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First time appearance for Paul Kardos and Adam Kardos on Bonzai Basik Beats and what an entrance they provide with a stellar mix that will guide you on the right path to ensure your party rocks. Paul has been around the Bonzai stable for a couple of years now with releases such as Tres Sonidos EP and The Workout Song making a positive impact. In this weeks mix you can expect tracks and remixes from the likes of Dance Spirit, Beduoin, Alexey Lisin Ft Aves Volare, Maetrik, Guy Mantzur, Robert Babicz, Diego Berrondo as well as a few cuts from Paul himself.

Tracklisting – Episode 296: mixed by Paul Kardos & Adam Kardos

1º Paul Kardos – Resurrection (Original Mix)
2º Dance Spirit – Late Night Early Mornings (Bedouin Remix)
3º I’m Who I’m Aka Paul Kardos – Unreal Reality (Original Mix)
4º Dio S featuring Britt – Tangled Emotions (Original Mix)
5º Alexey Lisin Ft. Aves Volare – Funny Day (Paul Kardos Breathing Mix)
6º Maetrik – Caught Between (Original Mix)
7º Jonas Rathsman – Wolfbane (Original Mix)
8º Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Temporary Sanity (Original Mix)
9º Robert Babicz – Narcoleptic Supersoul (Diego Berrondo Unofficial Remix)
10º Cascandy – Oh, Boy (Original Mix)
11º Henry Saiz & Marc Marzenit – Second Vision (Paul Kardos Remix)
12º Dominik Eulberg, Gabriel Ananda – The Space Between Us (Original Mix)

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6 May 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


Talented DJ and producer AudioStorm marks his first BBB appearance with a quality mix full of stunning progressive fuelled grooves. AudioStorm joined the Bonzai camp back in the Summer of 2015 and has unleashed some quality tracks since then, we’re looking forward to much more from this guy in the future. To kick off your weekend we’ve got a tight mix from this guy that will get any party heated up to fever pitch. Artists such as Gai Barone, Manu Riga, Juan Deminicis, Vlada D’Shake, Marcelo Vasami, Robert R Hardy, Magnetic Brothers and Huminal are all on hand to provide the fuel for the fire.

Tracklisting – Episode 295: mixed by AudioStorm

1º Gai Barone – When In June (Original Mix)
2º Gai Barone – When In June (Manu Riga Remix)
3º Juan Deminicis – Babel (Original Mix)
4º Vlada D’ Shake – Friday Night (Original Mix)
5º Marcelo Vasami – One Thousand Islands (Original Mix)
6º Soulaiman Zoubir – Random Destiny (Stasic T & Mindmusic Remix)
7º Huminal – Knocking On The Sky (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
8º Agents Of Time – Polina (Original Mix)
9º Magnetic Brothers – Russian Astronaut Story (Original Mix)

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Matan’s 3rd Bonzai Basik Beats spot is a superb showcase of the man’s own work amongst a few other tracks. Six superb cuts from himself alongside Stan Kolev, Cari Golden, Animal Picnic, Oliver Giacomotto and Wehbba blended seamlessly to deliver a super tight set. Just the tonic to get your party weekend off to a great start.

Tracklisting – Episode 294: mixed by Matan Caspi

1º Matan Caspi, Stan Kolev – Once Again (Original Mix)
2º Matan Caspi, Stan Kolev – Anabiosis (Original Mix)
3º Matan Caspi – What You Gonna Do (Original Mix)
4º Matan Caspi – Nothing Is Free (Original Mix)
5º Cari Golden, Bambook, Mennie – Slip Away (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)
6º Matan Caspi – The Bold & The Gold (Original Mix)
7º Stan Kolev – Tangra (Original Mix)
8º Matan Caspi – Crossfire (Original Mix)
9º Animal Picnic, Aaryon – Calathea (D-nox & Beckers Remix)
10º Wehbba – Visage (Original Mix)

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22 April 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


Buenos Aires, Argentina based DJ and producer Luciano Delgado provides the tunes for this week’s Bonzai Basik Beats. He debuted on Bonzai Progressive towards the end of 2015 with his Virtuoso EP and no doubt we’ll be seeing much more from this guy in the future. A fine selection of cuts from the likes of Lancaster, Jochen Pash, Third Son, Stan Kolev, Ran Salman, Monkey Brothers, Dousk and more will be on hand to kick off your weekend in style.

