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Kevin takes on the guest spot this week on Bonzai Basik Beats and not for the first time either. He has been a prominent figure over the years at the Bonzai HQ having been a guest DJ on many occasions and with releases on several of our labels. His latest offering was with ‘Andromeda’ on our Bonzai Progressive imprint which saw much attention. Today’s mix comes with tracks and remixes from artists like deepAlexander, Terranova, Oliver Lieb, Gui Boratto, Guy J, Anthony Yarranton, Danny Lloyd and Navar as well as Kevin himself.

Tracklisting – Episode 205 – mixed by Kevin Vega:

1º deepAlexander – Midnight Launch (Kevin Vega Remix)
2º Terranova – Headlock (Original Mix)
3º Alessandro Diga – Berlin (Oliver Lieb Remix)
4º Gui Boratto – Paralelo (Solee Remix)
5º Michael A & Dmitry Molosh – Resolutions (Original Mix)
6º Lovejet – Babylon (Original Mix)
7º Dalaspa – Rendro (Andre Sobota Remix)
8º Guy J – Diaspora (Original Mix)
9º Antrim – Labyrinth (Gai Barone Remix)
10º Mind Against – Avalon (Original Mix)
11º Scotty A – Sense Of An Ending (Navar Remix)
12º Anthony Yarranton – Bag Of Bells (Danny Lloyd Remix)

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Johnny Calypso is no stranger to Bonzai Basik Beats having been a previous guest, and he is certainly no stranger to the Bonzai stable. His last outing ‘Definition’ on Bonzai Progressive was very well received indeed. He takes to the BBB decks this week with a classy progressive set filled with sublime tracks from artists like Kevin Vega, Matan Caspi, Moshic, Cordoba, Marcelo Paladini and more.

Tracklisting – Episode 204 – mixed by Jonny Calypso:

1º Marc Romboy,Rodriguez Jr. – Lac De Nivelles (Original Mix)
2º Kevin Vega – Destiny (Original Mix)
3º Matan Caspi – I Wanna (Original Mix)
4º Matzak – African Roots (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
5º Eelke Kleijn – A Tale Of Two Lovers (Original Mix)
6º Marcelo Paladini – Benja Arrives (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
7º Moshic – Do It To Me Now (Gai Barone Remix)
8º Fingers Clear & Juli Dee – Frog Is Deep (Original Mix)
9º Lateral Cut Groove – Guajiro (Original Mix)
10º Cordoba – Surface (Audio Noir Remix)

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Jakhira steps up to the DJ booth for his guest mix on Bonzai Basik Beats with a smooth progressive set that will set any party off. Jakhira saw good support on his last Bonzai release ‘Princess EP’. When he’s not going solo he hooks up with his studio partner to form Kindred Spirit which has also gained much respect on the circuit. His set contains some gems for sure, Quincy, Silinder, Yoram, Martin Roth, Lolo, Airwave and Jimmy Galle are just some of the artists showcased today in a set that is not to be missed.

Tracklisting – Episode 203 – mixed by Jakhira:

1º Quincy – In Balance (Pole Folder & Cp Remix)
2º Silinder – A Doomed Endeavour (Original Mix)
3º Yoram – Back In Time (Matias Chilano Remix)
4º Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic – Waste Land (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
5º Soulfinder Feat. Amanda Dempsey – Out Of Time (Silinder Remix)
6º Martin Roth – Suite 909 (Original Mix)
7º Alex Vidal – Stellarium (Van Bellen Remix)
8º Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor – Marcahuasi (Velvet Girl Remix)
9º Lolo – Laia’s Theme (Original Mix)
10º Airwave Vs. Jimmy Galle – Karaba (Airwave Mix)

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Belgian artist Quincy joins us this week on Bonzai Basik Beats with a top quality set. Quincy’s last outing on Bonzai Progressive, ‘In Balance’ was very well received indeed from many quarters. The track as well as its remixes were featured heavily on top download sites and was a regular choice for many top jocks. In the mix today we have a great selection of tracks from artists including Rogerio Martins, Hot Since 82, Jaydee, Booka Shade, Airwave & DJ Fire, Sasse, Ian Pooley and Kings Of Tomorrow among others. Dynamic and deep is what you should expect here and is most definitely not to be missed.


