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Hady Tarek is back at Bonzai Basik Beats for his second stint on the decks and once again we are treated to some fine ass grooves that will get the party crew ready for the weekend. Tracks and remixes from Dofamine, Jakhira, Lex (Athens) Feat. Kel, Nico Parisi, Robert R Hardy, Stan Kolev, Hady Tarek Feat. Ade Halocene, ParideSaraceni, Marcelo Demarco, Justin Massei, Kosmas, Crocy, Samuel L Session and Van Czar among others are what’s on offer so tune in, turn it up and enjoy.

Tracklisting – Episode 323: mixed by Hady Tarek

1º Dofamine – For My Love (Jakhira’s Unconditional Mix)
2º Lex (Athens) featuring Kel – Texas Maggot (Original Mix)
3º Nico Parisi – Attica (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
4º Stan Kolev – All Along (Original Mix)
5º Hady Tarek feat. Ade Halocene – Tell Me (Original Mix)
6º Paride Saraceni – Just For One Day (Original Mix)
7º Marcelo Demarco – Less Than Zero (Original Mix)
8º Third Son – Colourblind (Justin Massei Remix)
9º Kosmas – Around the Corner (Dousk Remix)
10º Crocy – Valve (Original Mix)
11º Pro:AM – Get Better (Original Mix)
12º Van Czar – Terrence (Samuel L Session RAW Dub Remix)

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Cortex Thrill makes his Bonzai Basik Beats debut with a superb selection of quality cuts for our listening pleasure. One of the Bonzai originals from the early nineties, it was almost 20 years since we’d released any of this guy’s music. But that all changed when he delivered the impeccable Mitochondria which went on to rise high in many charts gaining great support. Much more to come from Ivo and his crew so stay tuned for more. The mix this week features tracks and remixes from Marc Romboy, Hale Bopp, K. Oshkin, Stan Kolev, Manu Riga, Kevin Vega, AudioStorm, Yuriy From Russia, Boris Brejcha, Cortex Thrill and others.

Tracklisting – Episode 322: mixed by Cortex Thrill

1º Toto – Prologue (Original Mix)
2º Marc Romboy – Counting Comets (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)
3º Hale Bopp – Der Dritte Raum Ison Adaption (Remake 2013)
4º Dr Avalance – Computer System (Van Bellen Remix)
5º K. Oshkin – Assol (Ewan Rill Remix)
6º Boris Brejcha – Happiness Lies16
7º Stan Kolev – All Along (Original Mix)
8º Manu Riga – Cry To Oblivion (Original Mix)
9º Kevin Vega – Elysium (Original Mix)
10º Yuriy From Russia – Streets Of Budapest (AudioStorm Remix)
11º Lloyd knights – Deep Pockets (Original Mix)
12º K. Oshkin – Assol (Andrea Shu Remix)
13º Cortex Thrill – Mitohondria (Original Mix)

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Ruslan Vashkevich returns for his third Bonzai Basik Beats guest spot and yet again he does not disappoint with a fine selection of progressive grooves. Tracks and remixes from Christopher Hermann, Manu Riga, Don Longton, Samotarev, Matt Holliday, Matan Caspi, Yuriy From Russia, Kush, Nico Parisi, Gai Barone, Jadeck & Margolin and DJ Dimitri are all on hand to deliver the grooves and get the party started.

Tracklisting – Episode 321: mixed by Ruslan Vashkevich

1º Christopher Hermann – Emerald Queen (Original Mix)
2º Don Longton – It’s Pouring Outside (Manu Riga’s Sunshine Mix)
3º Samotarev – Voice Of Phangan (Original Mix)
4º Matt Holliday – Pipe Dream (Original Mix)
5º Matan Caspi – Celebrium (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
6º Kush – Substance Abuse (Original Mix)
7º Nico Parisi – Attica (Gai Barone Blue Notes Remix)
8º Jadeck & Margolin – Whirlpool (Manu Riga Remix)
9º Dj Dimitri – North East (Original Mix)

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Bonzai Basik Beats firm favourite Phi Phi returns for another slamming progressive set that will most definitely get the party juices flowing. This week the man himself has handpicked some quality vibes for our listening pleasure, including tracks and remixes from Hot City Orchestra, Neverdogs & Franz Costa, Outway, Black & Trolley, Hyenah, Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, Matt Minimal, Alberto Ruiz, Chus & Ceballos and Raffaele Rizzi.