Tracklisting – Episode 293: mixed by Luciano Delgado

1º Lancaster – Nothing Like That (Original Mix)
2º Gariy & Hacker – Piano Groove (Original Mix)
3º Jochen Pash – Keep On Trying feat Joseé Hurlock (Return Of The Jaded Remix)
4º Alex Flatner – See You Next Saturday (Original Mix)
5º Third Son – Oedipus (Original Mix)
6º Stasik T – Centipede (Original Mix)
7º Stas Drive – Intergalactic Summer (Kastis Torrau Remix)
8º Stan Kolev – Ascend (Original Mix)
9º Roi Okev, Omer Grinker – Get Two (Monkey Brothers Remix)
10º Ran Salman – Volcano Love (Original Mix)
11º Kob Tila – Vicious Circle (Ewan Rill Dub Remix)
12º Marc Marzenit – 9909LA (Christian Smith’s Filtered Dub Mix)
13º I Hate You – Fault Finder (Dousk Remix)

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Petro Chatzopoulos aka Petri Petro turns up for his second outing on BBB with a solid techno fuelled set that will definitely get the party juices flowing. This full on mix showcases tracks and remixes fromJeremy Wang, Dave Sinner, Slam, P-Ben, The Yellowheads and The Welderz as well as Petri himself. Crank up the volume and get this one pumping, you will not be disappointed.

Tracklisting – Episode 291: mixed by Petri Petro

1º Jeremy Wang – Final Exit (Original Mix)
2º Florian Meindl – Harmonographic (Original Mix)
3º Frederic Stunkel – Clarity (Original Mix)
4º Dave Sinner – What We Deserve (Original Mix)
5º Morgan Thomas – Clocked (The Welderz Remix)
6º Slam – Minor Interruption (Original Mix)
7º P-Ben – Drive 0.3 (Original Mix)
8º Petri Petro – Dragon Fly (Original Mix)
9º Fabio Neural, Alessan Main – Sinus (Original Mix)
10º The Yellowheads – Headquarters (Tomy Declerque)
11º Setaoc Mass – Solo (Part One) (Original Mix)
12º Sintoma – Mosfet (Xpansul Remix)
13º Bastien Bucci – Azzura (Bodyscrub Hypnotic Tool Remix)

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1 April 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


Phi Phi’s 8th Bonzai Basik Beats appearance delivers another sublime trek into progressive. A constant force on the progressive house/trance scene, it’s always a special time when this guy puts out a mix. On the production front he remains peerless with a hugely impressive back catalogue. In the mix today you can expect to hear tracks and remixes from the likes of Nick Warren, Guy Mantzur, Olive Lieb, George G, Orsen, Pan-Pot, Nick Curly and more.

Tracklisting – Episode 290: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur – Sad Robot (Original Mix)
2º Arkajo – Månfas (Original Mix)
3º Oliver Lieb & James Warren- WASP-17b (Cid Inc. Remix)
4º Luigi Castaldo – Mistyc Sunrise (Original Mix)
5º Gorge – Tayo (Original)
6º Orsen – Fade (Original Mix)
7º DJ Le Roi – Future (Original Mix)
8º Roy Gilles – Padding System (George G Remix)
9º Pig&Dan & Alberto Ruiz – Detroit (Original Mix)
10º Pan-Pot – Your Attention (Nicole Moudaber Remix)
11º Nick Curly – BBC (Original Mix)

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25 March 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


Alfonso’s 3rd Bonzai Basik Beats venture picks up where he left off last time out and shows us once more the skills this guy has. A solid progressive set, this one contains cuts from the likes of Manu Riga, Orkidea, Quivver, D-Shake, Cid Inc, Khen, Michael A, MUUI and a selection of remixes from Alfonso himself.

Tracklisting – Episode 289: mixed by Alfonso Muchacho

1º Khen – Pollen Spreader (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix)
2º Michael A – Solid (Alfonso Muchacho Remix)
3º I Hate You – Fault Finder (Dousk Remix)
4º MUUI – Lore (Original Mix)
5º Quivver – Wait for You (Habischman Remix)
6º David Podhel – Sandal Water (Alfonso Muchacho Remix)
7º D-Shake – Techno Trance (Cid Inc Remix)
8º Stephan Bodzin – Singularity (Fur Coat Remix)
9º Manu Riga – A Sense of Hope (Alfonso Muchacho Remix)
10º Orkidea – Unity (Alfonso Muchacho Rework)

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18 March 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


Mike Walshe aka Irish DJ and producer Satinka makes his first Bonzai Basik Beats appearance with a superb retrospective progressive set that drips with solid beats and nostalgia. Mike is fresh from his Bonzai debut back in December 2015 with Deep Within EP. Tracks and remixes from Paul Van Dyk, Three Drives, Orinoko, Way Out West, Solid Sessions, and Rising Star are just some of the classics you can expect on this one.

