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That’s right! Beatport News got hold of Marnik Braeckevelt and did this nice interview about our 20th anniversary!

“Founded in 1992, Bonzai Records grew to be one of the world’s most unstoppable trance and progressive labels, spawning countless classics and kick-starting the careers of many artists in the game today. Bonzai Records itself was greatly responsible for defining the sounds of trance and progressive during the ’90s, and currently has shifted sounds in a direction matching the evolution of dance music itself.

With a 20-year celebration around the corner, we took some time to give a nod to one of the most influential labels by having a quick chat with Marnik Braeckevelt, a figure behind the label and a pioneer of the Belgian dance music scene at large.”

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Bonzai and Beatport celebrate the label’s 20 years anniversary with a special 20% discount coupon code on selected labels under our umbrella.

From 12 until 19 November you can claim your discount simply by entering the respective label code when checking out.

Labels and codes are:

Bonzai Progressive: BONZAI20
Bonzai Basiks: BASIKS20
Bonzai Elemental: ELEMENTAL20
Piston Recordings: PISTON20
Eyepatch Recordings: EYEPATCH20
Green Martian: MARTIAN20
Progrez: PROGREZ20
Sounds R Us Recordings: SOUNDSRUS20
Monog Records: MONOG20

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Available from Friday 26th of October 2012 in Belgium, Holland, France and Luxemburg + online!!!

– 4 CD’s
– 45 tracks
– full length originals, no edits
– remastered for the digital age

A must have for every retro DJ and fan!!!

CD 1:

1° Thunderball – Bonzai Channel One (Original Remastered Mix)
2° Yves Deruyter – The Rebel (Original Remastered Mix)
3° Dream Your Dream – Soushkin (Original Remastered Mix)
4° M.I.K.E. – Sunrise At Palamos (Original Remastered Mix)
5° Belgica Wave Party – The Wave (Original Remastered Mix)
6° Cherrymoon Trax – Let There Be House (Original Remastered Mix)
7° Final Analyzis – El Punto Final (Power Remastered Mix)
8° Joyrider – The Deadline (N.Y. Remastered Mix)
9° DJ Looney Tune – Workstation (M.I.K.E.’s Remastered Energized Remix)
10° Groove Park – Hit The Bang (Original Remastered Mix)
11° Push – The Legacy (Remastered Club Mix)
12° Thunderball – It’s Your DJ (Original Remastered Mix)

CD 2:

1° Da Hool – Meet Her At The Love Parade (Nalin & Kane Remix)
2° Push – Strange World (2000 Remastered Remake)
3° Quadran – Eternally (Remastered Dance Mix)
4° DJ Tiësto – The Tube (Original Remastered Mix)
5° Trancescape – Producelast (Original Remastered Mix)
6° Dream Your Dream – Belgium Rave (Original Remastered Mix)
7° Yves Deruyter – … Animals (Remastered Remix)
8° Blue Alphabet – Cybertrance (Original Remastered Mix)
9° Bountyhunter – Woops (Original Remastered Mix)
10° Dreamland – Mind Penetration (Original Remastered Mix)
11° Insider – Boots On The Run (Original Remastered Mix)
12° The Green Martian – Industry (Original Remastered Mix)

CD 3:

1° Push – Universal Nation (The Original “Real Anthem” Remastered Mix)
2° Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Three ‘N’ One Remix)
3° Marco Bailey – Scorpia (Original Remastered Mix)
4° Repulsive 2 – Recactussed (Original Remastered Mix)
5° Airwave – Another Dimension (Original Remastered Mix)
6° Aqua Contact – La Sirena (Original Remastered Mix)
7° Bountyhunter – Demilitarized Zone (Remastered Extended Mix)
8° Dave Davis – Transfiguration (Original Remastered Mix)
9° DJ Looney Tune – Jumpin’ & Pumpin’ (Original Remastered Mix)
10° Extreme Trax – Final Fantasy (Original Remastered Mix)
11° Phrenetic System – Reality (Original Remastered Mix)

CD 4:

1° Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth (Original Remastered Mix)
2° Yves Deruyter – Calling Earth (Original Remastered Mix)
3° Cherrymoon Trax – The House Of House (Original Remastered Mix)
4° Fire & Ice – Lost Emotions (Original Remastered Mix)
5° Honey C – Stop (The Disease ’97 Remastered Mix)
6° Hitch-Hiker & Dumont – A New Dimension (Original Remastered Mix)
7° Body-Shock – Full Moon (Original Remastered Mix)
8° Plastic Boy – Twixt (Original Remastered Mix)
9° V-One – Dead Cities (Original Remastered Mix)
10° Airwave – Above The Sky (Original Remastered Mix)


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Participate in the contest to become the new voice of

The winners of the public and the professional jury can each win an EXCLUSIVE VIP ticket for the 20 Years Bonzai – THe Ultimate RETRO Party in Studio @ Ethias Arena, Hasselt (Belgium), on the 17th of November 2012.

More info about the contest can be found here:


More info about the event can be found here:


Buy your tickets here:



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Bonzai turns 20!

On the 17/11/12 Belgium’s ravers will gather in STUDIO @ ETHIAS ARENA, HASSELT to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the most well known labels of our time.

Built from the ground up the Bonzai sound broke barriers as it was unleashed upon our senses, with literally thousands of releases and still releasing quality music to this day, it is clear that Bonzai is here to stay so here’s to another 20 years!

To mark this huge milestone there will be a party like no other with some of the best DJ’s and artists that helped shape and define many genres into the history books of EDM, and touch the hearts and minds of an army of followers.

Join us as we embark on the ultimate retro experience as we delve into the archives of past classics and rave until the early hours with tracks like “Bonzai Channel One” to “The First Rebirth” and “When Things Go Wrong” to “Universal Nation”, there will be something for everyone to cast their minds back and enjoy what helped create an explosive era in dance music.

Get your tickets, get your rave gear on and get to Belgium for the most spectacular show on Earth!

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