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The legendary Phi Phi returns for his 6th appearance on Bonzai Basik Beats and yet again he dishes out a top quality mix featuring some of the best from the world of progressive. Tracks and remixes from Sasha, Joel Mull, Robert Babicz, Lee Williams, Franzis-D, Dark Soul Project & Mathov, Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo, Rick Pier O’Neill, Patryk Molinari, Montel, CJ Art and Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert are on hand to kickstart your party filled weekend in style.

Tracklisting – Episode 283: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Sasha, Joel Mull – Pale Reich (Original Mix)
2º Robert Babicz – Loli And The Snuggle (Original Mix)
3º Lee Williams – Evelate (Original Mix)
4º Franzis-D – White Rabbit (Original Mix)
5º Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert – Esteem (original Mix)
6º Dark Soul Project & Mathov – The Dark Side And The Light (Dark Soul Project In Love Remix)
7º Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo – Overdose (Original)
8º Rick Pier O’Neil – Back To Scream ( Original Mix)
9º Patryk Molinari – Red Room (Original Mix)
10º Montel – I Can’t Remember (Original)
11º CJ Art – Dark Chemistry (Dub Mix)

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Hady Tarek joins us at Bonzai Basik Beats once more for his 3rd appearance, and from today’s mix you will see why we keep getting him back for more. Expect to hear top quality cuts from the artists such as Alexey Lisin ft Alexandra Pride, Nico Parisi, GgDeX & KEYGI, Paride Saraceni, East Cafe, Manu Riga, Philthy Chit, Abity, Rishi K., Christian Smith & Wehbba, Kaiserdisco, Andhim, Joris Voorn, D-Nox, Beckers and a superb track from Hady Tarek feat Claire Willis.

Tracklisting – Episode 282: mixed by Hady Tarek

1º Alexey Lisin ft. Alexandra Pride – Try My Soul (Nico Parisi Remix)
2º GgDeX & KEYGI – Black Leo (Original Mix)
3º Paride Saraceni – Twenty-Ten (Original Mix)
4º Hady Tarek feat. Claire Willis – Choices (Instrumental Mix)
5º East Cafe – Minus Ten (Original Mix)
6º Manu Riga – A Sense of Hope (Original Mix)
7º Philthy Chit – Emanate (Original Mix)
8º Abity – Anachronistic (Original Mix)
9º Rishi K. – Solar Soul (Original Mix)
10º Christian Smith & Wehbba – Mutate (Kaiserdisco Remix)
11º Andhim – Boy Boy Boy (Joris Voorn Remix)
12º D-Nox & Beckers – Straight On (Original Mix)

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Ruslan Vashkevich is back at Bonzai Basik Beats controls for his second guest spot and he delivers the goods once more with a superb mix. Tracks and remixes from Abity, Berbush, Platunoff, Manu Riga and Matt Holliday, Youngen, Phi Phi, Yuriy From Russia, Philthy Chit and Rise and Fall are on hand to take us deep into the progressive abyss and get your party weekend started

Tracklisting – Episode 280: mixed by Ruslan Vashkevich

1º Abity – Aeroplane (Dub Mix)
2º Berbush – Spinn (Original Mix)
3º Platunoff – Two Face’s (Original Mix)
4º Rise and Fall – Looking Forward (Original Mix)
5º Yuriy From Russia – Budapest Streets (Original Mix)
6º Youngen – The Long Way Home (Original Mix)
7º Philthy Chit – Emanate (Original Mix)
8º Manu Riga & Matt Holliday – As We Become One (Original Mix)
9º Manu Riga – A Sense of Hope (Original Mix)
10º Phi Phi – Hiccup (Manu Riga & Matt Holliday Remix)

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15 January 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


DJ Fire aka Jurgen Leyers returns for his 3rd stint on Bonzai Basik Basik Beats and once again he brings along a fine selection of progressive grooves for our listening pleasure. In the mix today, you can expect to hear tracks and remixes from Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert, East Cafe, Berbush, Tribal Warriors, Inkfish, Rise and Fall, Alfonso Muchacho, Matan Caspi, Manu Riga & Matt Holliday, Philthy Chit and Nico Parisi as well as DJ Fire’s own exclusive track Equator (Cold As Ice) which featured on the milestone reaching Bonzai & Friends 500.