Tracklisting – Episode 288: mixed by Satinka

1º Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Harry Lemon Remix) [Satinka Vocal Edit]
2º Blackstone – One Thing (Traveller & Quest Remix)
3º Dawnseekers – Shaman’s Wake Up (Original Mix)
4º Orinoko – Island (Saints & Sinners Remix)
5º Evolution – Crocodile Man (Original Mix)
6º Marc Aurenbach – Muke (Marc’s Original Mix)
7º Paul van Dyk – Movement (Original Mix)
8º Rising Star – Startheme (Original Mix)
9º DJ Johan Cyber – Marco Antonio (Three Drives Remix)
10º The Infernal Machine – Realistic (Original Mix)
11º Way Out West – Domination (Original Mix)

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11 March 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


Seasoned DJ and producer Phi Phi is back for more at BBB and moves to the veteran category with his 7th appearance on the show. As ever we are treated to some tasty progressive vibes with tracks and remixes from Charlie May, Maceo Plex, dubspeeks, Dave Angel, Channel X and Ph Phi himself among others. Just the tonic to get the party started for the weekend.

Tracklisting – Episode 287: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Charlie May – Puschkah (Original Mix)
2º Maceo Plex – Solar Detroit (Original Mix)
3º Martin Landsky – Under The Bridge (Original Mix)
4º R.E.C., Confute – 2002 (Original Mix)
5º dubspeeka – Outland 1 (Original Mix)
6º Dave Angel – Nightwalker (Original Mix)
7º Phi Phi – Hiccup (Original Mix)
8º Scuba – Black on Black (Len Faki Goes Black Remix)
9º Channel X – Glowing (Original Mix)
10º Dense & Pika – TEX (Original Mix)

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Samotarev joins us on the airways with his second Bonzai Basik Beats mix. With productions that are always on top form this guy knows how to dig deep and churn out the quality. Today’s mix features tracks and remixes from the likes of Plastic Heaven, Marcelo Vasami, Uni-Vi, AudioStorm, Tim Penner and Dennis Price among others. Get this on your stereo for the perfect start to your weekend.

Tracklisting – Episode 286: mixed by Samotarev

1º Plastic Heaven – Slower Than Sound (Original Mix)
2º Snorkle – Trine (Mindmusik & Stasik T Remix)
3º Marcelo Vasami – Why Not (Original Mix)
4º Shiloh – Landmine Hopscotch (Spacebeat ‘Electric Calm’ Remix)
5º Uni-Vi – Reflections (Original Mix)
6º Tim Penner – Tim Penner (Marcelo Paladini Remix)
7º AudioStorm – Additional Energy – Arthur Minnahmetov Remix
8º Ezequiel Denenberg – Estrategias (Bruno Caro Remix)
9º Gonza Rodriguez – Strings From Beyond (Ghoeyash Remix)
10º Dennis Price – Universal Prayer (Original Mix)

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Rick Pier O’Neil returns for his second guest appearance on Bonzai Basik Beats and once again he delivers a super tight mix for our weekend warm-up. Still riding high in progressive land with slick productions and remixes, Rick’s last offering was on his own RPO Records with Dangerous Position towards the end of January 2016. Since then he has racked up several appearances on many compilations. Today you can expect to hear a host of Rick’s own material as well as tracks from Latin Intelligent, GMU, Steve Sai, Huminal and Art Of Trance.

Tracklisting – Episode 285: mixed by Rick Pier O’Neil

1º Rick Pier O’Neil – Dangerous Position (Part 1)
2º Rick Pier O’Neil – Submission 2016 (Original Mix)
3º Rick Pier O’Neil – To Declare (Original Mix)
4º Rick Pier O’Neil & Desaturate – Polymers (Nicholas Van Orton Remix)
5º Rick Pier O’Neil – Signal (Matt Holliday Remix)
6º Latin Intelligent – Skywalker (Original Mix)
7º Rick Pier O’Neil – Black List (Original Mix)
8º GMU – Hidden Hearts (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix)
9º Rick Pier O’Neil – Red List (Original Mix)
10º Steve Sai – The Void (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix)
11º Huminal – Pocket Universe (Rick Pier O’Neil & Desaturate Remix)
12º Rick Pier O’Neil – Substance (Original Mix)
13º Art Of Trance – Octopus (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix)

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19 February 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


BBB regular Mathov returns with another of his fine mixes to set the mood right for the weekend. 2015 was a great year for this guy as he seen some top notch releases for, particularly with co-producer Dark Soul Project and the vocal talents of Fe Malefiz. His last Bonzai cut of 2015 was the superb Insane and we’ve no doubt that 2016 will be even bigger. The mix for today’s show comes in true progressive flavour with cuts from the likes of Satinka, Matt Holliday, Brian Cid, Dimuth K, Evgeny Lebedev, Dark Soul Project, SummerMarian, Config and Guhus as well as three offerings from Mathov himself.

