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This week on Bonzai Basik Beats we turn our attention to DJing duo Metronomes and their sublime deep progressive grooves. Over the last few years the guys have been churning out some outstanding progressive vibes with their last outing Madam Butterfly reaching far and wide. Here they take the opportunity to showcase their own works as well as selected cuts from Boris Breicha, Rick Pier O’Neill, SBK, Markantonio, Ambassador and Dema & Paride Saraceni. Prepare to be taken on a surreal journey you will not forget.

Tracklisting – Episode 223: mixed by metrONomes

1º metrONomes – Dear Kc (Original Mix)
2º metrONomes – Secrets (Original Mix)
3º metrONomes – The Dark Age Is (Original Mix)
4º metrONomes – Roots (Original Mix)
5º Boris Brejcha – Be Flame (Original Mix)
6º Rick Pier O Neil – Back To The Darkness (Original Mix)
7º Sbk – Chickenloop (Original Mix)
8º Markantonio – Maetric (Original Mix)
9º metrONomes – Vatos Locos (Original Mix)
10º metrONomes – Mea Culpa (Original Mix)
11º Ambassador – The Fade(Guy J Remix)
12º Dema & Paride Saraceni – Absolut(Pig & Dan Remix)

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Bonzai regular Ecco hits the wheels of steel this week with a 1 hour set of epic proportions. On the release front we have seen Switch perform very well and more recently an appearance on our Deep Work 9 compilation. Expect to hear some quality cuts from the likes of Luciaen, Riq, Gianluca Caldarelli, Stanny Abram, Inland Knights, Snilloc, Ecco, Dani Rivas, Dubman F, Mister K, Larry Cadge, Andres Blows,Siscort, Re.You, American Dj, Carlo Whale and Okabi.

Tracklisting – Episode 222: mixed by Ecco

1º Luciaen – Origins (Wild Origins)
2º Riq – Jesus Love Techno (Christopher Remix)
3º Gianluca Caldarelli – Heavy On Beats (Original Mix)
4º Stanny Abram – Take To Time (Original Mix)
5º Inland Knights – Up The Wall (Original Mix)
6º Snilloc – Lines (Original Mix)
7º Ecco – Baobab (Revisited Mix 2014)
8º Dani Rivas – Red Cast (Original Mix)
9º Dubman F, Mister K – Shake (Original Mix)
10º Larry Cadge – Vicious Circle (Original Mix)
11º Andres Blows,Siscort – Konker (Original Mix)
12º Re.You – Stare (Original Mix)
13º American Dj – Serious Matter (&lez Remix)
14º Carlo Whale – All Need (Original Mix)
15º Okabi – Suddenly (Original Mix)

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Bonzai Basik Beats debutant CJ Art takes to the decks this week with his driving progressive trance set. CJ is no stranger to Bonzai as over the years he has been a part of various projects. Most recently he appeared on our newest compilation Club Traxx 2 Breaks. The mix this week contains some of the finest cuts around from artists like Airwave, John 00 Fleming, Alwoods, Union Jack, Dub Disaster, Brisker, Astropilot and more. Just the tonic required to get your weekend off to a flying start.

Tracklisting – Episode 221: mixed by CJ Art

1º Alwoods – Blue Horizon (Original Mix)
2º John 00 Fleming – Ashoka (Part 1)
3º Union Jack – Two Full Moons & A Trout (Airwave Remix)
4º Dub Disaster – Sausage Dip (Philo Remix)
5º Danny Sullivan & Kemist – Snake Charmer (Lee Coombs Remix)
6º Charles & Kling – Abysmal Days (Brahma Mix)
7º Brisker & Magitman – Go Swiftly (Original Mix)
8º Atmos – Nick of Time (Original Mix)
9º Airwave vs Astropilot – Particles Of Love (CJ Art Remix)

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Gai Barone heads up this week’s Bonzai Basik Beats radio show with his superb progressive set. At the moment Gai is on a roll with a succession of quality releases and remixes as well as his own radio show, Patterns which is constantly gaining support. In the mix Gai has pulled together tracks and remixes from the likes of Inkfish, Following Light, Andreass Brunner, Tvardovsky, Miraculum, Robert R Hardy, Max Graham, Yuriy From Russia as well as Gai’s own Kajal and more. Get your weekend started here.

