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Sa.Du delights with another slice of top notch deep tech vibes on his latest offering Glide. We didn’t have to wait too long for this one, we’re still loving his last effort La Musique M’Appelle from June 2015 which gained great support. Never one to disappoint, as proven over the last number of years, Sa.Du brings his unique flavour to everything he touches. Releases on various other labels also gain ground and on the DJ front he wows with tight, intelligent mixing. Always well worth keeping an eye on.

Glide intros with a deep and moody muffled kick that oozes a powerful low end sub bas sound. Sharp hats and intricate percussions layer up alongside a very cool deep voice and a rising metallic industrialised synth effect. A short break intensifies the synth before a huge cymbal splash gets us going into full on dirty techno mode where we get gripped by a raw power for the duration. The track really has an intoxicating edge that will keep the purists on the floors no doubt, superb stuff.

De Nuit sets out with a big bass heavy sound that delivers a truly raw flavour as subtle percussions begin to form up. The chunky kicks almost get lost in the turbulence created from the bass, but do enough to get the rhythm flowing alongside the tight percussion arrangement. A cacophony of expertly crafted sounds ranging from strange pianos to distorted shakers fill the groove as it winds its way into our senses. An intense pad straddles the edges and provides a cool texture to the sound. A very cool slice of the deeper side of tech that is not to be missed.

Amount intros with a cool percussions which are soon joined by a monster kick that packs a huge punch. A steady rising bassline bubbles up from the depths and gives the track a wonderful techno coating. The drums ride along in tight formation bringing a solid rhythm and paves the way for an infectious trek deep into techno territory. Subtle yet very effective one shots litter the groove painting a colourful picture of sound that mesmerizes at every turn. Another fine effort from this guy that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

Eleven rounds up this fantastic pack and intros with a wonderful probing bass note before the powerful kicks takeover and drive the groove deep into technoville. A superb sub melody lurks just below the mid range waiting to pounce as various FX sound off on the overlay. Darkly sinister voices creep through and leave the imagination wide open as the groove intensifies and weaves its way into your soul. The track gathers pace just before the break where a much sharper bass is unloaded as we head back into full on mode for the duration. Top notch stuff that is a must for your box.

#sa.du #bonzaibasiks

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Elek-fun aka Ignasi Romero returns to the Basiks stable with his newest four track EP entitled You Know What. October 2014 saw his last outing Great Minds Think Alike gain a lot of support from across the board. During his early years vinyl was the only media accessible so he had lots of practice. This led to him becoming a fantastic DJ in and around Barcelona. He soon decided to go on to College and study advanced music production so he could build up the tools he would need for his new, chosen career path. Techno soon became his main output and he found himself DJing in some of the best Catalan clubs, places like Zoreks Club, Liquid Sky, The Loft, La cova, Eix Club, La Sala del Cel and†Moog. When his DJ career completely took off, Elek-fun also began to release his first lot of productions, in 2004 he worked on a promotional demo called Wait Me which was released in the very popular Future Music magazine. He kept on slowly releasing tracks on labels such as†Sol Records, Ignored Records, SC-Rec , Subversive Media, Hits Box, Tu Remix (MÈjico), JP Releases, Prisma Records and EF Rec which is his own sub-label.

This four tracker kicks off with the title track You Know What with its dark and edgy intro filled with tough beats and a dirty bassline that is joined by sinister sounding spoken vocals. The track oozes techno flavour and will definitely get the darker floors off to a pumping start, a must have track no doubt.

Bolsa De Plastico intros with a punchy kick and superb offset bass that fades up to the backdrop of a multi note riff that dances along the groove. The riff goes through various transformations that end up with a squidgy acid techno topping that gets a boost from the ever evolving kickdrums. A monster tune that packs a big punch, not to be missed.

Torment sets off with a nice chunky kick and crispy hat combi that is soon joined by a darkly sinister offset bass that lurks down in the depths. Cool percussion deliver a solid rhythmic flow to the track and gets a helping hand from some outstanding FX. Other-worldly sounding melodies break the drum domination and take the track deeper into techno territory complete with acid lines that hit the senses hard. Top notch stuff.

20$ rounds off this stunning EP and does so in style. Staying true to the sound we are in for another trek deep into the heart of big and ballsy techno. Tight beats with electro flavours provide the rhythm as a relentless and hypnotic bassline rattles on to the backdrop of cosmic synths that have just come from a retro sci fi flick. A monster track that will definitely keep the floors rocking no doubt.

#elek-fun #bonzaibasiks

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Madrid based Belgian DJ and producer Van Czar delivers yet another of his techno fuelled cuts with Amore In Scopulos. Van remains a firm favourite around the office and he is flying the Bonzai flag high in Spain with various club nights and his own Bonzai Basik Beats Spain radioshow. His last outing was back in February 2015 with Rumba EP as well as a stint with hiss deeper techno guise Cysxe – OxO EP. Always great to see this guy drop one of his tunes and no doubt we will be seeing lots more of him in the future.