Tracklisting – Episode 202 – mixed by Quincy:

1º Good Guy Milkesh – Place Of Love Feat. Ilburt
2º Kings Of Tomorrow – Finally (Foz Remix)
3º Ian Pooley – Compurhythm
4º Mano Le Though – Everything You’ve Done Before (Dixon Remix)
5º Quincy – in Balance (Cp & Pole Folder Remix)
6º Sebastian San Asphalt
7º Saschienne – Unknown (Dixon Remix)
8º Hot Since 82 – Mr Drive
9º Jaydee – Pulsate
10º Rogerio Martins – Gonna Be Mine
11º Maceo Plex – Conjure Balearia
12º Booka Shade – Love Inc. (Hot Since 82 Remix)

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Our guest this week is Yuriy From Russia with a fantastic progressive set to get the party into full swing. Recently Yuriy has been busy on the remix front with remixes for Phi Phi & Airwave’s ‘The Horn’ and Napalm & D-Phrag’s ‘Tour de Force’. In the set today we can expect to hear some stunning tracks from artists including Lolo, Kaan Koray, Stickman Gil, George Yammine, Beat Syndrome, Wild Guess, JJ Grant, Daraspa and Phi Phi & Airwave. Smooth progressive vibes for your start to the weekend, enjoy!


Tracklisting – Episode 201 – mixed by Yuriy From Russia:

1º Lolo – Laia’s Daydream (Airwave Breaks Mix)
2º Kaan Koray – Heart Of Africa  (Faskil Breaks Mix)
3º Stickman Gil – Going Forth  (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
4º George Yammine – You (Ewan Rill Remix)
5º Beat Syndrome – Box  (Li-Polymer Remix)
6º Wild Guess – Nebulae (Jakhira’s Dusty Recreation)
7º JJ Grant – The Path Chosen  (Kay-D Remix)
8º Phi Phi & Airwave  – The Horn (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
9º Daraspa – Rendro  (Andre Sobota Remix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #yuriyfromrussia


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Australian DJ and producer Audio Noir is our guest this week on Bonzai Basik Beats and he turns up with a fantastic classic set that will have those nostalgic juices flowing. Audio Noir has been churning out top quality tracks of his own recently and he always finds himself on the remix roster for many artists also. The set today is stunning, a blast from the past like no other with tracks from Mike Koglin, Dove Beat, Datura, Three Drives On A Vinyl, Zero B, Grace, Opus III, E-Rection, Nalin & Kane, BT, Der Dritte Raum, Humate, Rabbit In The Moon, Energy 52 and Union Jack. Get the party started in style with this full on retro set you will not want to miss.


Tracklisting – Episode 200 – mixed by Audio Noir:

1º God Within – Raincry
2º Mike Koglin – Enjoy The Silence (Tekara Mix)
3º Dove Beat – La Paloma (Ocean Mix)
4º Datura – Yerba Del Diablo (Shagras)
5º Datura – Yerba Del Diablo (Brujo)
6º Three Drives On A Vinyl – Greece 2000 – Three Drives On A Vinyl
7º Jagga – FInito
8º Zero B – Lock Up (Monolith Mix)
9º Grace – Not Over Yet (Perfecto Mix)
10º Opus III – Hand in Hand (Perfecto Mix)
11º E-Rection – Smoke My Dang A Long
12º Nalin & Kane – Beachball (Extended Vocal Mix)
13º BT – Mercury & Solace (Dub Mix)
14º Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp (Ison Adaption)
15º Humate vs. Rabbit In The Moon – East (The Opium Den Mix)
16º Quench – Dreams
17º Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Kid Paul Mix)
18º Union Jack – Two Full Moons & A Trout (Caspar Pound Mix)

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Spanish DJ and producer hits the airways on Bonzai Basik Beats this week with an epic set. Fran’s last release ‘Feeling’ on Bonzai Basiks was well received and we hope to hear more very soon. The set today includes top notch tracks from the likes of Maetrik, Enrico Sangiuliano, Arjun Vagale, Dj Boris, Quivver, Jewel Kid, Technasia, Carlo Lio and Bodyscrub as well a no less than three tracks from Fran himself. With so many tracks packed into 1 hour prepare to be blown away.