Tracklisting – Episode 320: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Hot City Orchestra – Futuro (Original Mix)
2º Neverdogs, Franz Costa – Right Side (Outway Remix)
3º VII Circle – Unbroken (Locked Groove Remix)
4º Olivier Giacomotto – Worldology (Original Mix)
5º Black & Tolley – Back ‘N Forth (Original Mix)
6º Uakoz, Alex Lentini – Don’t Leave (Dubspeeka Broken Speaker Remix)
7º Hyenah – Mami Wata (Original Mix)
8º Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – We Will Return (Joeski Dub)
9º Matt Minimal – Reflexion (Alberto Ruiz Remix)
10º Luthier, Stupidizko feat. Nanda Kapps – Under Pressure (Manuel De La Mare Remix)
11º Raffaele Rizzi – Skynet (Chus & Ceballos Remix)

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Manu Riga takes on Bonzai Basik Beats guest mix duties this week for his third stint and once again we are blown away by the DJ skills this guy shows. A huge part of our flagship label – Bonzai Progressive – Manu Riga consistently delivers pure quality cuts. In October 2016 he unleashed his new EP – Unstoppable – as well as a few remixes that were aimed at the dancefloor, and all of this was on the back of his superb album Surrounded and subsequent Surrounded Remixed package. This week’s mix features tracks and remixes from the likes of XYZ, Blausch, Sasha Carassi, Ilija Djokovic, Enrico Sangiuliano, Paride Saraceni, Dosem, Prok & Fitch, DJ Tonio and Adam Beyer & Joseph Capriati. Just the tonic requied to ensure your party weekend gets off to a flying start.

Tracklisting – Episode 319: mixed by Manu Riga

1º XYZ – Solution (Kenton Slash Demon’s 4-4 Therapy)
2º Blausch – Parallel Hymns (Original Mix)
3º Human Machine-Anacreon (Original Mix)
4º Syap – Versatile (Original Mix)
5º Sasha Carassi & Skober – Thema (Original Mix)
6º Ilija Djokovic – Syndrome (Original Mix)
7º Ilija Djokovic – Delusion (Original Mix)
8º Enrico Sangiuliano – Hook At The Border (Paride Saraceni Remix)
9º Dosem, Prok & Fitch – Whispers (Original Mix)
10º DJ Tonio – Closer, Faster, Stronger (Original Mix)
11º Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati – External Links (Original Mix)

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Paul Kardos and Adam Kardos return for their second appearance on Bonzai Basik Beats delivering another fine mix to get the weekend started. Paul has been around the Bonzai stable for a couple of years now with releases such as Tres Sonidos EP and The Workout Song making a positive impact. In this week’s mix you can expect tracks and remixes from the likes of Emil Berliner, Backbord, Henry Saiz Feat. Eloy, D.X.Xavier, LoQuai, Claws SG, Romanthony and John O’Callaghan Feat. Audrey Gallagher as well as a few cuts from Paul and Adam.