Tracklisting – Episode 279: mixed by DJ Fire

1º Dj Fire – Equator (Cold As Ice) (Original Mix)
2º Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert – Circulation (Original Mix)
3º East Cafe – Minus Ten (Original Mix)
4º Berbush – Spinn (Original Mix)
5º Tribal Warriors – Feelings Are Together (Original Mix)
6º Inkfish – Slowed Down (Original Mix)
7º Rise And Fall – Looking Forward (Original Mix)
8º Alfonso Muchacho – Darkosaur (Original Mix)
9º Matan Caspi – Massandra (Original Mix)
10º Phi Phi – Hiccup (Manu Riga & Matt Holliday Remix)
11º Philthy Chit – Emanate (Original Mix)
12º Nico Parisi – Salva Mi (Original Mix)

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8 January 2016 RADIOSHOWS Read more


Phi Phi’s fifth Bonzai Basik Beats delivers another solid progressive set from the master himself. It comes as no surprise that he keeps coming back for more, we know he loves it and we also know the fans love it too. Today we are treated to music from the likes of Pig & Dan, Alberto Ruiz, Booka Shade, Yaruba, Adam Beyer, Dus, Patrick Siech, Tribal & Error, Carlos Mendoza, Kiko, Olivier Giacomotto, Marius Lehnert, Marc Schaefer, Roland M, Roddy Reynaert and Phi Phi. Once more into the progressive abyss we go, see you on the other side.

Tracklisting – Episode 278: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert – Breakin Danger (Original Mix)
2º Pig & Dan, Alberto Ruiz – Scalextric (Original Stick)
3º Booka Shade, Yaruba – Black Cow (Original Mix)
4º Adam Beyer – The Crossing (Original Mix)
5º Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert – Bread Eaters (Original Mix)
6º Duss – Mistral (Original Mix)
7º Patrick Siech – Generator (Per Hammar’s Tribal and Error Remix)
8º Carlos Mendoza – Getto Down (Original Mix)
9º Kiko, Olivier Giacomotto – Reckless (Original Mix)
10º Marius Lehnert, Marc Schaefer – The Cave (Roland M. Dill Remix)

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This week’s BBB guest mix comes from Australia’s own – Audio Noir. 2015 has so far been a massive year for this guy having released his album Artificial Star, a collection of remixes of his Almost Famous as well as a plethora of other cuts and remixes including the exclusive Apodyopsis on Bonzai Progressive’s Bonzai & Friends 500. This is his second time around here at BBB and he brings us music from Dofamine, Blue Amazon, Pedro Aguiar, Julian Dep, Somersault, Manu Riga, Matt Holiday, Alex Vidal and a superb remix from Audio Noir to round things off. A top quality mix that will have you primed and ready for a full on party weekend.

Tracklisting – Episode 277: mixed by Audio Noir

1º Dofamine – Wind (Original Mix)
2º Pedro Aguiar – Intelecto (Original Mix)
3º Julian Dep – Structural Depth (Original Mix)
4º Somersault – Space Is Big (Original Mix)
5º Manu Riga & Matt Holliday – Sumerged Needs (Original Mix)
6º Manu Riga & Alex Vidal – When Worlds Collide (Manu riga’s Balearic Dreams Mix)
7º Manu Riga & Matt Holliday – Silence In My Head (Original Mix)
8º Blue Amazon – No Other Love (Audio Noir Rekonstruction)

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Second time around at BBB for the hugely talented Yuriy From Russia. Yuriy is a very much in demand remix artist and has notched up quite a few remixes over at Bonzai Progressive. He recently provided his exclusive track – Budapest Streets – for the labels 500th release to a great response. In the mix today we have tracks and remixes from the likes of Mango, Following Light, Rikki Sawyer, Andy Weed, LoQuai, Napalm & d-phrag, MNR, Steve Sai, Esthetique, Stergios, Stage Van H, Manu Riga, Alex Vidal, Alexey Lisin, Ange, Cream Sound as well as a few cuts from Yuriy himself. Time to get your party on and get down with some solid progressive grooves.