Tracklisting – Episode 220: mixed by GAI BARONE

1º Inkfish – The Shadow (Original Mix)
2º Andreas Brunner – Immerwährend (Original Mix)
3º Following Light – Owl’s Nest (MiraculuM Remix)
4º Stas Drive & Mike Griego – Savannah (Original Mix)
5º Robert R. Hardy – Inevitable Delight (Original Mix)
6º Gai Barone – Kajal (Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic Remix)
7º Tvardovsky – Found Myself
8º Yuriy From Russia – God Of Agrabah (Audiostorm Remix)
9º Huminal – Road To Transmission
10º Max Graham & Gai Barone – Dying To Survive (2014 Re-Work)
11º Extravagance SL – Cthulhu (Original Mix)

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On the decks this week we have a guest mix from Alfredo Mena that will get your party started for sure. A long standing DJ career has led Alfredo to production where he is consistently delivering top quality cuts. His last effort on our Bonzai Basiks imprint, My House EP, is a testament to this. Today we get to hear tracks from the likes of Argo, Cosmin Horatiu, Maan, Traumer, Adrian Hour, Sean Collier, Pascal Mollin and Phil Kieran as well as Alfredo’s own On The Limbo.

Tracklisting – Episode 219: mixed by Alfredo Mena

1º Argo – East End Dubs (Original Mix)
2º Cosmin Horatiu – Quiet Org Mix
3º Maan – Lost (Original Mix)
4º Traumer – Insola (Original Mix)
5º Acapella – Got Made Me Funky (Original Mix)
6º Adrian Hour – Dens (Original Mix)
7º Alfredo Mena – On The Limbo (Original Mix)
8º Sean Collier -Hold The Line (Original Mix)
9º Macromisn – Twente Drumma Org (Original Mix)
10º Acapella – How Got The Flave (Original Mix)
11º Pascal Mollin – Page One (Original Mix)
12º Maxage – Scabies -8Leon Remix)
13º Alfredo Mena – Lazy (Mashup)
14º Dany Deep – Room 228 (Original Mix)
15º Phil Kieran & Green Velvet – Free Yourself (Original Mix)

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One of Bonzai’s most recent signings joins us at the BBB studios for a guest mix this week. Beyond Beats got a debut release on Progrez with the stunning Somewhere Out There which performed well on the circuit. The mix today features tracks and remixes from the likes of Casualties, Purple Velvet, Marcus Mouya, Pattern Repeat, Puff Daddy, Guy Gerber, Phil Weeks, Davide Catania, Matan Caspi, Jason Rose, Di Chiara Brothers, Deadmau5 and Beyond Beats.

Tracklisting – Episode 218: mixed by Beyond Beats

1º Yaroslav Lenzyak & Dirty Culture vs Beyond Beats – Where’s My Dirty Snake (Beyond Beats Mash-Up)
2º Casualtees – Sirens (Original Mix)
3º Purple Velvet – Cosmos (Original Mix)
4º Marcus Mouya – Stockholm 5am (Original Mix)
5º Beyond Beats – River In The Woods (Original Mix)
6º Pattern Repeat – 00/7B (Original Mix)
7º Guy Gerber, Puff Daddy – Terminal K (Original Mix)
8º Phil Weeks – Culture Clash Beats (Original Mix)
9º Matan Caspi ft. Mykle Anthony – Dangerous Change (Davide Catania Remix)
10º Jason Rose – The Better Days (Original Mix)
11º Di Chiara Brother’s – Come With Us (Original Mix)
12º Tocadisco – Hamatom (Original Mix)
13º Jelly For The Babies – Dream Hunter Chronicles (Original Mix)
14º deadmau5 – Templar (Original Mix)
15º Cirez D – Revolution (Original Mix)
16º Louis Flores – De-Program (Original Mix)

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Hady Tarek delivers a stunning progressive mix on BBB this week. We last saw Hady on remix duty for Corcy’s Recht which is currently a firm favourite among many jocks and features in the mix today. We also have a solid tracklisting from artists such as Ejeca, Matan Caspi, Mykle Anthony, Electricano, Diana Payton, Gariy & Hacker Feat Masta, Mohamed Ragab, Ben Solar and Anurag Nandvanshi.

Tracklisting – Episode 217: mixed by Hady Tarek

1º Ejeca – Jalek (Original Mix)
2º Electricano, Diana Payton – Make Me See (Uppfade Remix)
3º Matan Caspi ft. Mykle Anthony – Dangerous Change (Original Mix)
4º Gariy & Hacker feat. Masta – Party Movin’ On (Original Vocal Mix)
5º Crocy featuring Cotry – Recht (Hady Tarek Remix)
6º Suprano & Stargliders feat Claire Willis – Into The Light (Hady Tarek Remix)
7º Alexander Kornauhoff – Supreme Energy (Original Mix)
8º Mohamed Ragab – Sharm (Hady Tarek Sunrise Remix)
9º Anurag Nandvanshi – Soul Of India (Original Mix)
10º Ben Solar – Not Tested On Animals (Original Mix)
11º Nic Danilin & Stan Progman – Into The Blue (Paul Lock Remix)

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This week’s Bonzai Basik Beats is brought to you, courtesy of a fantastic mix by David R Maddocks. David leads the mix with his very own recently released cut Iowa as well as two other tracks from his own discography which are joined by tracks and remixes from the likes of Sirus Hood, Lazlo Dancehall, George Fitzgerald, Audiofly Feat Prescilla, Poze, Sasha, Phil Kieran, London Grammar and Eats Everything.

