturally and her artistic persona gave birth to new releases and exciting remixes. These found their way on various labels such as Do2Night, Triskel Tech, as well as her own imprint High Gloss, and most recently Bonzai Basics. Her latest releases have gained support from artists such as Osuna Paco, Sergio Fernandez, Rainer Weichhold, Junior Vasquez, Alfonso Padilla, Sergio Matina, Markus Schulz, LegNo, Juan DDD and countless others.

Cassandria has toured in Europe, played several Winter Music Conference events in Miami including club Mecca and The Dolce, and performed at one of the largest music festival in North America: WEMF. Throughout her career she has had the opportunity of sharing the decks with Mark Farina, Junior Sanchez, Alexander Technique, King Britt, DJ Heather, Jojoflores, Da Fresh, Dan Marciano, Chuck Love, George Morel and so many more…

Cassandria also hosts her infamous Erotech show, a weekly broadcast syndicated to 9 internet radios and an FM station in Belgium, reaching listeners worldwide.

This female DJs distinctive sound is filled with lively rhythms, brightened by wild percussions, sustained by hypnotic samples and enhanced by deep enchanting basslines. Her unique energy, coupled with her ability to instinctively relate with the partygoers make her a perfect addition to any venue. Cassandrias character, experience and credibility help event organizers and promoters deliver quality musical entertainement that stands out and leaves the crowd wanting more.

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Lucio Grandi was born in Cali, Colombia on August 5, 1984, with Colombian, French and Italian roots.
His first contact with electronic music happens a the sweet age of 6 when Dance and House music hit the local radios. Intense happiness filled him listening to these tunes. Not long before he starts experimenting with recording tunes and making his own mixtapes.

Ten years later after learning how to mix properly on turn-tables he starts his carrier as a professional DJ playing Techno and listening to DJs like Marco Carola, Ben Sims, Cristian Varela, Jeff Mills, Samuel L Session. He filled his DJ-bag with the dark sounds of strong Techno.

But only 2 years later he finds himself tired of that sound and starts the search of his very own musical identity. DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Vibe, Victor Calderone, Carlos Manaca, Richie Santana convince him that Tribal is his call.

Still not satisfied he ends up to adapt House and Alternative Music into his sets and this turns out to be his true self. Influenced by names like Silicone Soul, Peace Division, Little Louie Vega, Armand Van Helden, Harry Romero, Alton Miller , Afrika Bambaataa gave him the needed diversification and shades in tones that this genre contains.
 Actually, it is that variation, that diversification that House Music offers that marks his identity as a DJ because he can choose between one side or the other, achieving a more intense atmosphere in his sets.
He has played along with DJs like Franco de Mulero, Jose Viscaya, Malambo, Lexx, Chile, Chloe Harris of London and with David Guetta in 2009 after winning the first DJ contest of his hometown.
He has played in Mission Club, Cooseres, La Cantera, Joan of Arc, Central Valley Pacific events, private parties, etc.
Today he finds himself as a DJ and producer to be part of the infamous Bonzai label group. Convinced of their professionalism and way of working he finds his tracks released on Bonzai Basiks.
This is for Lucio the fulfillment of a dream as he always had wanted to be part of this label.

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End of the year compilation, including all the best tracks released in Bonzai Basiks in 2011.
Includes original tracks and remixes from Kentaro Kaji, MiniTech Project, Lucio Grandi, Kernel Key, Daily Dose, Project KF, Ecco, Sa.Du, Kevin Cheung, Markus Ilgner, The French Connection, A. Mochi, Jimmy Galle, Forbes & Ilgner, Luke Fire, Cause & Effekt, Mike Young & Savi Leon, Ignacio Demaria & Steve Prior, Jamez, Dee Brown, Fred Tames, Adam Nics , Michael Paterson & Warner Powers, Dean Newton and Di Beatmaker.

At the launch the style on this label was a bit more tuff to describe in a few words. You’ll just have to grab some releases and judge them for yourself. We like to call it the more intelligent progressive approach with the first release with some tech, house and electro influences and yet playable for the more advanced deejays out there. However recently (summer 2010) we decided to go full focus on Techno and Tech-House.

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New concept compilation with the Bonzai Basik Beats Radioshow as the theme.
The release comes with four original tracks and remixes from D Ramirez & Dirty South, Nicole Moudaber, Wally Lopez, Trancesetters, Kamisshake, Chab featuring JD Davis and PhonJazz.

14 December 2011 FEATURED Read more



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Markus had only 1 reason to start producing music: LOVE FOR MUSIC
After a couple of years producing quietly in his little studio Markus got the attention of nobody less than Jens Lissat himself who asked him to remix some of his productions. Under the alias TACHIONES Markus released some remixes on labels like Toolroom, Perctraxx and others.

Not much later Markus bumped into an old friend: Timo Manson who offered Markus to release is first very own EP which was released on MusicCity Rec. Soon after that Markus music could be found on the label Audiodevot.

