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Dutch producer and remix wizard returns to Bonzai Basiks with a superb three track EP filled to the brim with awesome tech vibes.

First up we have the title track “Noah”, kicking off in a kind of funky vibe with a cool synth stab, the tech influences build up and stomp hard by the time the tune breaks, gritty synth and sharp hats prevail and kicks back in with a vengeance bringing with it a huge hard edged sound, massive tune that will get the floors pumping!

“New Rank” is a more minimal approach to the tech sound, big focus on the drum arrangement and percussions, lots of FX sweep by and on the break we get a glimpse of a really cool synth line with a heavy filtered vocal talking about house, big build up kicks in to a serious tight groove, massive sound!

Finally we have “Love, Honor And Dance’ (12 O’Clock Mix)”, again quite minimal with some awesome percussion work and a nice chunky kick, the track moves along at a cool steady pace and then some brilliant sound manipulation occurs, amazing production skills.

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Debut artist on Bonzai Basiks Mr. Dello impresses with an electro tech joint backed with quality remixes on “Woadi Moan”.

Dello has been influenced by the synth era of the eighties while listening to the likes of Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, Yello, Kraftwerk, Joy Division, Giorgio Moroder and Pet Shop Boys. After hearing Danny Tenaglia in an Athens nightclub he was hooked into electronic music and started to collect vinyls and get involved in piano lessons. Many study years passed and he ended up working as a sound engineer on concerts all over the world. He is now enjoying a successful DJ career around Greece and continuing to produce quality sounds.

“Woadi Moan” intros with a classic electro kick and builds with lots of bongo percussion and a bouncy bass, lots of brass stabs and a short spoken vocal fill up the sound. On the break a simple melody comes and that brass stab dominates, cool FX add an extra layer, solid rhythm!

On the remix we have Greek artist Sa.Du tweaking the controls to display a mighty tech house vibe. Upbeat sound with lots of Latin inspired percs, awesome deep bassline and sharp, crisp hats, very nice arrangement from a fast growing big name at Bonzai Basiks.

Next up is Dutch producer The French Connection with a quite funky little tech house slice, nice intro with a lot of drums and percs mashed together, the tune then kicks into a cool groove with spoken vocal throughout. Throbbing bass and some really cool sweep FX, on the break things start to funk up with an awesome organ sound.

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Prolific producer, remixer and founder of AK Tek Records Konstantin Fedoseev aka Project KF returns to Bonzai Basiks with another fine tech house joint with a progressive influence. With many many releases and remixes on various labels within the Bonzai Music network, we are always delighted with a Project KF delivery.

The title track “Alcohol Abuse” kicks off in a cool house inspired groove with filtered drums coming in and building to a huge deep throbbing bass, all this with a spoken vocal over the top, the tune soon settles into a blinding rhythm and just gets better and better.

“Delusion” stays with the tech vibe with a heavy kick and deep bass, there’s lots going on with different instruments taking the focus throughout this track, on the break a very cool piano riff takes the stage with other sounds following suit, a real driving prog tech monster.

“Set Their Minds Free” takes the prog house route and what a fine example this is, driving rhythm with big house chords sweeping by, classic style piano comes into the track and we settle in for a hell of a ride, toe tapping body bouncing joy for the masses, big tune!

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[soundcloud id=’58770766′]


Greek artist Sa.Du returns again to Bonzai Basiks with an awesome EP. Fresh from his brilliant tech house stomper Espana, Sa.Du turns the knobs once again to give us his 4 track Kube EP.

The title track is filled with tight beats and builds up to huge techno heights, on the break there is a hint of melody that hooks straight away and comes back in with a serious groove.

Next up we have Ami which delivers a more tribal vibe, again Sa.Du tight drum arrangement shines, minimal sounds with great effect, big tune for the floors here!

Techno with funk is how Je Feel does it’s thing, the track has a smooth groove with great instruments and a heavy FX’d vocal sample, lots going on here and is sure to be a hit for those late night parties.