Tracklisting – Episode 216: mixed by DJ David R Maddocks

1º David R Maddocks – Iowa
2º Sirus Hood & Still Boyz – Jango (Dub Mix)
3º Lazlo Dancehall – Plimpton (George Fitzgerald Remix)
4º Audiofly ft. Priscilla – Circles (Kinetic Remix)
5ºJohn Tejada – Elsewhere (Original Mix)
6º Poze – Shake The Club (Original Mix)
7º Street Kings – Come Away From Club Abduction (Jetro Remix)
8º David R Maddocks – These Galaxies
9º London Grammar – Hey Now (Sasha Remix)
10º Phil Kieran – Saturdays (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix)
11º Eats Everything – This Elbow (Original Mix)
12º Phil Kieran – Ghetto Face Place Space
13º David R Maddocks – Get Vex (Original Mix)

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DJ Fire takes to the decks on this week’s guest spot for a sublime journey through deep progressive vibes. Jurgen currently runs his own show entitled Different Faces which is gathering pace since it started just a few short months ago. In the mix today you can expect a fine example of all things Bonzai Progressive as tracks from Jonny Calypso, Ecco, Phi Phi & Airwave, Nico Parisi, Metronomes, Louis Desero, Inkfish, Crocy, Audio Noir and DJ Fire are blended perfectly for your listening pleasure.

Tracklisting – Episode 215: mixed by DJ Fire

1º Jonny Calypso – Home Alone (Original Mix)
2º Ecco – Switch (Original Mix)
3º Phi Phi & Airwave – Vanilla (LoQuai Remix)
4º Airwave & Dj Fire – Without Roots (Relaunch Remix)
5º Nico Parisi – Napoli By Night (Jakhira’s Rework)
6º Metronomes – Dead Tourist (Original Mix)
7º Louis Desero – Oriental Breeze (Original Mix)
8º Inkfish -The Shadow (Original Mix)
9º Crocy featuring Cotry – Recht (deepAlexander Remix)
10º Audio Noir – Brooklyn Xpress (Alex Vidal Remix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #djfire


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Airwave is back for another guest spot here at BBB. Last week his set blew the roof off and this week will be no different as Laurent has lined up some absolute stompers to get your weekend started. Get your party started with a fine blend of progressive grooves with a tech edge with some surprising gems thrown in.

Tracklisting – Episode 214: mixed by Airwave

1º George Yammine – Colorize Part 2 (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
2º Andrez – In Your Afterglow (Jaap Ligthart Remix)
3º Daraspa – Childhood (Monojoke Remix)
4º Moll – At The Dawn
5º Audio Noir – Brooklyn Xpress (Alex Vidal Remix)
6º Ivan Nikusev & Cosmithex – The Secret Of Orion (Original Mix)
7º Smight – Angry She Devils (Original Mix)
8º Robert Nickson presents RNX – Stars (Original Mix)
9º Elek-Fun – Lovely Mother Fucker (Original Mix)
10º D.X.Xavier – Cancelos (Third Personality Remix)
11º The Digital Blonde & Insert Name – Renasia (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #airwave


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On the decks this week is the master of electronica, Airwave. It’s been a while since Laurent graced the BBB controls so we decided to hit you with a double header, yes that’s right, this week and next we will be pleasured with two mixes from the man himself and you can expect to hear a plethora of some of the finest tunes going around at the moment. Tune in to get blown away.

Tracklisting – Episode 213: mixed by Airwave

1º Mozambik Puzzle – Solage (D.M.P Remix)
2º Anatomica – Highland (Original Mix)
3º Kintar – Saona (Original Mix)
4º Subconscious Tales – Become Aware (Original Mix)
5º Robert R. Hardy – After Sunset (Original Mix)
6º David R Maddocks – These Galaxies (Original Mix)
7º Alfonso Muchacho – Range Park (Original Mix)
8º Nico Parisi – Napoli by Night (Original Mix)
9º One Man Groove Missing You (Original Mix)
10º Horizons – Nordkapp (Midnight Mix)
11º Michael A – Magic (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #airwave


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Bonzai Basik Beats regular Jakhira is back on the decks with another fantastic guest mix. Jakhira has been very busy in the last few months with tons of remix requests which have been gaining lots of support. On the mix today we see another great selection of tracks including Alex Vidal, Onez!e, Digital Department feat. Cara Leigh, Rise and Fall, Michael & levan and Stiven Rivic, Lautaro Varela and more.