Tracklisting – Episode 318: mixed by Paul Kardos & Adam Kardos

1º Paul Kardos – The Border Of The Existence (Adam Kardos & Paul Kardos Remix)
2º Emil Berliner – Meuterei (Backbord Mix)
3º Paul Kardos – Dragonfly (Original Mix)
4º Henry Saiz featuring Eloy – Inner Circle (Original Mix)
5º Paul Kardos – Sunset In Your Eyes (Original Mix)
6º D.X.Xavier – Eclipse (Loquai Remix)
7º Clawz Sg – Gwendoline (Original Mix)
8º Paul Kardos – It’s Not Over Until The End (Original Mix)
9º Romanthony – What S Love (Supernova Remix)
10º John O’callaghan featuring Audrey Gallagher – Big Sky (Paul Kardos Remix)

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7 October 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


Nico Parisi returns for his third Bonzai Basik Beats outing and as always we are treated to some of the finest progressive sounds around. On the production front he delivered Attica on Bonzai Progressive and yet again he churned out a superb slice that is championed by many. Today’s mix features tracks and remixes from Arturo Hevia, Stefan Z, Napalm & D’Phrag, Cid Inc, Shai T, Robert R Hardy, Dmitry Molosh, Platunoff, Bruno Caro, Dale Middleton, Moonbeam and David Granha.

Tracklisting – Episode 317: mixed by Nico Parisi

1º Arturo Hevia – Bohemian Groove (Stefan Z Remix)
2º Napalm, d-phrag – Tunnel Vision (Original Mix)
3º Cid Inc.- Shake Before Use (Shai T Remix)
4º Robert R. Hardy – Chasing Pleasure (Daraspa Remix)
5º Robert R. Hardy – Sensus (Matter Remix)
6º Dmitry Molosh – Dagger (Original Mix)
7º Platunoff – MonoLand (Original Mix)
8º Bruno Caro – Auxiliar (Original Mix)
9º Lessnoise – Shedding Light (Original Mix)
10º Dale Middleton – Cuesta (Silinder Remix)
11º Moonbeam – Chaotic (Cream and Deep Fog Winning Remix)
12º David Granha – Islandia (Original Mix)

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Kush debuts on Bonzai Basik Beats radio with a superb tight set that will fire up the party juices in no time. Kush recently debuted on Bonzai Progressive with Substance Abuse and received a great reception. Tracks and remixes come from the likes of Daniel Lera, Sous Sol, Sascha Kloeber, K.Oshkin, Etai Tarazi, Ida Engberg, dubspeeka, Sian, ALan Fitzpatrick, Nicole Moudaber, Ewan Rill, Oliver Huntermann, Dousk and Markomas.

Tracklisting – Episode 316: mixed by Kush

1º Daniel Lera – It Is As If I Am Deep (Original Mix)
2º Sous Sol – Nosotros (Markomas Remix)
3º Sascha Kloeber – You See (Dousk Remix)
4º K.Oshkin – Assol (Ewan Rill Remix)
5º Etai Tarazi – No No No (Original Mix)
6º Ida Engberg – Junoverse (Original Mix)
7º dubspeeka – Spiral Tribe (Original Mix)
8º Sian – Shame Cube (Oliver Huntemann Remix)
9º Alan Fitzpatrick – Love Siren (Original Mix)
10º Nicole Moudaber – The Road To Transformation (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #kush


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The emphatic Phi Phi returns for his 12th outing on Bonzai Basik Beats radio and once again you can expect to hear only the finest quality sounds. Mike Griego, Cid Inc, Pig & Dan, Chicola, Christian Smith, Manuel De La Mare, Ramon Tapia, Martin Landsky, Gorge and Guy Mantzur are all on hand to with their solid progressive grooves. The perfect tonic for the weekend.