After that things happened very fast. His following album with the title Antitoxin reached the top 30 on Beatport. Almost at the same moment he released his album Etektronic Rush under the disguise The Sons Of Mr Miygai. With all these tremendous releases it was no wonder that Markus suddenly got to play in many events as solo artist as well as under the project Sons Of Mr Miygai. He performed on Ruhr In Love in Oberhausen and in Clubs like Toy in Stuttgart and at Houskeeper. After many successful productions Markus ultimate dream came true: a release on one of the legendary Bonzai labels which pushed him onto a new level of production quality.

Markus does not like to be categorized and tagged but rather prefers to surprise music-lovers and fans with a brand new sound experience with each release. He loves to blend new sounds and technology with his love for the sound of long past days.
Markus makes music for the single listener and not for the masses!

30 November 2011 FEATURED Read more



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MiniTech Project is Faroukh Hasham, a DJ/producer fueled with inspiration from all over the world. A believer in constant evolution, he likes using a hypnotic sexy blend of groovy Tech-house, Minimal, and Futuristic Progressive beats and rhythms to communicate thoughts and emotions with people through original compositions, remixes, and technology enhanced DJ sets.

With a constantly evolving style, this sound crosses musical boundaries with influences of minimal, progressive house, progressive trance, techno, and tech house with a groovy drive, strong focus on minimal percussion elements and buildups which drop like a bomb of bliss on the dancefloor. A sound accurately described as “Bouncy, trancy, minimal, groovy. dance music.”

Groove Revolution is its first full-length artist album.

9 November 2011 FEATURED Read more



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Konstantin Fedoseev aka Project KF was born in 1982 in the Soviet Union. At age 13 he moves to Israel with his family. In 1998 he made his first steps in writing music.

In 2004 he is starting to study Sound Engineering at Yoav Gera Sound School, school that grew up generations of well known artists. In 2006 after finishing of sound studies, he tries himself in the sound industry as: Boom Man, Post Production, PA and Junior Soundman. After being close enough to important people in the music industry, he reaches himself their respect and support. The inspiration to Techno music came from underground movements in Tel Aviv city at those days.

In 2008, together with his friend Alex, they are establishing AK Tek Records, record label for new and promising artists. In 2009 he is releasing his mixed compilation Techno Union, that includes works from top producers such as Lutzenkirchen, Joseph Disco, Daniele Gas side by side with fresh talents. After some success of the label at charts and parties, they decides to enlarge label’s horizons. AK Tek Records becomes a division of Alienews Label Group, Germany. Today Konstantin is working mostly with big labels.

After such a short way he has already became one of the leading artists in Israel.

19 October 2011 FEATURED Read more



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New single release for Bonzai Basiks from Forbes & Ilgner.
Oracle comes with the original track plus four remixes by Melanie Di Tria, Luke Fire, Janzon and Prompter.

28 September 2011 FEATURED Read more



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Raising talent from Belfast, UK, Dee Brown gets is debut release on Bonzai Basiks with this Switch EP.
The release comes with three original tracks, Switch, The Mentor, and Pressed, plus a remix to The Mentor provided by Dee himself.

14 September 2011 FEATURED Read more




Volume 3 of the Tekhauzen compilation series on Bonzai Basiks.
This compilation comes with original tracks and remixes from Ecco, Oz Romita, Del Horno, Rodrigo Soria, Efron, Mass Digital, Sander Bongertman , Jamez and Soulboy, Rob Small, Mute:, Ed Lee, Project KF, Joal, Charles Ramirez, Piek, Tofke and Peker, Fab Code, Zas & Sanze presents Mindgamers, The French Connection, Kernel Key, Fragoso, MiniTech Project, Lucio Grandi, M62, Santon and Ugur Yurt.

7 September 2011 FEATURED Read more



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Kentaro Kaji was raised in Tokyo, Japan.
In teenage life Grungemusic caught his attention for the first time.
He got deeper into this music as he started playing the bass on a band in public.

In 1996 he was experienced a traumatic event at a club: Electronic Music hit him deep in his mind.
It completely changed his music taste and soon he developed an interest in techno and house.
He began DJing and organizing an event called -Circuit Breaker- in Tokyo.

In 2001, he started thinking about making his own music and bought -Acid- to experiment with synth and drumloops. His first release -Raiden-appeared on a compilation from Kobayashi Recordings in 2002.
The first EP was small success.

From 2004 to 2006 he studied sound engineering to understand technical aspects of audio in Melbourne, Australia. In the following years, he worked in audio editing for multimedia. These experiences helped him to understand music production technically and practically. He re-built a bedroom studio to create his own output. This led to his second release -3R- which he sent to the legendary label Bonzai.

2011 and Kentaro keeps releasing music bombs and here is another atomic release from him on Bonzai Basiks!

31 August 2011 FEATURED Read more

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