Tracklisting – Episode 276: mixed by Yuriy From Russia

1º Mango – Citylanes Airplanes (Following Light Remix)
2º Rikki Sawyer – Numb  On The Inside (Original Mix)
3º Andy Weed – Parallel Curves (Loquai Remix)
4º Napalm  & D-Phrag – For The Love Of Machines (MNR’s Euphoric Arrival Mix)
5º Steve Sai – Drops (Audio Noir Rekonstruction)
6º Esthetique – Last Sunset (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
7º Stergios – We Are (Stage van H Remix)
8º Manu Riga & Alex Vidal – When Worlds Collide (Original Mix)
9º Alexey Lisin & Ange – Vesna (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
10º Yuriy From Russia & Cream Sound – My Way Is Heaven (Original Mix)

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18 December 2015 RADIOSHOWS Read more


Jakhira marks his fourth Bonzai Basik Beats guest mix with a superb deep and grooving progressive mix that will definitely get you in the party mood. Always delivering on the quality front, this guy knows how to work a track – and a mix. His last outing for Bonzai was Ex-Fairytale which featured on Bonzai Progressive’s 500th release – Bonza & Friends 500. This week’s music comes from Crocy, Mendexx, Wild Guess, Manu Riga, Alex Vidal, Bart Van Wissen, Robert R Hardy, Alexey Lisin, Ange, Yuriy From Russia, Rise and Fall, Phi Phi and a fantastic cut from Jakhira himself. Get ready to be taken deep into the progressive sound and get your party started.

Tracklisting – Episode 275: mixed by Jakhira

1º Crocy feat. Cotry – Recht (Jakhira’s Undercurrent Mix)
2º Mendexx – Life Begins (Wild Guess Life In Space Mix)
3º Manu Riga & Alex Vidal – When Worlds Collide (Alex Vidal’s Inner Voice Mix)
4º Bart van Wissen – Electric (Original Mix)
5º Robert R. Hardy – Circulatory Disturbance (Tommi Oskari Remix)
6º Manu Riga – The Fallen (Original Mix)
7º Alexey Lisin & Ange – Vesna (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
8º Alex Vidal – Distant Lights (Original Mix)
9º Rise & Fall – Immersion (Original Mix)
10º Phi-Phi – Alone (Original Mix)

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11 December 2015 RADIOSHOWS Read more


Marking his fourth BBB radio mix, the legendary Phi Phi joins us once more to get the progressive juices flowing with another of his superb, journey led mixes. A very hard working DJ, this guy never lets up and he also works hard in the studio. His recent cut – Hiccup – performed very well across the board and we have no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more from this guy. Tracks and remixes from Sasha, Marjus Homm, Joris Voorn, Matan Caspi, Manu Rig & Matt Holliday, Yousef, Kevin Vega, Visionz, dubspeeka, Dennis Franchi, Martin Landsky, Marco Resmann, Moshic, Roddy Reynaert as well as a couple from Phi Phi himself, are all on hand to crank up the progressive grooves for some floor shakin fun.

Tracklisting – Episode 274: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Sasha – Vapourspace (Original Mix)
2º Markus Homm – Clear Cut (Joris Voorn Edit)
3º Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert – Spekulos (Original Mix)
4º Matan Caspi – Check The Windows (Manu Riga & Matt Holliday Tribehard Remix)
5º Yousef – The Courtship (Original Mix)
6º Kevin Vega – The Gambler (Original Mix)
7º Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert – Corossol (Original Mix)
8º Visionz, Dubspeeka – Le Cri (Original Mix)
9º Dennis Franchi – Little Mil (Original Mix)
10º Martin Landsky, Marco Resmann – Lava 2 (Original Mix)
11º Moshic – Systematic Person (Original Mix)

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German DJ and producer Manuel Palmitesta gets this week’s host spot on BBB and churns out a chunky deep and tech house mix to get the weekend started. With a few remixes under his belt over at Bonzai Progressive, this talented artist always delivers on the quality front. Today’s mix features original and remix works from the likes of Fat Sushi, Olivier Giacomotto, DJ Koze, Emil Berliner, Ridney, Monkey Safari, Kölsch, Satori feat. Hugo Oak, Kris Davis, Jiggler, Cable Cat, Rogerio Martins and Kölsch. Wind down your work week and get your booty shakin all night long.