Amore In Scopulos intros with a solid bass heavy workout as chunky kicks are met with deep bas tones and crispy hats. A hypnotic percussion rides through the sound perfectly and becomes a big focus ass it tightens up the rhythm and digs deep into your imagination. A very minimal construction that carries a big punch with enough weight to destroy the floors, a must have.

Alea Jacta Est sets out with fading percussions that lead up to a phat kick and shuffling hat sequence. Cool vocal snippets ring out and bring character to the sound. The track gathers pace as the drums tighten up alongside a mysterious and mesmerizing note. Deep, tech fuelled chords rattle out a solid groove as those vocals become prominent working well with the noisy risers. The bass sits perfectly on the sound and allows the drums to do the work and deliver a solid rhythmic groove. Top notch stuff that will get attention no doubt.

Remove fades in with a tribalistic drum workout complete with a powerful punchy kick. A syncopated rhythmic structure takes shape that will definitely get the bootys on the floor. Surreal vocals crop up throughout and give the track a playful character while a techno vibe is built upon with rising lead synths. The bass sits low and beefs up the solid groove with a strong tribal vibe. Tough edged, in your face techno from Van that is not to be missed.

#vanczar #bonzaibasiks

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Jonathan Calvo makes a welcome return to Basiks, his third outing on this imprint comes in the form of the fantastic A Few Girls EP. Jonathan has been working hard on the circuit with DJing and producing and has been around the scene for twenty years. He has been influenced by 80s and 90s musical styles and in the early 2000s he started to play in several clubs, discos and after hours parties around Barcelona and Girona. His cool and dynamic style has led him to be a much respected name among national and international DJ’s. Aside from Bonzai, Jonathan has seen releases on Steel Ground, Datacode, We In The Box and Doppelgaenger.

A Few Girls sets off with a solid, punchy kick and bright, crispy hats in tow. Forming a cool flowing rhythm, the drums are tight here and that’s just how we like it. A fantastic deep, probing bass takes control of the groove as the tech elements of the track begin to shine. Cool, distorted answer phone vocals come in providing a surreal narrative to the track. Expertly executed filtering takes place on the break as the sound is washed and then recovered beautifully into the pounding groove it is for the duration. Top notch stuff.

Oh! Geez intros with cool hats and percussions that build up a solid, layered drum section with the introduction of that pounding kickdrum. In the background some ambient sounds create a textured atmosphere. A funky ass bassline takes over and the groove settles into a deep, house fuelled slice of tech that will get the dancing feet shuffling in no time. Cool vocals come in and out of the sound while on the break a surreal sequence takes us right back into the main sound with crash. Superb stuff that will definitely turn a few heads.

#jonathancalvo #bonzaibasiks

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Cysxe, the deeper side of Van Czar’s brand of techno, returns with the superb OxO EP which comes backed up with a fantastic remix from Lauro Martins. As ever we get nothing but the best from Van as he has shown us over the last few years. His last outing as Cysxe was no exception when he teamed up with Minitech Project on their Acid Planet EP. Van remains a constant force on the airwaves with his Bonzai Basik Beats Spain attracting a core following of listeners on a regular basis. In June 2015 Van rocked the Tekno Beach stage at Legacy Festival alongside Dantiez Saunderson for a stunning back to back session becoming one of the highlights of the event. A true keeper of the Techno sound who never disappoints.

Cysxe – OxO EP, out this week on Bonzai Basiks, is featured by Beatport in the Techno genre page!

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Cysxe, the deeper side of Van Czar’s brand of techno, returns with the superb OxO EP which comes backed up with a fantastic remix from Lauro Martins. As ever we get nothing but the best from Van as he has shown us over the last few years. His last outing as Cysxe was no exception when he teamed up with Minitech Project on their Acid Planet EP. Van remains a constant force on the airwaves with his Bonzai Basik Beats Spain attracting a core following of listeners on a regular basis. In June 2015 Van rocked the Tekno Beach stage at Legacy Festival alongside Dantiez Saunderson for a stunning back to back session becoming one of the highlights of the event. A true keeper of the Techno sound who never disappoints.

The Original Mix sets out with a deep and dark menacing low bass sound that reverberates with a raw power through the speakers. The kickdrum keeps up and punches through alongside slicing hats and sharp claps. Cool rising FX deliver a spacey vibe to the sound as alien style synths lurk in the background. This one is perfect fodder for the late night, underground parties where you can let yourself go and get lost in its hypnotic groove, top notch.