So You Are Alive is a really fresh sound, crisp, sharp and well constructed rhythm, again the vocals are well used here and the sax is just awesome creating a bit of funk.

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Bonzai Basiks debut for Radio Source with HS.

Minimal techno vibes on the original mix, very catchy hook over a heavy kick and deep throbbing bassline with some very nice FX work in the background.

Popular remixer Marcus Ilgner provides us with a massive techno fuelled club vibe, beefing up the sounds with added extras and twists along the way, the occasional breaks give us a rising pitch sound then straight back into this constant groove.

Gritty techno sound from Birkenmeier Remix focusing on the percussive side of techno creating a driving rhythm that will be sure to light up a few floors.

Another fine addition to Bonzai Basiks.

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Leading tech house label Bonzai Basiks gives us an awesome release full of cracking remixes.

Arcadia focuses more on the minimal side of this genre and it does it well. The original shows us where the inspiration came from for the remixers, a wonderful driving rhythm with minimal sounds yet bouncy, one to watch here!

Miguel Bastida Remix kicks us off with that minimal tech sound with some great FX on the percussions and a hypnotic synth.

Andres Fernandez aka Knario Remix strips back to bare essentials with a lesson in arrangement, some very nifty work in there and a great kick.

D.Kowalski adds an extra punch on remix duties, tight production and stunning percs with a sublime sounding pad, big club sound for this one.

Samuel Segamara gets tribal with his remix, amazing sounds here with a big heavy bass for effect.

An all together well rounded pack here which will be lighting up floors for a while!

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Naples native Simone Girau provides a tech joint on the ever popular Bonzai Basiks.
Simone started early into the world of electronica and soon honed his skills on the old Commodore and Amiga.

Today we have a look into the world of tech with Gioele backed with 2 great remixes and Gong.

The original mix of Gioele has a great sub sound on the basses and some cool electro percs, we love what Simone has done with the vocals here.

Spanish remixer Pablo Rez aka Paolo Miele adds a new layer to the original with some awesome FX that sweep all over, again the vocals are used to great effect, this remix will be one to watch.

Italian technoist Flavio Folco spices things up with a grinding techno monster filled with awesome vocals a cool retro sound.

Gong is a minimal tech tune with a great vocal line. Nice bouncing groove on this with no fuss, just straight up quality beats and treats!

25 July 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more



[soundcloud id=’52273074′]


DJ/Producer Oz Romita was born in Izmir/ Turkey, but was raised in Amsterdam. He’s been a fixture of the international club scene since 1997 and has appeared at numerous top venues and events world wide including Club Panama, Cafe d’Anvers and La Rocca.

Oz’s distinctive tech-house style is energetic, refreshing and perfect for those modern dancefloors. His product ions have been picked up by elit e imprint s like; Great Stuff Recordings, Movement Recordings, SK Supreme Records, Ninefont Music, Erase Records, Deux Mind Records and Repressure Recordings.

In the year 2012 he started his own label called, Sounds R Us Recordings, which has very talented producers lined up in its roster. Mariano Santos, Tom Hades, Steve Mulder, Jamez, Nick Olivetti, Pig & Dan and DJ Tash are some of the names that will create the sound of Sounds R Us Recordings.

11 July 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more



[soundcloud id=’51025839′]


Lucio Grandi was born in Cali, Colombia on August 5, 1984, with Colombian, French and Italian roots.

His first contact with electronic music happens a the sweet age of 6 when Dance and House music hit the local radios. Intense happiness filled him listening to these tunes. Not long before he starts experimenting with recording tunes and making his own mixtapes.

Ten years later after learning how to mix properly on turn-tables he starts his carrier as a professional DJ playing Techno and listening to DJs like Marco Carola, Ben Sims, Cristian Varela, Jeff Mills, Samuel L Session. He filled his DJ-bag with the dark sounds of strong Techno.

But only 2 years later he finds himself tired of that sound and starts the search of his very own musical identity. DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Vibe, Victor Calderone, Carlos Manaca, Richie Santana convince him that Tribal is his call.