Tracklisting – Episode 199 – mixed by Fran Navaez:

1º Maetrik – The Entity (Original Mix)
2º Enrico Sangiuliano – Capernoited (Original Mix)
3º Julian Jeweil – Green Room (Original Mix)
4º Arjun Vagale – Wombat (Original Mix)
5º Dj Boris – Foul Beats (Original Mix)
6º Quivver – All that will be (Original Club Mix)
7º Fran Navaez – Voltech (Remix Dub)
8º Sian, Mladen Tomic – Jade Coma (Kaiserdisco Remix)
9º Fran Navaez – Danza (Original Mix)
10º Miquel T – Dreams Of The Titans (Steve Mulder Remix)
11º Jewel Kid – My Reaction (Vox Mix)
12º Mark Reeve – Move It (Original Mix)
13º Juanmy.R T – Club 76 (DJ Fronter Remix)
14º Dosem – Cityscapes (Original Mix)
15º Dart Dakman, Kevin Sunset – In the Nation (Original MIx)
16º Technasia – I Am Somebody (Delaze Dub)
17º Carlo Lio – Pepito´s Groove (Fer BR Remix)
18º Dosem – Urban Shelter (Original Mix)
19º Fran Navaez – Colission (Remix Dub)
20º Maroto & Bosco T – The Hacker (Original MIx)
21º Bodyscrub – Zero Latency (Jewel Kid Remix)
22º Jewel Kid – Satisfied Clowns (Original Mix)
23º Gabriel D´Or, Bordoy – Tripolar Fact (Original Mix)
24º MiniCoolBoyz, NHB – Placebo (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #frannavaez


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Tracklisting – Episode 198 – mixed by deepAlexander:

1º Andreas Agiannitopoulos – My Way (Nosak Remix)
2º Betoko – Late At Night (Original Mix)
3º Luke Fair – Balloon Race (Original Mix)
4º Edu Imbernon & Coyu – Open Air (Tube & Berger Remix)
5º Mario Basanov – Slip Away (Show-B Remix)
6º Joachim Pastor – Braumstig (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
7º Mano Le Tough – Everything You’ve Done Before (Dixon Remix)
8º Sasha feat. Kastis Torrau, Donatello, Arnas D & KNOX – Smoke Cone (Original Mix)
9º George FitzGerald – Every Inch (Deetron Remix)
10º Alex Niggemann – Tangram (The Bright End)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #deepalexander


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Production and DJing duo Electric Bastards hit the decks this week on Bonzai Basik Beats with a cool techno flavoured set. These guys certainly know their stuff and in the mix today you can expect to hear tracks from Josh Wink, David Amo, Tribal Warriors, Umek, Q-Co and DJ Jackk to name a few. Top quality set that will be the perfect start to your weekend, not to be missed!

Bonzai Basik Beats 197 – mixed by Electric Bastards by Bonzai Progressive on Mixcloud


Tracklisting – Episode 197 – mixed by Electric Bastards:

1º Azari – Hungry For Power (Jamie Jones Remix)
2º Josh Winx – Don’t Laugh (2012 Remix)
3º David Amo – This Is True House Music (Original Mix)
4º Dj Jackk – In The Beginning (Smootrab Remix)
5º Sweet Drop – Human Nature (Original Mix)
6º Q-Co – Lunch Pass (Electric Bastards Remix)
7º Diego Medina – El Anciano (Original Mix)
8º Criminal Vibes – I Need A Miracle (Original Mix)
9º Dj Fronter – Cntrl And Next (Original Mix)
10º Umek Ft Mike Vale – Fluid Feel (Original Mix)
11º Tribal Warriors – New York To Ibiza (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #electricbastards