Brazilian DJ and producer Lauro Martins debuts on Basiks with his superb remix. Raised in California USA, Lauro was exposed to all kinds of music as his Father was a DJ. He played his first gig in Brazil and from here he gained confidence with electronic music. Over the years he found his way into Deep House, Tech House and Techno. He draws inspiration from Latin and African sounds and brings these into his own tracks. On the remix the intro sets off with subtlety as soft kicks are met with clean, crisp hats and a dark underlying bass. The kicks soon break through and deliver their punch with gusto as that bass matures into a deep droning monster that dominates the sound. Those crisp hats are joined by a tight drum arrangement that carves out a smooth rhythmic flow where we get a taste of both Latin and African influences. A superb cut that will definitely be a go to track for many.

#cysxe #bonzaibasiks #lauromartins

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The emphatic Diego Herrera returns to Basiks with the superb four track EP entitled Rocker. We last saw Diego back at the end of 2014 with the equally superb, Slow Burn-The Vibe, which gained a healthy following among the Techno fraternity. With cuts across various other labels we are always delighted when his track cross our desk.

Rocker serves up a solid wall of deep tech grooves that will definitely grab the attention of many. Tight drums accompany a deep throbbing offset bass that will have woofers quaking for sure. An array of Techno induced sounds descend onto the groove and sends out a tough industrialised vibe. On the break the track goes dark as a sinister voice fades through to the backdrop of an intensely haunting sequence before bursting back into full swing. A must have track that will be a welcome addition in those dark filled rooms.

Respect intros with a nice solid kick and probing bass combo that paints a tough edged groove right from the off. Crispy open hats are let loose and the rhythm starts to boil as various percussive elements come through. Clanging metallic sounds are introduced and fills out that tough edged exterior perfectly. The break takes a closer look at these sounds with a sublime heavily effected vocal thrown in which takes us slamming back into the main track for the duration. A monster of a track that must be respected.

Broke sets out with a superbly textured kick that is soon joined by a hyperactive display of percussion that builds and builds delivering a seemingly chaotic arrangement with a beautifully rhythmic vibe. A very subtle bassline lurks at the low end allowing the percussions to run wild and dominate the sound. The break descends into a smooth atmospheric sequence that retains the chaotic nature of the sound as those expertly crafted drums come back for more. An imaginative and rip roaring trek into drums that provides a powerful tool for any set.

Trutuka intros with a cool display of sounds and FX that play out a surreal scene. Big chunky kicks soon take over and are accompanied by bright and crisp open hats that get the rhythm on the move. A wonderfully deep bass presides as a cavalry like trumpet squeals through the groove alongside detuned clanging metallic sounds. Definitely one for the boxes here that will keep the Techno floors burning no doubt.

#diegoherrera #bonzaibasiks

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Majed returns to Basiks for his full debut with the fantastic Tanz. It was back in the Summer of 2014 when we last got a taste of his tight productions when he was on remix duty for Cysxe & Minitech Project’s, Acid Planet EP. Prior to this he teamed up with Van Czar on their In Vino EP. He has been around the scene for a long time having started out perfecting his art at just 12 years old. He has gained a lot of respect in the electronic music world and has been a regular jock at many top events. In 2011 he started his own label, LíEcurie Electro where he brings together like minded producers he had already been working with. With a ton of releases across various labels you can rest assured you will see much more from this guy.

First up is the title track Tanz with it’s in your face bassdrum that pounds out a solid deep tech groove right from the off. Tight drums and percussions form up and deliver a cool rhythmic flow with a tribal aftertaste that lingers on through the sound. A raw bass runs through the sound with a gritty edge that brings the tech side to life alongside some very cool percussions. The break throws up a hint of synth play before getting right back into the tight drum fuelled groove. Superb stuff.

Portinax intros with a deep subby kick and is accompanied by fading in crispy closed hats. Percussive layers start to build and we get a taste of the solid rhythms early on. A playful, deep string bass reverberates through the track as cool FX work goes off in the background. A hint of tribal drums start to peek through amid a cacophony of old vinyl crackles that give a nice organic flow to the sound. Strangely eerie synth sounds make a showing giving the track a dynamic edge with a cosmic twist. Excellent stuff that will definitely rock the techno floors.

Cala Llonga delves right into a cool percussion driven arrangement with a tribal edge that is soon joined by a nice punchy bass note on the offset. The track gives off a bright vibe with the crispy hats and sharp claps keeping the rhythm flowing. A much deeper bass tone lurks in the depths with a threatening prowess and bringing in a cool techno flavour to the sound. An alien world is unleashed on the break as winding, stretching synths fill the groove. Late night fun for the darker more techno fuelled floors, to notch.

#majed #bonzaibasiks

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Sa.Du delivers another of his gems on Bonzai Basiks with La Musique M’Appelle. This guy remains a very popular figure around the Basiks office with a string of top notch cuts stretching back to 2012. His last outing, Breakfast, gained a lot of support as well as top spots on many charts. Always great to see his creations land in our inbox and no doubt we’ll be seeing much more in the future.