Still not satisfied he ends up to adapt House and Alternative Music into his sets and this turns out to be his true self. Influenced by names like Silicone Soul, Peace Division, Little Louie Vega, Armand Van Helden, Harry Romero, Alton Miller , Afrika Bambaataa gave him the needed diversification and shades in tones that this genre contains.

Actually, it is that variation, that diversification that House Music offers that marks his identity as a DJ because he can choose between one side or the other, achieving a more intense atmosphere in his sets.

He has played along with DJs like Franco de Mulero, Jose Viscaya, Malambo, Lexx, Chile, Chloe Harris of London and with David Guetta in 2009 after winning the first DJ contest of his hometown.

He has played in Mission Club, Cooseres, La Cantera, Joan of Arc, Central Valley Pacific events, private parties, etc.

Today he finds himself as a DJ and producer to be part of the infamous Bonzai label group. Convinced of their professionalism and way of working he finds his tracks released on Bonzai Basiks.
This is for Lucio the fulfillment of a dream as he always had wanted to be part of this label.

27 June 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more




New installment in the Pure Tech series, this time with original tracks and remix by Planisphere vs Digital Angel, James Harcourt, Jamez, Oz Romita, Angelo D’Onorio, Speculum, Mike Monday, Exploit, Jaap Ligthart, Myk Derill, Guido Durante and Mattia Evo, Jimmy Galle, MiniTech Project, Brisker and Magitman, KAGO DO, Galuszka, Sa.Du, Affani and Dapo, Fabio Scalabroni, Rogerio Romao, Ecco, Eric Kanzler, Roderick Fox, and Dee Brown.

20 June 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more



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Erik Kanzler has significantly gained importance as producer and DJ over the past few years.

In 1999 he made is first experiences as a DJ, a producer and a party-organizer and worked hard on his carrier in each of these aspects. But it was not until 2010 that Digital Records published unexpectedly his very first release Starcake. It was followed by two more releases. In Spring 2011 he released the About Be EP under his alter ego Kanzler and Wischnewski on the label Keymono Music which was at the same time his first Vinyl release. Soon after that release after release followed on labels such as Karateklub Records who published his Flatrunner EP, Ostfunk Records from Berlin and Etiketa Records from Croatia.

His alter ego, which is actually a merger, Kanzler and Wischnewski was founded in 2010. In his music he combines layers of dry and well-structured sounds together with house grooves and dubby bass, jazz trumpets and oriental sounds and adds a touch of minimalistic to take the crowd beyond the main-floor experience.
People from the press described his sound as Fresh and an Exploration Of The Abstract and Minimal New Chicago Sound.

Eric Kanzlers live act are extravagant and not for the average audience. A look hat the upcoming booking dates shows that with his gigs he reaches much further than Berlin and he is said to be the most interesting newcomer act around.

13 June 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more



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From the young age he has been inspired by different musical cultures: the Middle Eastern, Western European and European. Being addicted to genres like: House, Techno, Breaks and Trance he decided to write his own music.

In 1998 he made his first track. Between the years 1998-2003 he is working under different aliases in different genres, mostly in Trance and PsyChill.

In 2004 he is starting to study Sound Engineering at Yoav Gera Sound School. After finishing of sound studies in 2006, he tries himself in the sound industry as: Boom Man, Post Production, PA and Junior Soundman.

After being enough in the music industry, he is starting to write Techno and Minimal Techno. The inspiration to Techno music came from underground movements in Tel Aviv city at those days. The genre switch provides him great exposure and his promo was charted in Top 10 side by side with promos by Anthony Papa, Umek, Davis & May…

In 2008, together with his friend Alex, he is establishing AK Tek Records, for Techno and Progressive House music. The label got a huge support after making various gigs and events. Being inspired by AK Tek Records music, he came back for roots and began to write Tech House music. For few years he was signed by different labels, but recently he is releasing music mostly on his own label and on Bonzai.

Today Konstantin is working with many different people on various projects, from Techno and Deep House to Chillout and Soulful House. After such way he has grew up to strong artist that proudly represents himself, his label and his artists family.

30 May 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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