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DJ and producer Thorin (Van Gelden) enters the DJ box for this week’s Bonzai Basik Beats and delivers a stunning deep progressive mix. Thorin has been busy lately with his own productions and remixes. His remix for Gai Barone and Nico Parisi’s latest track is looking promising and his track ‘Finally’ saw a release on the coveted Mystique Music. The mix today offers up a great selection of tracks from artists like Nico Parisi, Sector 7, Relaunch, WayWork & Ignacio Guana, Agressor & Ivan Nikusev, Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic as well as Thorin’s own ‘End Game’. Gear up for a truly awesome set that will blow your mind!


Tracklisting – Episode 196 – mixed by Thorin:

1º Agressor & Ivan Nikusev – Airflow (Original Mix)
2º Nico Parisi – Caress (Original Mix)
3º Sector 7 – Aloha (Relaunch Remix)
4º Relaunch – Air (Original Mix)
5º Relaunch – Dream Remote (Original Mix)
6º Thorin – End Game (Relaunch Remix)
7º Waywork & Ignacio Guana – Don’t Run, Flying Down (Mindmusik Remix)
8º Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic – Twilight (Lemon8 Remix)
9º Relaunch – Far Away (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #thorin


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Gai Barone takes to the decks this week on Bonzai Basik Beats. Gai is considered with great respect in the electronic music world, he has been around the scene for a long time and his productions are always top notch. He has embarked on successful collabs with artists like Nico Parisi with great results with much more to come. In this beautifully crafted mix we get a look into the true progressive world with tracks from Moshic, Antrim, John Drummer, Navid Mehr and Silinder to name a few. Settle in for a fantastic journey you will not want to miss!


Tracklisting – Episode 195 – mixed by Gai Barone:

1º Following Light – Stratagem (Gvozdini Remix)
2º Mnr – Siphon (Original Mix)
3º Moschic – Do It To Me Now (Gai Barone Starsk Remix)
4º Antrim – Lost Soul (Michael A Remix)
5º John Drummer – Sofia (Original Mix)
6º Navid Mehr – Cuma (Original Mix)
7º Silinder – A Doomed Endeavour (Ewan Rill Remix)
8º Luis Bondio & Cesar Lombardi – Solar Attraction (Stas Drive Remix)
9º Fake Truth – Empty Suits (Minoru Remix)
10º Fiddler – Stay (Original Mix)
11º City Lies – Tuesdays (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #gaibarone


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Johnny Deep hits the BBB turntables this week with a brilliantly mixed deep tech set. Recently Johnny has had much attention after his ‘New Era EP’ on Eyepatch saw good support. In the mix today you can expect some quality tunes from A Guy Called Gerald, East End Dubs, Alix Alvarex, Sante and Johnny’s own ‘Portal Steps’. Tune in to Bonzai Basik Beats and get your weekend off to a great start!


Tracklisting – Episode 194 – mixed by Johnny Deep:

1º A Guy Called Gerald – The Universe (Original Mix)
2º East End Dubs – Argo (Original Mix)
3º Seth Troxler, Tom Trago & Subb-An – Time (Original Mix)
4º Art Department, Blud, Shaun Reeves Feat Damian Lazarus – Robot Heart (Original Mix)
5º Alix Alvarez – Champion (Original Mix)
6º Raffaele Rizzi – Kompacto (Original Mix)
7º Johnny Deep (Aka Yonathan Dahan) – Portal Steps (Original Mix)
8º Dirty Culture – Deleriant Groove (Original Mix)
9º Kruze & Neurenberg – Daze Without You (Original Mix)
10º Arts, Leni – Woodwinds (Original Mix)
11º Sante – Make Me (Original Mix)
12º Nick Curly – Truth To Be Told (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #johnnydeep


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Studio partners Jon ManimaL & Magros aka metrOnomes join Bonzai Basik Beats this week for a super ride into the world of deep progressive vibes. The guys have been riding high with top quality releases at every turn. Their latest incarnation ‘Roll & Rock’ on Progrez has been very well received and is not to be missed. The playlist this week includes tracks from Ante Ujevic, Jewel Kid, Matt Sassari, X-Press 2, Katal plus no less than four of the guys own tracks. Get ready for a deep trek into the darker side of prog house!