La Musique M’Appelle intros with a spooky, ghostly vibe as eerie synths are joined by a haunting spoken vocal. We soon get thrust into the superb deep tech grooves with a fantastic punchy kick and probing bassline that really ramps the energy levels up a notch. Cool techno filled stabs litter the groove as that sultry vocal continues to deliver its narrative. Tight drum arrangements come through and the rhythm stays solid throughout. Very cool twists on the break where much more melodic chords are introduced before we get slammed right back into the main track for the duration. Wonderfully crafted track that will be a sure fire hit among many.

I Am Drunk sets off with a long, captivating pad to the backdrop of a hypnotic metallic bass sound. Nice and phat kicks soon take over and a tight percussion section joins in. In the background we get some sinister sounding vocals to raise the tension and a myriad of sound descends onto our senses and we soon get lost in the maelstrom . After a short respite on the break that track sneaks into a full on techno fest with a superb synth and probing bassline that will definitely have any floor get on the move. Excellent stuff.

#sadu #bonzaibasiks

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Belgian DJ and producer Petro Chatzopoulos aka Petri Petro is back at Bonzai Basiks with his latest techno laced cuts on Deflector. Last time out he delivered the goods on his Connectics EP back at the end of December 2014, be prepared to have your tech juices flowing as this guy holds nothing back on the quality front.

Deflector sets the scene with a techno induced intro filled with tough punchy kicks and a sub bass that will rattle the bins with its throbbing power. A proper techno vibe reverberates out of the metallic percussion and accompanying shuffling claps and open hats as a darkly sinister synth stab cascades throughout the groove. An intensity builds as the track progresses that will definitely have you locked in for the duration, top notch stuff.

Solar intros with a super low end sub bass and punchy kick alongside an electrified tone that will etch its way into your brain. Cool analogue sounds bring that raw vibe which gives the track its unique techno character. The track delves into a bit of an interlude with a warm, rich pad that contrasts beautifully with those organic sounds. A wonderfully mesmerizing slice of music that will get the techno juices flowing for sure.

Screening goes all out on the intro with a powerful kick and an offset buzz bass combi as strange electrifying sounds fade through. A sharp hat cuts through the low frequencies and opens up the groove nicely as tight, hypnotic percussions are introduced. This is truly a super charged driving techno offering that will find its way into many sets no doubt, a definite must have.

Satellite intros with a driving groove filled with tough beats and a whopping great big sub bass on the low end that reverberates right through the speakers with menace. High pitched sounds pierce the noise as the percussion layers build bringing a solid rhythmic groove. The track builds brilliantly into a dizzying attack on the senses as the sounds converge and prey on your nerve endings. A fantastic display of techno music that will be a must have track for your collection.

#petripetro #bonzaibasiks

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Venezuelan DJ and producer Alfredo Mena returns after a bit of a hiatus with the stunning Do You Remember on Bonzai Basiks. Last time around he gave us his My House EP which went down a treat across many dancefloors and charted very well also.

Alfredo Mena – Do You Remember, out this week on Bonzai Basiks, is featured by Beatport in the Staff Picks section at the Techno genre page!

#bonzaibasiks #beatport #alfredomena

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Venezuelan DJ and producer Alfredo Mena returns after a bit of a hiatus with the stunning Do You Remember on Bonzai Basiks. Last time around he gave us his My House EP which went down a treat across many dancefloors and charted very well also. Do You Remember intros with a real nice tech flavour filled with a helping of punchy kicks, crispy hats and a superb bass that sits perfectly beneath track. A tightly constructed percussion arrangement unleashes smooth rhythms alongside some gritty noises and a deep, hollow vocal that gives so much character to the sound. Very cool stab keys come through and deliver a solid groove as the bassline is transformed into a twisting pattern that will definitely have asses shakin no doubt.

Outbreak oozes tech fuelled grooves right from the off as a chunky kick is joined by crispy percussions and cool snappy snares. The bass rides the rhythm beautifully as it blends effortlessly with some very cool organic sounds and one shot vocals. A myriad of FX keeps the track on point in the tech department while creating a vivid and colourful groove. Top notch stuff that will be a welcome addition to any set.

The Secret sets off with a superb in your face chunky kick and sharp hat combi alongside a throbbing sub bass that will shake the bones. The tight drums make for a very rhythmic vibe and will definitely keep the feet dancing. Cool vocal one shots come through and bring a nice tech induced groove that is built upon with a gritty bassline. On the break a very familiar riff is introduced that will get the retro juices flowing. An excellent sound here that will turn a few heads for sure.

#alfredomena #bonzaibasiks

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