Tracklisting – Episode 273: mixed by Manuel Palmitesta

1º Fat Sushi – Escape (Original Mix)
2º Olivier Giacomotto – Dawn (Original Mix)
3º Dj Koze – XTC (Original Mix)
4º Emil Berliner – Whats Love (Ridney Remix)
5º Monkey Safari – Cranes (Kölsch Remix)
6º Satori feat. Hugo Oak – Wasted (Kris Davis Remix)
8º Jiggler – Sunny Day (Original Mix)
9º Cable Cat – Ponch Ponch (Original Mix)
10º Rogerio Martins – We Like To Party (Original Mix)
11º Kölsch – Two Birds (Original Mix)

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Daniel Far aka Dafar heads up this week’s Bonzai Basik Beats with an eclectic mix of deep and techy progressive grooves. It’s been a while since we last saw Dafar around these shores, we seen him previously over on our Bonzai Progressive imprint with Spirit alongside fellow producer Jonny Calypso. Since then he has shown up on various compilations including Bonzai & Friends and WMC Miami 2014. Tracks and remixes come from the likes of Massive Attack, Matthew Dear, Joris Voorn, GreenQuivver, Tim Engelhardt, Kolsch, Gabriel Ananda, Maceo Plex, MUUI, East Cafe, Jesper Mauerhoff, Cid Inc., Andre Sobota, TimPenner, Jonny Calypso and Dafar. Just the tonic to get your groove on and get the party started.

Tracklisting – Episode 272: mixed by Dafar

1º Massive Attack – Teardrop (Luis Junior Remix)
2º Matthew Dear, Joris Voorn – Homeland (&ME Remix)
3º Quivver – Takin Over (Original Mix)
4º Tim Engelhardt – Isa (Original Mix)
5º Kolsch – Two Birds (Original Mix)
6º Gabriel Ananda, Maceo Plex – Solitary Daze (Original Mix)
7º MUUI – Elsa (Original Mix)
8º East Cafe – Mondschein (Original Mix)
9º Jesper Mauerhoff – Eyes Wide Shut (Original Mix)
10º Cid Inc. – Temazcal (Original Mix)
11º Andre Sobota – Signal (Tim Penner Remix)
12º Jonny Calypso & Dafar – Spirit (Original Mix)

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20 November 2015 RADIOSHOWS Read more


Phi Phi returns once more for another round of progressive vibes on BBB. Just a few short weeks ago we were privileged to sit in on his last mix that hit the spot and no doubt this time out we are in for another tasty treat. Tracks and remixes come from Nick Muir, John Digweed, Pig & Dan, Darin Epsilon, Cid Inc, Petar Dundov, Oliver Giacomotto, J Diesel, Jozif, Phi Phi, Basic Pain Procedure, Alberto Ruiz, Oscar Aguilera, Robert Babicz, Roddy Reynaert, Len Faki and Rick Pier O’Neil. Just one more reason to lock down your Thursday night at Bonzai Basik Beats.

Tracklisting – Episode 271: mixed by Phi Phi

1º Nick Muir, John Digweed vs jozif – Groove Del Verano (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)
2º Pig & Dan – Bambola (Original Mix)
3º Darin Epsilon, Cid Inc. – Outliers (Petar Dundov Remix)
4º Oliver Giacomotto, J Diesel – Pure Fiction (Original Mix)
5º Phi Phi – Alone (Original Mix)
6º Basic Pain Procedure – Basic Pain Procedure (Len Faki Remix)
7º Pig & Dan, Alberto Ruiz – Juernes (Original Mix)
8º Oscar Aguilera, Alberto Ruiz – VCA (Original Mix)
9º Robert Babicz – Aural Phase (Original Mix)
10º Phi Phi & Roddy Reynaert – Mayhem (Original Mix)
11º Rick Pier O’Neil – Funktional (Original Mix)

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13 November 2015 RADIOSHOWS Read more

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