Tracklisting – Episode 193 – mixed by metrOnomes:

1º metrOnomes – Roll & Rock (Original Mix)
2º metrOnomes – The Dark Age Is (Original Mix)
3º Ante Ujevic – Mute (Original Mix)
4º Jewel Kid – Chicago (Original Mix)
5º metrOnomes – Phantasmagoria (Original Mix)
6º Martin Buttrich & David Squillace – La Riot (Original Mix)
7º Matt Sassari – Akuyeri (Gaga Remix)
8º Mattew Jay – Nebulae Particles (Original Mix)
9º X-Press 2 – Shakewerk (Chus & Ceballos Remix)
10º Katal – Raw Instinct (Original Mix)
11º Piemont – Jump Off (Hollen Remix)
12º metrOnomes – Soulfood (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #metronomes


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One of Belgium’s much loved DJ’s Nico Parisi is at the controls for this week’s Bonzai Basik Beats. Nico is currently riding high on the production and DJing circuit with many great productions like ‘Soulit’ getting rave reviews and big features, he is currently working on new material which we hope to see very soon. He is also gathering many bookings for gigs this Spring and well into the Summer. As well as Nico’s and Gai Barone own ‘Perla’ , the mix brings together some of the finest progressive cuts from Andrea Roma, Moshic, Hernan Cattaneo and Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic among others, so get ready for a full on progressive session.


Tracklisting – Episode 192 – mixed by Nico Parisi:

1º Jorg Murcus – Eau De Cazeaux (Original Mix)
2º Adana Twins – Schiwago (Original Mix)
3º Andrea Roma Featuring Leusin Still Loving (Martin Roth Interpretation)
4º Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic – Invisible Children (Derek Howell & Faskil Warm Mix)
5º White Rhine & Ariel B – Keep Rolling (Original Mix)
6º Moshic – Do It To Me Now (Original Mix)
7º Marcelo Vasami – Blowb (Original Mix)
8º Ioan Gamboa – Kahleesi (Martin Etchegaray Remix)
9º Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile – Infoxication (Guy Mantzur & Lonya Remix)
10º Nico Parisi & Gai Barone – Perla (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #nicoparisi


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Sounds R Us Recordings head honcho Oz Romita hits the decks this week on Bonzai Basik Beats with a superb deep and tech mix. On the DJ circuit Oz has finely tuned his sets creating masterful journeys through different genres, this same ethos is applied to his label SRUR, bringing in top class talents with high quality results. In the mix today Oz has picked a great selection including tracks from First Dive, Yan Brauer, Addex, Anturage & Amnesia Haze, Franko Lopez & Marius K and more. Tune in, turn it up and prepare for a masterclass in the art of mixing.


Tracklisting – Episode 191 – mixed by Oz Romita:

1º First Dive – First Dive (Original Mix)
2º Yan Brauer – I Just Can (Original Mix)
3º Jon Sine – Walking Down The Line Feat. Benjamin Franklin (Dilby Remix)
4º Addex – Public Progress (Marco Grandi Remix)
5º Luthier & Ellie K – In Sex We Trust (Velkro Remix)
6º Anturage & Amnesia Haze – The More I Want (Original Mix)
7º Philipp Blecha – That (Original Mix)
8º Junior Croff & Dj I-One – Circle (Original Mix)
9º Franko Lopez & Marius K (Italy) – Do You Get (Original Mix)
10º Beckers – Empty Souls (P. Lopez & Alex Aq Remix)
11º Yvo Zanev – Hotbox Room (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #ozromita


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