Tracklisting – Episode 212 – mixed by Jakhira:

1º Alex Vidal – Solar Citadel (Original Mix)
2º Onez!e – This Is Dream (Horizons Sunset Mix)
3º Digital Department Feat. Cara Leigh – You Put A Spell (Wild Guess Incantation)
4º Rise And Fall – Seize The Day (Original Mix)
5º Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic – Favela (Van Bellen Remix)
6º Lautaro Varela – The Lonely Forest (Matias Chilano Remix)
7º Arnim – Cloudbase (Van Bellen Remix)
8º Nicolas Petracca – Echoes From Outer Space (Silinder Remix)
9º Robert R. Hardy – Infinitely Glamorous (Zan Prevèe Remix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #jakhira


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Alfonso Muchacho heads up this week’s guest spot with a superb progressive inspired mix. Alfonso recently released Despina through the Green Martian imprint with much support coming from all angles. Today’s mix features top tracks from Mariano Mellino, Dassie, Luis Junior, Gvozdini, Milana, Ioan Gamboa, Moderat, Sarah McLachlan, Ecco and Apparat as well as two tracks from Alfonso himself.

Tracklisting – Episode 211 – mixed by Alfonso Muchacho:

1º Apparat – A Bang In The Void (Silinder Remix)
2º Alfonso Muchacho – Despina (Original Mix)
3º Alfonso Muchacho – Distant Worlds (Original Mix)
4º Mariano Mellino, Dassie – El Globo Rojo (Original Mix)
5º Luis Junior – Karma Calling (Original Mix)
6º Gvozdini, Milana – Love & Illusions (Phonic Scoupe Vocal Remix)
7º Ioan Gamboa – Atlas (Original Mix)
8º Moderat – Damage Done (Silinder Remix)
9º Ecco – Switch (Original Mix)
10º Sarah McLachlan – Possession (Alfonso Muchacho Remix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #alfonsomuchacho


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Chilean DJ and producer Diego Herrera joins us this week with his superb guest mix. Diego recently saw a lot of attention with his Middle Earth EP on Bonzai Basiks and his subsequent remix for Christian Bonori & Paul S-Tone on Chemtrails. Today’s mix comes packed to the rafters with Deep House and Tech House cuts from the likes of Fabio Gianelli, German Brigante, Maetrik, Nice7, Carlo Lio, Groovebox, Sidney Charles, Lauren Lane, Technasia and Matthias Tanzmann.

Tracklisting – Episode 210 – mixed by Diego Herrera:

1º Matthias Tanzmann – Tilt (Original Mix)
2º Technasia – I am Somebody (Original Mix)
3º &Me – Shallow (Original Mix)
4º Lauren Lane – Cool Kids (Original Mix)
5º Sidney Charles – Ruffline (Original Mix)
6º Groovebox – Brooklyn (Original Mix)
7º Carlo Lio – For the love of (Original Mix)
8º Nice7 – Difference (Original Mix)
9º Fabio Gianelli – Maintain (Original Mix)
10º Maetrik – The Poem (Original Mix)
11º German Brigante – Menos Latencia (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #diegoherrera


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Jakhira is back for another set since we saw him a few weeks ago. Since then his remix for Kindred Spirits’ ‘Close Up’ has been released and the feedback is already very positive. This week’s set includes tracks and remixes from not only Jakhira himself but also Anthony Yarranton, Kevin Vega, Adwer, Josel, Tim Penner, Wild Guess, Hady Tarek, Eyal Cohen, Audio Noir and Daraspa.

Tracklisting – Episode 209 – mixed by Jakhira:

1º Anthony Yarranton – Bag Of Bells (Original Mix)
2º Kevin Vega – Consolidate (Original Mix)
3º Adwer – Dulce Amargo (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
4º Tim Penner – Reborn (Josel Remix)
5º Tioan – Structure Of The Mind (Original Mix)
6º Wild Guess – Nebulae (Jakhira’s Dusty Recreation)
7º Hady Tarek – Night Shift (Original Mix)
8º Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic – The Puppet Master (Kastis Torrau & Arnas D Remix)
9º Daraspa – Rendro (Eyal Cohen Remix)
10º Audio Noir – Transfagarasan Highway (Airwave Remix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #jakhira


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