Tracklisting – Episode 315: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Mike Griego featuring Amber Long – Sofia (Guy Mantzur Secret Mix)
2º Cid Inc. – Moonstruck (Original Mix)
3º Pig&Dan, Mark Reeve – Daydreamer (Original Mix)
4º Chicola – Nux Vomica (Original Mix)
5º Noir – Obscurité (Gorge Remix)
6º Christian Smith – Turn The Lights (Nick Curly Remix)
7º Remcord – Saed (Ramon Tapia Deep Space Remix)
8º Samu.l – Your Story (Martin Landsky Remix)
9º Manuel De La Mare – Why So Serious (Original Mix)
10º Mr. Bizz, Alberto Ruiz – Scatter (Original Stick)
11º Saam – Uncertainly (Original Mix)

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Pavlin returns to Bonzai Basik Beats duty this week with another blistering set that will whet your appetite for the weekend ahead. Pavlin’s last outing on our Bonzai Progressive imprint – Set Me Free featuring Selina Stoane – gained great support across the board and goes some way to marking him as a top quality artist in his field. In the mix today expect to hear tracks and remixes from Klangore, Lu George, Juan M, Sebastian Tourt, The Arquitech, Emanuel Querol, Greck B, Diss Order, Nico Parisi and Pavlin himself.

Tracklisting – Episode 314: mixed by Pavlin Petrov

1º Klangore – Love Life, Live Life (Original Mix)
2º Lu George, Juan M. – Hadron (Original Mix)
3º Lu George, Mr Doxx, Juan M. – Arpia (Original Mix)
4º Sebastian Tourt – Caffeinated (SNUFF Remix)
5º The ArquiTECH,Emanuel Querol – Checker (Dj Libium Remix)
6º Dusmo – Shift (Original Mix)
7º Greck B – Can help You (Original Mix)
8º Diss Oder – On Schon (Original Mix)
9º Pavlin Petrov feat. SunHeart – Hypnotised (Stephane K Remix)
10º Nico Parisi – Children of Africa (Original Mix)

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Vince Aoun is on guest mix duties this week and delivers a sublime effort for his debut set. Vince enjoyed releases on Bonzai Progressive and has also contributed various remixes and appeared on several compilations over the last few years. Today’s set features tracks and remixes from the likes of Fairchild, Donatello, Kastis Torrau, Sterbai, Cid Inc, Audio Noir, Dmitry Molosh, Henry Siaz as well as Manu Riga’s remix of Vince’s own Lilium.

Tracklisting – Episode 313: mixed by Vince Aoun

1º Fairchild (US) – Touch The Sun (Original Mix)
2º Donatello, Kastis Torrau – Ida (Original Mix)
3º Sterbai – The Playground (Original Mix)
4º David Hasert, Francesco Mami – Black Rocks (Metope Remix)
5º Cid Inc. – Contrite (Original Mix)
6º Audio Noir – From London To Moscow (Vince Aoun Remix)
7º Eeemus – Cellar Door (Original Mix)
8º Jeef B – Follow Me (Vince Aoun Remix)
9º Dmitry Molosh – The Path (Marc Poppcke Remix)
10º Lehar ft. Rush Midnight – Number One Hero (Peter Pardeike Remix)
11º Vince Aoun – Lilium (Manu Riga’s Chilldown Remix)
12º Henry Saiz – Dystopian (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #vinceaoun


2 September 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


Jerry May joins us on Bonzai Basik Beats with his debut mix. Jerry delivers his sets with a crowd pleasing style made up of funky tech house and techno grooves. In the mix today he’s enlisted the works of Anna, Pablo Say, Pig & Dan, Kerrier District, Recondite, Steve Parry, Sven Vath, Matador, DJ Tonio, Reinier Zonneveld, Jay Lumen and Carlo Ruetz to get the music juices flowing for your party weekend.

Tracklisting – Episode 312: mixed by Jerry May

1º Anna – Redemption (Original Mix)
2º Pablo Say – Harmonic Chimes (Original Mix)
3º Pig&Dan – Growler (Original Mix)
4º Kerrier District – Techno Disco (KiNK Remix)
5º Recondite – Warg (Original Mix)
6º Steve Parry – Apricity (Victor Ruiz remix)
7º Sven Vath – Accident In Paradise (KiNK Remix)
8º Matador featuring Felix Da Housecat – The Enemy (Original Mix)
9º Dj Tonio – The Queen (Anna Remix)
10º Reinier Zonneveld – Slow Loris (Original Mix)
11º Jay Lumen – Paradox (Original Mix)
12º Carlo Ruetz – System Hack (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #jerrymay