Tracklisting – Episode 284: mixed by Mathov

1º Satinka – Deep Within Your Soul (Original Mix)
2º Matt Holliday – Pipe Dream (Original Mix)
3º Brian Cid – Blue Dawn (Original Mix)
4º Dimuth K – Souq (Original Mix)
5º Evgeny Lebedev – Endless Harmony (Mathov Remix)
6º Dark Soul Project – The Message ( Mathov Darkrooms Remix)
7º Dark Soul Project – Terror On The Dancefloor (Original Mix)
8º SummerMarian – Rebecca (Original Mix)
9º Mathov – Insane (Config’s Encrypted Reality)
10º Guhus – Thirty Six Bells (Original Mix)

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12 February 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


The legendary Phi Phi returns for his 6th appearance on Bonzai Basik Beats and yet again he dishes out a top quality mix featuring some of the best from the world of progressive. Tracks and remixes from Sasha, Joel Mull, Robert Babicz, Lee Williams, Franzis-D, Dark Soul Project & Mathov, Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo, Rick Pier O’Neill, Patryk Molinari, Montel, CJ Art and Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert are on hand to kickstart your party filled weekend in style.

Tracklisting – Episode 283: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Sasha, Joel Mull – Pale Reich (Original Mix)
2º Robert Babicz – Loli And The Snuggle (Original Mix)
3º Lee Williams – Evelate (Original Mix)
4º Franzis-D – White Rabbit (Original Mix)
5º Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert – Esteem (original Mix)
6º Dark Soul Project & Mathov – The Dark Side And The Light (Dark Soul Project In Love Remix)
7º Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo – Overdose (Original)
8º Rick Pier O’Neil – Back To Scream ( Original Mix)
9º Patryk Molinari – Red Room (Original Mix)
10º Montel – I Can’t Remember (Original)
11º CJ Art – Dark Chemistry (Dub Mix)

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5 February 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


Hady Tarek joins us at Bonzai Basik Beats once more for his 3rd appearance, and from today’s mix you will see why we keep getting him back for more. Expect to hear top quality cuts from the artists such as Alexey Lisin ft Alexandra Pride, Nico Parisi, GgDeX & KEYGI, Paride Saraceni, East Cafe, Manu Riga, Philthy Chit, Abity, Rishi K., Christian Smith & Wehbba, Kaiserdisco, Andhim, Joris Voorn, D-Nox, Beckers and a superb track from Hady Tarek feat Claire Willis.

Tracklisting – Episode 282: mixed by Hady Tarek

1º Alexey Lisin ft. Alexandra Pride – Try My Soul (Nico Parisi Remix)
2º GgDeX & KEYGI – Black Leo (Original Mix)
3º Paride Saraceni – Twenty-Ten (Original Mix)
4º Hady Tarek feat. Claire Willis – Choices (Instrumental Mix)
5º East Cafe – Minus Ten (Original Mix)
6º Manu Riga – A Sense of Hope (Original Mix)
7º Philthy Chit – Emanate (Original Mix)
8º Abity – Anachronistic (Original Mix)
9º Rishi K. – Solar Soul (Original Mix)
10º Christian Smith & Wehbba – Mutate (Kaiserdisco Remix)
11º Andhim – Boy Boy Boy (Joris Voorn Remix)
12º D-Nox & Beckers – Straight On (Original Mix)

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29 January 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


Ruslan Vashkevich is back at Bonzai Basik Beats controls for his second guest spot and he delivers the goods once more with a superb mix. Tracks and remixes from Abity, Berbush, Platunoff, Manu Riga and Matt Holliday, Youngen, Phi Phi, Yuriy From Russia, Philthy Chit and Rise and Fall are on hand to take us deep into the progressive abyss and get your party weekend started

Tracklisting – Episode 280: mixed by Ruslan Vashkevich

1º Abity – Aeroplane (Dub Mix)
2º Berbush – Spinn (Original Mix)
3º Platunoff – Two Face’s (Original Mix)
4º Rise and Fall – Looking Forward (Original Mix)
5º Yuriy From Russia – Budapest Streets (Original Mix)
6º Youngen – The Long Way Home (Original Mix)
7º Philthy Chit – Emanate (Original Mix)
8º Manu Riga & Matt Holliday – As We Become One (Original Mix)
9º Manu Riga – A Sense of Hope (Original Mix)
10º Phi Phi – Hiccup (Manu Riga & Matt Holliday Remix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #ruslanvashkevich


15 January 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more

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