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D.Goodman makes his first Bonzai Basik Beats appearance with a stellar mix packed full of gorgeous, lush progressive grooves. Tracks and remixes from the likes of Ashworth, Prins Thomas, Artefakt, Stelios Vassiloudis, Sascha Drive, Rise and Fall, Revolt, Sven Vath, Adam Port, and Breeder are all on hand to deliver the goodness to get your weekend in full effect.

Tracklisting – Episode 311: mixed by D.Goodman

1º Ashworth – Scatter (Original Mix)
2º Prins Thomas – Trans (12’’ Version)
3º Artefakt – The Fifth Planet (Original Mix)
4º Stelios Vassiloudis – Riding The Gravy Train (Original Mix)
5º Sascha Dive – If Only Was True (Original Mix)
6º Rise And Fall – Transport (Original Mix)
7º Revolt – Aviator (Original Mix)
8º Revolt – Inbetweens (Original Mix)
9º Sven Vath – Ritual Of Life (Adam Port 108 Mix)
10º Rise And Fall – Low Pressure (Original Mix)
11º Breeder – Sputnik (Rise And Fall Remix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #d.goodman


19 August 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


After his debut on Bonzai Progressive with Friday Night back in 2015, we welcome Vlada D’Shake for his debut guest spot on Bonzai Basik Beats. A top notch mix in all areas, this guy certainly knows how to build a set. Tracks and remixes come from Tech D, The Florist, Dmitry Molosh, Robert R Hardy, Stan Kolev, Bruno Caro, Dousk, Walsh & Couture, Darin Epsi and D.X.Xavier.

Tracklisting – Episode 310: mixed by Vlada D’Shake

1º Tech D – Lost Emotions (Original Mix)
2º The Florist – Explorer (Original Mix)
3º Robert R. Hardy – Deytar (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
4º NekliFF – One (Original Mix)
5º Felipe Michan & Emiliano De Marco – We Were (Original Mix)
6º D.X.Xavier – Those Nights (Original Mix)
7º Stan Kolev – Mauve (Original Mix)
8º Bruno Caro – Ansias (N Pot Thirty Eight Face Mix)
9º D.X.Xavier – Ego (Original Mix)
10º Matias Larrosa & Nico Sparvieri – Fibonacci Project (Vlada D’Shake Remix)
11º Walsh & Couture vs. Darin Epsilon – Detour On 44 (Dousk Remix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #vladadshake


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The ever popular legend that is Phi Phi just can’t get enough of BBB, now on his eleventh appearance we never tire of the sheer amount of quality this guy brings to his mixes. This time out you can expect tracks and remixes from James Gill, Dzordz, Outway, Nick Curly, Thurman, Raw Constant, Brendon Collins, Swyft, Monika Kruse, Pig & Dan, Guy J and Mark Holmes. The perfect tonic for getting any party into full swing.

Tracklisting – Episode 309: mixed by Phi Phi

1º James Gill – Before the Fall (Original Mix)
2º Pierce, Twirdy – Techno Is Not What It Seems (Gorge & Nick Curly Remix)
3º Dzordz – Want (Original Mix)
4º Thurman – Les Poulains (Original Mix)
5º Nick Curly – People (Original Mix)
6º Neverdogs, Franz Costa – Right Side (Outway Remix)
7º Raw Constant – Concrete Pillow (Original Mix)
8º Guy J – Combo (Summer (Brendon Collins) & Swyft Remix)
9º Dave Storm, Shur-I-Kanf – Losing You (Mark Holmes Remix)
10º Pablo Inzunza – Blinded (Per Hammar Wednesday Dubb Remix)
11º Monika Kruse, Pig&Dan – Colours (Original Mix)

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